Besharam Episode 17 – Intelligent Piece of Writing!

Ohkay so, despite being teensy tiny bit slow, this episode was amazing & power-packed. I love watching this drama & I am so glad that even though so many episodes have gone on-air it is still going strong. I like how situations & all the characters are evolving & every episode brings a new chapter with it.

Haider has pretty much given up on his dream of becoming a politician & because he is feeling burdened by the household expenses, he is forcing himself to do a regular job that will guarantee some fixed income with which he will be able to take care of his family, but little did he know that just when he will stop thinking about everything, Asfand Sultan will appear in his life & ask him to join his party once again. It is amazing how Mishi has not once forced Haider to go out of the way to fend for his responsibilities because she knows that he is trying really hard. If Mishi had wanted, she could’ve easily told Haider to settle for a job but in stead, she chose to tell him to chase his dreams as she knows that politics is something that Haider is most passionate about. I am glad that they introduced this track in Haider’s life once again because things will become even more interesting.

Mishi chose to contact Qadeer because she not only had to talk about Saba but she also wanted to know about his final answer in regards to Humna too. I think it was a wise decision that Mishi made because she know that Saba’s parents would never believe what she will say & Saba will easily persuade them into believing that Mishi was lying, so she knew that if there was one person who’d actually understand the entire situation, it was Qadeer. However, I feel Mishi should have informed Haider about it too, not that it would’ve made much difference because Haider trusts her completely but it wouldn’t have hurt to have Haider’s back in this matter because one way or the other, Haider is linked to this situation because his part of the amount is missing as well.

Haider has made such a good impact on Sara in such a short span of time that even though she still feels uncomfortable at the idea of Mishi living with Haider in his humble abode, she has accepted their relationship. Sara has learned the truth that Haider might not be financially stable, but he knows how to protect Mishi & most importantly, he knows how to make her happy. Sara has seen how determined Haider is & she has also seen how Mishi is at a happy place in this relationship, so she can’t really complain much & that is why she was convinced to go to meet Mishi & Haider’s family with a wedding gift. I am glad that they didn’t cover that scene because they have shown enough of her for us to imagine what she must’ve said & how she must’ve reacted, but it was good to see Sara giving a nod of approval to Mishi & respecting her choices.

I must say, the character that has evolved into a very respectful personality is that of Khadija. It was so nice to see her complimenting Mishi over her smallest of efforts. Also, the way Khadija didn’t pay much heed to what Sara said also goes to show that she isn’t someone who will make a fuss about the facts that she herself is aware of. Khadija isn’t oblivious of the fact that Mishi comes from a very different background, that is why she wasn’t surprised at how Sara reacted & even told Mishi to not worry much about what she must be feeling or thinking. Also, I think it was quite sweet of Khadija when she refused to take the money from Mishi, saying that Haider gave that money to Mishi for her personal use. These are quite a few things that might not matter but actually do stand out in this drama because we rarely get to see such characters, such mothers in law, such husbands, such wives & such daughters in law in our dramas who deal with the situations wisely, who believe in respecting each other, who believe in letting go of the bitter stuff & who are not always on a hunt to makes the matters worse.

I loved loved loved Haider & Mishi’s scenes the most. The way they bicker, the way they taunt each other, the way they compliment each other, it is actually quite refreshing to see a husband & wife behaving like a ‘normal’ couple in the toughest of circumstances, because it shows that the power of love is so strong that they are ready to deal with anything & everything with a smile on their face. Mishi has made her place in Haider’s heart & his home too & Haider has done the same thing because the changes in Sara’s attitude are pretty explanatory. Even though in the initial stages of their marriage, it looked like Haider was quite demanding & believed in having things his way, but as their story progressed, Haider started reciprocating everything that Mishi was doing for him & his family & that is why, he made sure to form cordial terms with Mishi’s mother, as he could see that Sara’s behavior affected Mishi a lot.

So finally, Haider accepted Asfand’s offer because Mishi gave him the validation & push that he needed, but first Haider made sure to let him know that he was pretty much settled with his wife & he won’t be bothered if Asfand will once again have any objections over his marriage. It is good that Asfand doesn’t seem much concerned about Haider’s personal life & only wants his expertise in the field of politics. Mishi finally had a conversation with Qadeer, but she was shocked to know that Qadeer has moved on. I hope now when Humna will get to know this, she will kiss the idea of getting married to him good-bye because she deserves someone better than him for sure. Also, Sikandar got an answer from Wahab that he most certainly wasn’t expecting. I am still not sure if Wahab did this to get back at Haider or he was genuinely interested in Sikandar’s shop, I hope they do uncover the reason behind Wahab’s move as well.

Overall, this episode was amazing & I am so glad we’re getting to see a couple of such individuals who not only believe in supporting each other, but also believe in empowering each other with their validation, with their love & with their trust too. It was for the first time when Mishi also confessed her love for Haider & it was absolutely sweet. All the questions about ‘kangan’ were so filmy & done really well, I can’t thank the writer enough for giving us a couple that behaves normally because this is something that we never get to see in our dramas. The acting of all the actors & the direction of this drama has remained top-notch so far & I am so glad that even at this stage of the drama, the ending of each & every episode leaves us asking for more. Thank you so much team Besharam for giving us an incredibly amazing drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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