Aseer Zadi Episode 14 & 15 – The Aftermath of The News!

The twist was big, and so was the reaction of everybody in the haveli. These two episodes concentrated more on everybody’s reaction to this big news. As expected, nobody was ready to believe that Shahab and Maira were telling the truth.

I was not shocked by anyone’s reaction at the haveli, but what shocked me the most was Manager Sahab’s (Maira’s father) reaction to the news. There is disbelief and there is complete denial, and he completely refused to believe this news for the second. ‘Yeh to aisa hai jaise suraj magrib se nikla ho’, his words broke Maira’s heart who was expecting that at least her own family would believe her. When her own father was not ready to believe her, then how can she expect anyone else to believe her? His father is a really annoying character; he is pleased with her only if she does everything according to him, and as soon as he thinks she has done something against his wishes, he just disowns without thinking for a second.

Shahab was going the coward’s way and decided to hide the news from everybody, but this time Maira did not keep quiet, and told him to stand for himself for once in his lifetime. Maira’s outburst actually worked and we saw a new side of Shahab. He refused to follow Badi Sarkar’s order to marry Fatima, and the way he held Maira’s hand and went away from there showed complete defiance. Maira’s looked at Shahab in disbelief when he told Badi Sarkar the news without any fear. This gave her courage and she also stood tall against Badi Sarkar. As expected, she thought that this was some plan devised by Maira herself and refused to believe anything.

The best part was when Amna overheard their conversation and did not waste time to announce the news to everybody. Obviously, no one believed a single word coming out of her mouth. Who would believe a complete lunatic? Sakina Sammo was spot on in the scene where she announced the news in front of Fatima and her parents. She made me laugh so much; I was literally in tears during the scene. Nobody believed Amna, but everybody believed Shahab when he came and announced that Amna was telling the truth. He actually had the guts to congratulate Sikander! The look on Fatima and her parent’s faces was priceless!

I wish it was end of Fatima’s chapter, but unfortunately it was not. Badi Sarkar went to Sikander’s house and did not leave even when Sikander insulted her so badly. Fatima, as usual, took Badi Sarkar’s side as she was sure that Maira was lying.

Another shocking revelation was that the tradition of getting the child from the third wife is a forced tradition and not a natural one. It is not that there has never been a child from the first two wives, it is just that it has been made sure for generations that the waris does not come from the first and second wife. The example is Amna herself who finally revealed what had been done to her all those years ago when she was too young to understand anything. I really felt bad for her after hearing this. Naseemi made sure that Peer Jalal knows that his secret is out but Badi Sarkar, surprisingly, seemed unaware of this.

Maira had faith in Peer Jalal because he had trusted her before, and she was extremely disappointed when he also refused to believe her. Maira was not ready to take any chance after what Amna had told her as she did not trust anyone except Shahab. She refused to go to the doctor with Peer Jalal and Badi Sarkar if Shahab was not there. Peer Jalal is now aware that Naseemi knows about his secret, so he would not refuse Maira’s demand to call the doctor at the haveli.

According to the preview for the next episode, everybody would get to know that Shahab and Maira were telling the truth all along. Now the question is: what will Badi Sarkar do next?

This show is getting more interesting by the day, so stay tuned!

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Mariam Shafiq


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