Zara Khatam Kar – Episode 23! (Falsafa Gone Wrong)

Seriously, are we watching Season 02 of Zara Yaad Kar? Because all the things that happened in this episode suggested nothing but that. The theme with which the drama began has subsided completely & it is so evident that the director is just dragging the drama to reach a certain number of episode that she had in her mind because all the tracks do not seem inclusive of each other & all the characters that are getting the coverage now are not the main characters, but seems like the director has forgotten about that completely.

Ohkay so, can Aneesa stop anticipating the arrival of her temporary damaad-to-be? I hated the way she challenged Haadi in a hope that he will eventually find a beghairat who will get married to Mahnoor for the sake of beghairti. Aneesa not only tried to convince Haadi but she shared her concerns with Mahnoor too where she made it evident to her that Haadi was a coward who wasn’t in a hurry, so if there’s someone who should make a move, it should be Mahnoor. Why is it that we have never once heard Aneesa tell Haadi to stop & forgot about this hideous idea that Mahnoor has presented in front of him? Aneesa is totally ‘cool’ with what Mahnoor has decided & that is why all her talks about sharam o haya, izzat & zillat seem meaningless as what Aneesa says or does doesn’t actually back those thoughts of her & more than Haadi or Mahnoor, it is Aneesa who seems to be in a hurry to get done with this sick ‘halala’ situation!!!

I am so not interested in what Anoushay plans to do with her life, why? Because she was introduced in such a later stage of the drama that it is hard for me to make some place for her in my mind as I was waiting for the conclusion & her addition has only dragged things up. She is just another clueless character in this story who has no brains & has no purpose, but is only making an appearance because the director told her to. I don’t see any chemistry between her & Waqar & also, I haven’t figured out how & when did Waqar get the time to trap her to such an extent that she is ready to elope with him? Seriously!!!

Chalo jee, as if everything else was sorted in this drama & everything was making so much sense that the director thought we needed a scenario change so she introduced this political situation which was so not done well. Gaiti’s brother has killed a guy & now Gaiti will make sure that her brother gets punished but Mehtab will keep on fabricating one lie after another to save her son? Seriously, does the director actually think that we’d be interested in this? Talk about the desperation of dragging a drama, I swear!!!

Honestly, in the beginning it looked like the politicians will play an important role in this story & it will be linked to the rest of the main characters somehow but the way it has been tackled was quite unintelligent & immature on the director’s behalf. A lot of characters & situations are now looking to be quite purposeless in this drama & that includes all these characters; Mehtab, Gaiti, her brother, Anoushay & even Waqar. The main theme of the drama revolved around Mahnoor but looks like the writer himself suffered from a short-term memory loss, so he forgot what he started this drama with & what he wanted to show & then looks like even the director lost the track of what she was directing & what the story was about.

This episode actually offered nothing, absolutely nothing & those who’re reading this review to make up their minds to watch this episode or not, my advice to them would be that they should save their time & save themselves from this 40 minutes of torture that actually seemed never-ending. I find it ridiculous that where couples who’re about to get married go out for jewelry, clothing or furniture shopping, Haadi & Mahnoor are the unique species that are shopping for a temporary husband. What a unique couple I must say!

I am actually sick of this drama now & I want it to end ASAP. After becoming a fan of Amna Nawaz Khan’s work because of ‘Shanakht’ I totally expected better from her but seems like even she gave in to the pressures of the commercialized mind-set of the channel heads & ended up ruining a play which already had no substance to begin with. This drama is a sheer torture & I hope it ends next week. Also, can Uzma stop being so robotic, she is lucky that she found a genuinely decent guy but oh well, the girls in our dramas are always in love with the most worst, spineless & awazaar guys they come across. Also, can Haadi stop being an ice statue in front of Mahnoor & do something which will guarantee the ending of this drama because like I said before, I am sick of it! Please share your thoughts about this pathetic pathetic episode of Zara Yaad Kar!

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