Aseer Zadi Episode 19-21 – Review

From the past three episodes, the story is revolving around Shahab’s dilemma about what to believe about Maira. He has the highest regard for his father and he believes every single word that comes out of his mouth, and he did the same this time. Shahab did have some doubts in his mind about the accusations put on Maira, but he was completely convinced when he saw Maira and Bilal together.

Maira was unaware of the accusations made on her, and she got the biggest shock of her life when she returned to the haveli and heard this news about herself. It took no time for her to go and question Shahab, but she was thoroughly disappointed by his distrust in her. He was completely convinced that she was guilty and Maira wanted to prove him wrong at all cost, not because she wanted to go back to him, but to make him eat his words.

The irony of the situation is that she thought that this was Badi Sarkar’s plan when in real, Peer Jalal was behind this master plan. She accused Badi Sarkar of spreading false information about her and even misbehaved with her. She was expecting Peer Jalal to save her this time too, but she was in for a bigger shock when she got to know that Peer Jalal was the one who had put the accusations on her. She was hoping for his support in this situation, but she was again disappointed.

What surprised me, or to be more precise shocked me the most was Maira’s father’s conviction in her innocence. When Peer Jalal accused Maira, he did not bow down to Peer Jalal and blamed Maira like he usually does. He stood tall, looked him in the eye, and told him that he was lying and Maira can never do such a thing. I seriously felt like clapping in this scene! Brilliant performance by both the actors!

Badi Sarkar has changed and the change is so drastic that it just gets a bit unbelievable at times. Her ego has been shattered completely, and now she realizes how cruel she has been to every single person in the haveli. She even wants to give Amna her true place as the real Badi Sarkar in the haveli. This was quite a shock for me!

She was a wrong judge of peopl and seeing the real face of her brother and his family made her realize this. The scene where she shows Sikander his place was a superb scene! Her guilty conscience wants to correct her wrong doings and this time she is not against, but with Maira.

She tried her best to convince Shahab of Maira’s innocence. She did not reveal about Amna being the real Badi Sarkar maybe because she did not want Shahab to know what his father had done to her, but she did admit that she had put false accusations on Maira about Bilal. Even then Shahab was not completely convinced about Maira’s innocence. She even tried her best to convince Peer Jalal to tell the truth to Shahab and let go off the family’s fake karamat, but to no avail.  She then decided to take things into her own hands.

Badi Sarkar resorted to her last option, she knew that no DNA reports would convince Shahab of Maira’s innocence and the only way to defeat Peer Jalal would be to make Maira swear in the mazaar which is considered a holy place by both Shahab and Peer Jalal. Her plan worked and Shahab finally believed in Maira’s innocence and Peer Jalal was left defeated.

Shahab might be convinced now, but Maira simply does not want to keep any relation with him after the accusations that he had put on her. Maira is completely right in her place; she has every right to be furious with Shahab for not believing her.

Noor Hassan and Ainnie Jafferi were simply superb in all their scenes. Noor Hassan has really grown as an actor, his expressions and dialogue delivery both are spot on. Ainnie Jafferi is a very talented actress and now she is showing her true potential! I simply loved her performance in this show. Do I even need to say what a brilliant actress Sania Saeed is? Her name is enough. Period.

The show has two more episodes left as far as I know! Technically, the next episode should have been the last one, but I wonder why they are dragging the serial now that the truth has been revealed?

Do share your opinion about the episode! I would love to hear them!

Mariam Shafiq


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