Besharam – Episode 15! (Relationships Done Right)

Ohkay so, after quite a few episodes, I liked this episode of Besharam a lot better because things between Haider & Mishi have started working out but what happened in the last part of the episode does suggest that Mishi will land in deep trouble for what she did. I wish as they are showing us the personal lives of Haider & Mishi, they had shown us their professional lives too. Yes, Mishi has stopped modelling but it would’ve been better if they had shown Haider pursuing his career in politics because to see a man with so much of passion for politics wasting his time just like that doesn’t seem justified.

What I liked the most about this episode was the way it was shown that Mishi is becoming a part of Haider’s family & Haider is making an effort to become a part of Mishi’s family as well. It definitely has taken a lot for Mishi to make her place in Haider’s home & now her efforts are being acknowledged by Haider a lot. It was good to see Khadija sharing a conversation with Mishi too, may be because she was looking forward to Humna’s proposal but other than that, she herself has realized that Mishi is not like what she used to think about her. Haider’s compliments were done well & it shows how a man’s encouragement can bring a positive change in a woman, no matter how level-headed or independent she might be because a woman always needs love & support & that aspect has been covered brilliantly in this drama by showing Haider & Mishi’s relationship. I totally enjoyed the conversation that the entire family of Haider had with each other, it actually made them look like a close-knit family & the timing of all the actors & the chemistry between them was perfect too.

Just as much Mishi takes her as her duty to help Haider’s family to the best of her abilities, Haider also feels that same way, that is why without even informing his wife, he went to her home to have a conversation with his mother in law. I guess Haider has realized that Sara is lost & she is emotionally fragile, that is why he went to extend her some emotional support & Haider knows that really well because he has seen the regret & sadness in Mishi’s eyes every time she talks about her mother. Haider has seen that even though Mishi might not say it openly, everything that Sara has done & all her decisions have taken a toll on all her children & this is why Haider tried to make her realize that she still can rectify the situation & amend the broken ties. Even though Manan didn’t make an appearance but looks like he will be showing up in the future episodes. Manan ran away because he was tired of seeing his mother getting involved with one man after another & the way Mishi described that entire situation did actually make me feel for her & I believe Sara is the reason why Mishi despite being a model never went on that path as she knew that all that stuff comes with a baggage which not only affects the person involved but also takes a toll on the people that surround them too. I really liked the way Haider made Sara realize that may be Manan was waiting for her & she needed to break the ice. I am sure it won’t be long when Sara will start depending on Haider emotionally & then she will eventually admit that Haider is Mishi’s Mr. Right.

Saba finally dealt with the situation but I am not convinced that Kabeer won’t bother her again. I am sure he will keep on blackmailing her but for now, Saba did shoo him away. Sikandar found out that a huge amount was missing & it was good to see that he was more worried about the fact that he was answerable to Haider. It shows that at least he does have some conscience in him that made him worried about the fact that he has to fulfill the promise he made to Haider, even if he hasn’t told him the actual amount that he got as an advance payment. I am not sure how Sikandar will find out that Saba is the culprit but I hope he finds out soon before Saba creates an even bigger trouble for the entire family.

Well, Khadija approved the proposal that came for Humna but I will say that the last scene did seem a little unnecessary. They could’ve just shown that after spotting Mishail in the house, the doctor’s sister walked away because that was what Khadija was dreading the most, at least this way Mishi wouldn’t have had to put up an act of ‘besharmi’ in front of the guests. I am not sure how Haider will react to that but I have faith in Humna that she will explain things to Haider that she was the one who asked for Mishi’s help, but not really sure if she will do that because when it comes to Mishi, apart from Haider, no one takes a stand for her. I actually really like Mishi’s selflessness & admire her quality where she always walks an extra mile for the people she’s associated with, like she decided to pay the office rent because she was concerned about the school that Haider allowed that woman to run in his office space. Haider & Mishail are two characters that I genuinely like.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I loved seeing the entire family of Haider coming together. I am sure after what Mishi did, Khadija won’t forgive her easily but I hope Humna also defends Mishi like she always does. The acting of all the actors is amazing but for some reason, I really really enjoy watching Mehmood Akhtar’s scenes because he adds such realism to his performance that it becomes a treat to watch him. I really like Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed’s chemistry & they both for sure are one of the best on-screen couples that we got to see recently. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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