App Ke Liye Episode 08 – One Dimensional Drama!

Ohkay so, this episode of App Ke Liye was a bit average in my opinion. Despite being slow, I feel the drama has one-dimensional story & we haven’t seen much twists & turns & we can’t really expect much in the future too because since day 1 it has been quite evident that this story is going to be about Washma & Shaheer & the two evil sisters Washma will be dealing with, so, I think the lack of side stories & interesting characters is what is preventing it from becoming a very gripping drama.

This episode was all about the wedding preparations. Washma’s family was a bit too involved in everything in comparison to Shaheer’s side of the family. Nishat made an effort to meet Washma but the purpose of that meeting wasn’t well-explained because it sounded like everything was already planned; the venue, the date, Washma’s bridal dress & the Nikkah was just a day after, so not sure why did Nishat go to meet Washma in the first place. I am all for Washma’s boisterous character but the way she spoke to Nishat seemed a little too forced & unrealistic, also, the way Waheed showed up at Shaheer’s office with his tailor for measurements was also another situation that didn’t really sit well with me. I am not sure if the unrealistic situations was what the director was depending upon to spark some comedy because other than that, such things not only made no sense, but seemed quite forced & unnecessary & definitely not comic enough. Yes, we get it, Waheed is thrilled for his sister but he is mature enough to judge what sort of a person Shaheer is, so even though I tried really hard to take it just as a drama, I didn’t see the comedy in those scenes, sorry.

Well, Nishat’s phone call forced Shaheer to do some thinking about choosing Washma as his life partner, not that he was worried about anything else, but he actually was concerned that she was younger to him & they were almost 15 years apart. Just like Shaheer is doing a compromise, even Washma deep inside knows that this marriage is not just a regular marriage, it’s more like a dare that both Shaheer & Washma have accepted.

Finally, it was good to see that Arsalan came clean & told everything to his sister about how he was the one who rejected Washma & she didn’t utter a single word because she made a promise to him. I am glad that Maryam got to know the truth because it was a high time for her to have a reality check. Well, Washma made sure to have her Nikkah her way, where she consciously kept the window of putting an end to this relationship open. Washma might be impulsive, but she is mature enough to foresee that things can go wrong in the future. Both Washma & Shaheer have their reservations & they both are vulnerable when it comes to this relationship. We’ll now have to see if they will be able to form a strong bond with each other or they will fall prey to Nishat’s scheming!

I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I thought I would. There’s a monotony in the theme of the drama & there aren’t much situations & characters to add the wow factor in this drama & I feel the conversations sound repetitive too. I am not sure for how long viewers will be able to watch this drama for Washma’s character because even Shaheer’s character is pretty one dimensional. Anyways, I feel every single episode of this drama doesn’t give me much to talk about, so for that reason, I will be reviewing App Ke Liye fortnightly, in a hope that may be 2 episodes will give me enough content to have a discussion about. Please share your thoughts about this episode of App Ke Liye.

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