Zara Maaf Kar Episode 25 – Puke-worthy Affair of an Ex-Couple!

Ohkay so, when the smoke erupting from the green tea mug seems more interesting, when Shaan’s Korma Masala advertisement seems more enticing, when the placement of keys on your keyboard seems to catch your attention more than what’s on TV & when the past hour turns out to be the longest & most boring hour of your life, then you know for sure that the drama that you’re tuned to has turned into a disaster.

I’ll get straight to the point. I thought this drama was about the story of Uzma, Mahnoor & Haadi’s characters but I am not sure when did the writer of the season 2 of Zara Yaad kar get this idea that people will be happy to see the side characters taking the lead while pushing the main leads in the background? This episode was about Gaiti & Anoushay & what for, I am still confused. Chalo yan to unke characters gripping hote to bhi baat thi, but their characters are sticking out like sore thumb in the drama & the coverage that they are getting is totally unjustified & is only wasting the time of the viewers!!!

I think since Haadi is a brainless bug, I will suggest him to put an ad on for a temporary husband that he is in search of for Mahnoor, I am sure the process will be quicker that way, he will find the guy & we will be free from this torture named Zara Yaad Kar.

Oh well, seems like Uzma turned a blind eye from Fahad because she was too comfortable being a doormat to Haadi. Everyone in this drama is a doormat to one another. Haadi is a doormat to Mahnoor, Mahnoor was a doormat to Waqar, Uzma is a doormat to Haadi, Anoushay is a doormat to Waqar & even Gaiti was a doormat to Waqar too. So many doormats gathered at one place, how cool is that? Well, I had a good laugh at the scene where Mahnoor banged a door on Haadi’s face treating him like a doormat & I knew, I just knew it that now he will scurry like a mouse to Uzma’s home & she will not only listen to his gibberish, but will serve him tea & food too & this is exactly what happened which made me laugh out loud!!! Talk about everyone being brainless & spineless bug in this drama!!! Is this why Haadi told Uzma to cancel her wedding? Only to have her around & give him advises whenever he showed up at her doorstep like a sore loser? My blood actually boiled when I saw Haadi having a normal conversation with Mahnoor & smiling at the thought of her, after planting a seed in Uzma’s mind that she was just compromising in the name of marriage so she should rethink her decision. Haadi displayed a lot of ‘wisdom’ in analyzing Uzma’s situation, so when is he going to put his wisdom to good use in the matters concerning his own pathetic life? Also, didn’t Uzma think that she was ready to leave a guy like Fahad for a loser like Haadi, who will vanish from her life once Mahnoor will be done with Halala & get married to him again? Yeah, all this while I thought at least Uzma had some brains, but oh well!

The scene where Anoushay barged into Haadi’s room inquiring about Waqar was ridiculous & insane. Like she couldn’t get a hold of her loser two-timer boyfriend & there she was giving a piece of her mind to Haadi but yes, at least there was one thing that she said that made sense & that was ‘ye philosophy jharna band karo’, phew, at least there’s someone who thinks the same about this entire falsafa that has been happening in this drama. Waqar is another loser on the loose. I am amazed that after becoming a politician, Gaiti had the time to track Waqar down & call him. I am amazed that these episodes are written by the director herself who happens to be a female, because she left no stone unturned in making all the female characters of this drama look like a bunch of desperadoes who only dream of getting married by hook or by crook, without even bothering if the guy they are drooling over is worth it or not!!!

Oh well, the playful & pleasant music in the background of Haadi & Mahnoor’s scenes was cringe-worthy. Like the director here is showing us a love affair of ex-husband & wife & she is showing us their omlette ka nashta made by Mahnoor ke haath & is still expecting us to accept everything wholeheartedly, like seriously. Seems like even Aneesa has become a part of this adventure too, where she is eager to see her daughter commit Halala & then she covers it using her motherly instincts as an excuse, oh PHULEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!! Get over with this crap already as this drama is back to square 1 & we’re stuck in a rut.

Well, I am having anxiety just by thinking that I’ll have to tune to this drama next week that too when the preview didn’t look like that it will be the last episode. Can any angel-like-human tell me when this torture is ending because I am done with this drama & I don’t have any patience left. I must say, that after watching Shanakht, I never had imagined that Amna Nawaz Khan will become one of those drama-makers who ruin the drama for the sake of ratings & I never thought that just like Samira Fazal’s projects, I’ll have to raise my guard in regards to her projects too. I will be screening her dramas from now on because I don’t think they’re worth my time! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this pathetic episode of Zara Yaad Kar!!!

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