Alvida – Episode 19

Wah! What an episode! I would give full marks to the writer, director and all the actors involved for giving us an episode that was entertaining to the core. It was fast paced, thrilling and very interesting. Call me a sadist but I enjoyed every bit of what Farisa went through, she deserved just that! Right till the end she was very sure that all the money she had “collected” was going to guarantee a bright future for her with Saim but Saim gave her a reality check by telling her that she should buy a bungalow in Defence to make herself happy because he did not want her money. I am glad that Saim was not after the money but he wanted to give Farisa a taste of her own medicine. Haadi’s decision was not an emotional one at all, he gave Farisa ample time to think things through but she kept on pushing her luck because she thought she had nothing to lose and that she could play the “Rameez card”! Haadi finally realized that the best way to stay connected to his dead wife and to show respect to her was by loving their child. Imran Abbas portrayed all the emotions that Haadi was going through flawlessly. Haadi was satisfied with his decision because he knew that Farisa did not want to live with him. The fact that he gave Farisa full liberty to take whatever she wanted and he was willing to take responsibility for this divorce instead of telling everyone about Farisa’s affair went to show that he did not want to cause any harm to Farisa. Haadi was not taking revenge when he divorced Farisa, he was merely doing what was good for everyone and the way the whole thing was shown was beyond impressive. The past three episodes helped build up this climax and when it happened everything fell perfectly into place! I must say that Alvida is Samira Fazal at her best.


Farisa’s “exit” from Haadi’s house and his life was hilarious! She was always naive and even now her “statements” proved that she was still as foolish as ever. When she said everyone in the house was a psycho, it sounded rather ironic but I am sure all of us could totally relate to why someone like Farisa would think that she is the only normal person around! Even when Farisa made a big scene Haadi did not react probably because he was too happy that it was finally coming to an end!


The final scene between Farisa and Saim was one which I will remember for a very long time, not only because that is exactly what Farisa deserved but also because of the brilliant acting by Sara Khan and the actor playing Saim. I must say that both of them outdid themselves in that particular scene and the dialogues were music to my ears – simple, short but meaningful and just what we wanted to hear!


I must thank the director once again for sparing us the discomfort of watching unnecessary violence on screen. It would have been even better had Haya not hurt Rameez with that knife accidently. Haya decided to start afresh when she found out that she was expecting Rameez’s child because she did not want her baby to grow up without both parents but the news of Haadi’s divorce changed everything. Even when Haya asked Rameez to trust her he did not believe her for a second. I can’t seem to praise Zahid Ahmed’s acting enough. Rameez’s character is a very tough one to translate on screen but Zahid Ahmed has been superb throughout. I have never felt that he was going overboard, I am sure anyone else would have done just that because it is very difficult to keep a balance when you’re playing the character of a mad man! Sanam Jung has been equally convincing as the girl who is very scared of her husband but wants to find some way to make her marriage work. The credit for shooting all these perfect scenes of course goes to the director Shehzad Kashmiri, who has kept everything very decent and to the point.


It was good to see Haya finally sharing her secret with her family and Tayee’s advice and support in particular was a breath of fresh air. I can now see Haadi and Haya together raising their children and having a happy ending!

The preview of the next episode showed that Rameez will react just the way one would expect anyone like him to react in this situation. His worst fears have come true and he will go all out to “fix” the damage! I doubt that anyone will get shot because we are clearly headed towards a very good ending that will guaranteed happiness for Haya and Haadi. I would hate to see this drama ending on a tragic note.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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