Dhaani Episode 08 – Amazing Chemistry Between All The Characters

Ohkay so, this episode was a tad bit slow but I still enjoyed watching it because this drama has made me form a connection with all the characters that I enjoy seeing them on screen & I enjoy watching what they’re upto. I like how things are moving forward with each passing episode & every situation is covered nicely.

Like any concerned mother, Bee Jee made Kaleem conscious about the fact that he has two daughters who’re approaching the age of marriage, therefore he should be paying heed to that aspect of their lives too. Even though Kaleem comes across as a very stern & rigid person, for the first time we saw that just like every other loving father, the thought of his daughters leaving him after their marriage made his eyes tear up. Kaleem might not say or express, but he loves his daughters a lot & he is always concerned for their well-being. Shaani is mature so I am sure she won’t put her father through hardships, but as far as Dhaani is concerned, I am sure she is not only going to suffer alone, but she will make everyone around her suffer too & I am dreading that moment the most as I’ll hate to see such loving & caring people getting hurt because of Dhaani’s mistake of falling for a guy like Sameer.

Maya is over the moon that Sameer & she will be working together & running a business together but Sameer doesn’t seem interested. I am amazed that even after Sameer has given her such clear signs, Maya is turning out to be quite a half-wit who can’t really see that he is not into her at all. Even though Dhaani has been trying to conceal her feelings, but she is at the stage where she wants to explore the world that Sameer belongs to & that is only because of Sameer. Sameer makes Dhaani’s heart flutter & she hasn’t told Shaani about it but this is the reason why she looks forward to his phone calls & hasn’t returned his phone to him even after talking about it time & again.

Bee Jee arranged a proposal for Dhaani but just because they couldn’t show up, Kaleem who already was looking for an excuse turned their negligence into a reason for refusal of their proposal as he still isn’t mentally ready to marry his daughter off. Raja obviously didn’t take the news well but I most certainly didn’t see it coming. I thought Raja was just disheartened because he thought that no one cared to tell him about the proposal as a family member but the actual reason that made him sad was because he himself likes Dhaani to an extent that he wants to get married to her. It is actually quite nice to see that even though Raja has had feelings for Dhaani, he has never made it obvious or he has never made Dhaani uncomfortable. He just enjoys being around her & he is comfortable in liking her from a distance. The scene between Bee Jee & Raja was quite emotional. Bee Jee knows that Kaleem will never accept Raja’s proposal for Dhaani as he doesn’t hold a high regard for him, but being his mother, she also could understand Raja’s heart-ache because he would lose such a nice girl like Dhaani.

Dhaani has taken a step further into this relationship, where she is ready to fool everyone in her family just so that she can spend time with Sameer. Sameer is interested in Dhaani but for now Dhaani is awestruck that a guy like Sameer is giving her so much of attention. I still am not sure about Sameer’s intentions because may be for him, Dhaani is just a deviation but for Dhaani, Sameer is the first guy who has given her the attention that she as a girl likes, so that is why even at this stage, Dhaani seems more interested in this relationship because she is putting everything on the line to be with him.

Overall, this episode was really nice but a little on the slower side, however, I still enjoyed watching it. I love the chemistry between all the actors, it’s like they have really lived together as a family & that is why their bonding comes across as genuine & heart-felt. The direction of the drama has been amazing too & the acting of all the actors as well. I love the usage of the OST because they don’t rely too much on it & just use it when it suits the situation the best. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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