App Ke Liye Episode 19 20 Review – Yawn-Provoking!!!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of App Ke Liye were quite slow & boring to say the least. While watching these episodes, in my heart I was thanking the channel for airing it twice a week otherwise it would’ve tested my patience a great deal. I am actually amazed that 20 episodes have gone by & this drama is nowhere near to an end. I really hope that the editors edit out the unnecessary scenes & shorten it so that it can end soon!

To be honest, I couldn’t keep up with Nishat’s planning & plotting anymore because it has been dragged so much that it has lost its purpose. It is so obvious that she is trying to create a rift between Omar & Areesha but to see her sorting things out & then again complicating them is getting a bit too boring & annoying. I really think that Nishat’s character has been given way more coverage than it actually deserved because there is no substance in her scenes & it is actually getting quite hard to tolerate Samina Peerzada as Nishat!

Imdad has shown his true colors by telling everything he had in his heart to Dilruba. It is so obvious that he is only putting up with a woman like Nishat because he has an ulterior motive too. Nishat actually trusts her husband way more than she should & Imdad is making the most of his wife’s oblivion. I think their track will come to an end at such a note where Nishat’s trust on Imdad will shatter & then she will realize how much it hurts when someone you trust, puts you down, something exactly that she has been doing with Shaheer all her life.

Meeting Omar was a good decision byt Washma but the reason wasn’t made clear as to why she decided to meet him because in stead of inquiring about things, it looked like everything that Omar told her was a news & she wasn’t planning on probing about it in the first place. I think the director himself has lost track of all these complicated intricacies & also the dialogue writer became confused at this point, due to which none of the conversations were making sense in both these episodes!

The only good thing that happened in these episodes was Washma’s decision of taking matters in her hands. Washma knows that at home, she has to take care of Nishat & at office, she has to take care of Imdad Hussain because both these husband & wife are backstabbing Shaheer since ages & he has no idea about it because he trusts them blindly. Washma’s move of bringing Asad in the office was wise but not sure if keeping it from Shaheer was right or not. Washma should have known better that a woman like Nishat can use it against her & it won’t take a second for Shaheer to doubt her too because till date she has not confessed her feelings to him & has not assured him that he means everything to her. I think before working on anything else, Washma should have taken Shaheer in confidence so that when she exposes his sister & brother in law in front of his, he has no reasons to ignore everything. I also believe that Shaheer is wrong in keeping his feelings to himself & not telling Washma clearly what she means to him because after such a long time, he has finally found someone who makes him happy, so there’s no need to beat around the bush because nor Washma is a child, neither Shaheer is a teenager who has fallen in love for the first time. After failing at a love marriage once, Shaheer should know how to deal with his wife especially now when he has developed feelings of love for her!

Washma gave everything away too easily & that is the reason why Imdad raised his guards & became a bit too cautious. Imdad decided to involve Nishat in this entire situation too because he knew that she is far more manipulative & cunning when it comes to turning the tables & this is exactly why the promo suggested that Shaheer will lose control & will tell Washma to leave. I don’t think it is wise of Shaheer to always believe on one side of the picture & doubt his wife all the time. It is understandable that Shaheer is emotional & trusts people easily, but why is it that he finds it hard to trust on Washma, especially now when she has proved that she is not like Abeera, which may have been one of the reasons behind his vulnerability. I find it a bit hard to digest a character like Shaheer who has been a successful businessman & who deals with so many people on daily basis can not understand & trust a transparent, honest & straight forward girl like Washma. It would’ve been so so so good to see Shaheer having a face to face conversation with Washma in person trying to find out the reason why she was doing all of this!

Anyways, these two episodes were boring but I only liked watching Washma’s track & all the happenings related to it. The precap suggested that things will turn against Washma, which means some more dragging in the drama & slow pace. I think the director forgot that bokeh effect is meant to be used in the background & not in the foreground, because of which it looks so annoying otherwise bokeh effect is one of the best effects out there. For the first time I found the relationship of Omar & Areesha so forced & not well-thought out, that is why their conversations seem so half-baked. It looks like Omar & Areesha are being forced into marriage & there is absolutely nothing about their relationship that spells ‘love’ to me. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these two episodes of App Ke Liye!

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