Dumpukht – Atishi-e-ishq Episode 1 Review

The most intriguing part of this serial is that it starts with the anticipation and celebration of peer sahab’s visit to a mureed’s family. They are staunch believers of peer sahab’s miracles just like kulsoom. She is struggling hard to have a taweez from peer sahab for her neighbor’s son Bilal who is apparently her childhood’s love.

Writer zafar miraj who has penned many serials and has always touched very sensitive topics but this serial has some beautiful dialogues which includes “ yeh ilm ki batay hai taleem say samajh nahi aye gi” His writing is filled with the minutiae of everyday lives of common people but simultaneously also manages to avoid the black and white characters. Her heroine kulsoom is a damsel in distress suppressed by her family norms and values. She tries to be vocal about her opinion. Surely we will get more of her in the coming episodes as soon as more of her character reveals itself. On the contrary she firmly believes that if there is a will there is a way.

The writer has given the audience range of individual characters to compare and contrast such as Suman Ansari who is kind and graceful peer sahab’s wife having wisdom. On one of the occasions she says to Kulsom that “Agar tum taweez apnay naam se lo gi to woh tumharay liye laut kar aaye ga, apni maa ke liye nahi” This actually demonstrates the command that she has on the knowledge that she has acquired on such matters. On the other hand Bilal’s mother who is living alone and missing her son prays to get her son back in the first episode. At the end of the first episode there is a Bollywood knock at the door and our beautiful Sonia mishal open’s the door which is the freeze of our first episode.

Dumpukht will surely provide a great opportunity to explore and question fake beliefs. Peer’s character seems to be promising and when Noman Ejaz’s character will reveal itself further, story will get more exciting. I have a strong feeling this drama story may resemble to aseerzadi or mera saeen but for now this is very different. This serial is directed by kashif nisar while the first episode was crisp and few scenes with kulsoom sister were boring

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