App Ke Liye – Episode 06! (Unexpected Proposal)

Ohkay so, things are getting spruced up in App Ke Liye & it is turning out to be a decent watch as the episodes are progressing. I like the pace so far because each & every episode opens up a new chapter in each of their lives.

Washma finally convinced Shaheer to help her, which was a compensation she asked in return for helping Shaheer make up his mind about Omar. Washma only wanted her brother to get over with the idea of her marriage, that is the reason she wanted Shaheer’s help because she knew that despite the likeness her brother has shown for Shaheer, he will reject him after finding about all the personal details of his life. Also, Washma wanted Arsalan to get married to his lady love ASAP because she knew that it will silence Maryam up & she would stop giving Waheed a hard time over what happened between Washma & Arsalan. Washma is quite mature that is why she was trying her luck at so many places with so many people but little did she know that what she was wishing for was actually coming her way but with a little tweaking done by the destiny on it!

Shaheer agreed to help Washma & he would’ve done exactly what she told him to if Abeera hadn’t make an appearance to challenge him once again. I am not sure if Abeera deserves to stay in the picture because she’s a history & Shaheer & she are done & dusted, so not sure what’s the point that she is trying to make by hovering around him every now & then. Anyways, it was only because of Abeera that Shaheer decided to put forth a proposal for Washma because he wants to prove her wrong & he wants to eagerly let her know that he has moved on.

The meeting between Shaheer & Waheed came as a surprise to Washma & Maryam couldn’t stop nitpicking because she also has a point to prove that her brother was a better option in comparison to Shaheer. Well, Shaheer chose to tell everything honestly but later he caught Washma by surprise when he actually put forth his proposal for her. Washma still hasn’t been able to figure out what compelled Shaheer to do that but I hope when she confronts him, he will tell her the actual reason behind his decision because Washma doesn’t deserve to be kept in the dark about the reality.

I love how things are slipping away from Nishat Apa’s hands. She is making one plan after another for her brother & sister & they both are doing what she can never imagine. Nishat takes it as her moment of glory when she sees Shaheer asking her permission for each & everything & that is why she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Shaheer just ‘informed’ her that he was going to get married as soon as possible. Also, it is good to see how Areesha gives Nishat a hard time, at least she knows that she has Shaheer’s back & that is why she makes it clear to Nishat time & again that she won’t allow her sister to choose a course of Areesha’s life.

Overall, this episode was quite decent. I can’t wait to see the confrontation between Washma & Shaheer & also, I want to know what will compel Washma to accept Shaheer’s proposal & get married to him. Please share your thoughts about this episode of App Ke Liye.

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