Dhaani Episode 16 Review – Finally Sameer Takes a Stand!

Ohkay so, things have become quite interesting at this stage of Dhaani. I am glad they decided to move things forward but I really hope they keep up with the pace & don’t drag the story further because it’s about time that the drama should be wrapped up decently.

This episode was all about the pressures that Sameer & Dhaani had to face. Finally, Sameer decided to take the matter in his hands because he knew that it was because of his mistake that Dhaani’s father got insulted by his family. Sameer knows that in this entire scenario, neither Dhaani nor Kaleemuddin were at fault because where Dhaani was maintaining a distance from him, Kaleemuddin didn’t even have an idea about everything that was going on. For the first time, I liked Sameer’s courage & determination to make things right because it’s high time that he should know that everything that transpired was a result of his confusion & late realization. It is good that Sameer has finally understood that Maya is just his friend, whereas Dhaani is the love of his life.

Sameer thought by having a conversation with Kaleemuddin, he will be able to sort things out but he wasn’t allowed to do so by Raja & co. Raja has seen how his entire family suffered & how difficult things got for Kaleem, that is why his harsh reaction came naturally. In the middle of this, what I liked the most was that Raja immediately realized his responsibilities & showed his potential to Kaleem as to how far he can go to protect his family. It was good to see Kaleemuddin relying on Raja & being proud of his maturity with which he extended his support to Kaleem. Raja finally got a chance to show to Sameer that he won’t be given a chance to hurt Dhaani again, part of it was also because Raja himself was hurt after finding out that Dhaani was interested in Sameer!

Sameer had to face his father, Maya & also Riyasat but it was good to see that he didn’t waiver & put forth his feelings & stand like a man. Rehan obviously thought that Sameer would second guess his feelings after he will threaten him disownment but little does he know that it took a lot for Sameer to realize what he wants in his life, as in who he wants in his life, that is why that threat didn’t make much difference to Sameer as he knows that for his father, wealth & power means everything & he judges people based on that criteria too. Maya also got an answer by Sameer that she wasn’t expecting. Maya also got to know that for Sameer she was always a friend & he believes in maintaining that relation with her only. Maya’s reaction didn’t come as a surprise to me because by seeing how Riyasat has spoiled her, she can’t take no for an answer & she can never handle rejection gracefully. Riyasat also tried to threaten Sameer but it was of no use too because at this moment, Sameer has made up his mind & there is absolutely nothing that will stop him!

Kaleemuddin decides to pre-pone Dhaani’s wedding because of obvious reasons as he knows that if Sameer can make it to this area, it won’t take him long to make it to his house too & that will bring a lot of contemplation their way which he most certainly won’t be able to handle. Dhaani knows that she has no say in this matter because she herself said yes to Amjad’s proposal & now she can not back out especially because of a guy like Sameer who wasn’t interested in her in the first place.

Overall, this entire episode was done well. It is good to see Sameer’s stance regarding this entire situation. I can’t wait to see how he will convince his entire family & most importantly how he will win Kaleemuddin over because that is going to be a mammoth task. This drama has been quite interesting but I wish that the pace doesn’t slow down at this stage of the drama. The direction has been great & like I always say, I love the appropriate usage of the OST in those scenes where it is needed the most. All the actors have done a brilliant job & overall this drama is a complete entertainment package. Please share your thoughts about this interesting episode of Dhaani.

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