Aseer Zadi Episode 16 – Review

We got to see a turn of events in last week’s episode. Maira and Shahab are both happy now that the truth has been proved in front of everybody. Both Maira and Shahab are on top of the world while Badi Sarkar and Peer Jalal are in shock.

Badi Sarkar is in a state of shock when Maira was proved right, but she discovered another truth that shook her to the core. She was devastated to hear that the so-called tradition in the family is a forced one, and she is not the true Badi Sarkar. Amna was the true Badi Sarkar, as she was the first one to bear the heir of the family, and this secret has been hidden from her all this time. She had blindly believed in the tradition, which was just an attempt to keep the karamat of the family going.

What shocked me the most was the discovery that Badi Sarkar is not insensitive as I thought; she was not in favor of what had been done to Amna all those years ago and was upset with Peer Jalal. Peer Jalal revealed the truth to Badi Sarkar, and also clarified that he had no hand in killing his own child. His parents were the real culprits behind it. I had thought that Badi Sarkar would follow her in-laws footsteps, but she clearly told Peer Jalal that she would have no hand in killing his son’s child.

Badi Sarkar had been ruling the haveli like a queen which she thought was her right, but now she has gotten to know that she was not the real queen in the first place. All her ego has been crushed in mere seconds, and she is unable to deal with the current situation. Even Amna and Naseemi have grown wings within the span of a day, and are now challenging Badi Sarkar’s authority.

The scene where they both dressed up was hilarious, and the best part was Badi Sarkar could not do a thing about it. She could just watch them enjoying themselves and indirectly taunting her. What made her angrier was that Peer Jalal did not say anything to them either. He easily gave them permission to go out.

Maira’s sudden change in attitude was pretty shocking for me. She is being too haughty and proud in my opinion. She should try to keep a low profile right now and not make enemies at the moment. The way she misbehaved with Badi Sarkar over a petty issue was not something Maira would normally do. Even the way she spoke Shahab emitted authority. She is not even Badi Sarkar yet, but is busy showing airs to everybody! I hope she does not misbehave with the rest of the people in the haveli. She had been advised to maintain distance from everybody by her mother, I hope this does not lead to a misunderstanding though. Her supporters might turn against her if she does not treat them well.

Fatima truly lost hope after hearing that Maira was telling the truth, but her parents won’t let their insult go so easily. Peer Jalal is tensed and thinking of ways to save the reputation of his family and Sikander will take advantage of this situation. Sikander has now gotten the upper hand and will blackmail Peer Jalal to keep his secret.

Will Badi Sarkar really leave the haveli and give her throne to someone else so easily?

Now let’s see what is in store for us next!

Do share your opinion about the episode!

Mariam Shafiq



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