Pakistan Idol Week 6 – Piano Round 01!

So, I am totally impressed by the beginning of a Piano round. I like how they have divided the groups for singing & fetching the votes because people can easily remember who to vote for if people are less. So, 8 out of 4 in this week will qualify for the last i-e the gala round.

I must say Bushra Ansari needs to carry herself according to her age. A little ponytail isn’t helping her at all & on the other hand, over the top hairstyles of Hadiqa Kiyani are coming across as disastrous fashion statement. Ali Azmat is safe from all the hairstyles so yeah, no experimenting from his side. While Bushra Ansari was in her flow of over-the-top conversation I couldn’t help but pick the new terminology she uttered & that was 24 carat diamond. As far as I know, gold has the highest range of 24 carat & the biggest diamond is that of 14 carat. May be she had a lot going on in her mind, hence, the mistake!

Anyways, I loved the beginning of the show where all the 8 contestants sang Pakistani songs of Ali Azmat & Hadiqa Kiyani. To see how they have totally changed the appearances of the girls, it didn’t take me by surprise that Nazish was made to leave the show because yeah, a Muhajjaba (the one who wears hijab) wasn’t suitable for such a glam-clad stage.

I was happy to listen to Pakistani songs but a few contestants sang Indian songs, once again defeating the purpose of PAKISTAN IDOL. I hope the contestants make intelligent choices because they are the reps of Pakistan Idol. All the 8 contestants performed really well today & it was also good to know their backgrounds which didn’t have much emotional quotient & it just focused on the celebratory moments all the contestants shared with their friends & family.

The list of those who performed today is as follows:

Fizza Javed (FJ) sang Reshma’s ‘Lambi Judai’. She did her bit well but I think she should’ve gotten some sort of pointers from the judges as well. They just praised & didn’t tell where she made mistakes. It was a decent attempt by her but I think she could’ve done better. Fizza’s mother ain’t supporting her but she strives to earn her support. I think it was something which could’ve been ignored but the contestants feel like sharing their personal space with the viewers so it’s totally cool.

Waqas Ali Vicky (WV) who is a celebrity within himself sang ‘Haath Se Haath Kya Gaya’ sung by Sonu Nigham for a Pakistani movie. I think he nailed it completely. No doubt the feedback he got from the judges was something that he deserved. Waqas Ali Vicky comes from Miyan Chunnu, a small town but still the response he got was overwhelming. I hope he makes it to the top 3 as he is really good.

Waqas Ehsin (WE) of Islamabad sang Shafqat Amanat Ali’s ‘Ankhon Ke Sagar’. I think he could’ve done better & for the same reason he got some comments from the judges which suggested him to improve. Even though he was older to many contestants, his singing had a lot of space for improvement but yes his voice was really nice.

Abdul Ahad Khan (AA) from Karachi sang Aaroh’s ‘Na Kaho’. It was a decent attempt by him but nothing too impressive. The judges didn’t seem to be convinced but neither did they criticise him. He was good but not extra-ordinary.

Rosemary (RM) sang Lata’s ‘Bahon Mai Chalay Ao’. I think she slowed down the pace of the song a little too much. Even though the song is slow but it has a little mischievous touch to it, she sang appropriately but ignored the essence of the song making it look like a normal melody. She got a huge round of applause & some amazing remarks from the judges. I still wish she qualifies.

Syed Sajjid Abbas (AA) sang Ustaad Amanat Ali’s ‘Aa Mere Pyaar Ki Khushbu’. He was brilliant but like Ali Azmat said, he wasn’t audible when he sang with the music. When he sang without the band on Bushra Ansari’s demand, he was just effortlessly amazing.

Waqas Ali (WA) of Rawalpindi sang Kishor Kumar’s ‘Ek Hasina Thi’. He was just perfect & the experience he has in this field was pretty evident in his singing. Hadiqa Kiyani said Kishor’s songs are hard to perform whereas Kishor Kumar is the only singer who can be easily copied & followed. Ali Zafar is another living example of someone who takes it quite obviously after Kishor Kumar. Ali Azmat’s comments seemed justified this time.

Midhat Hidayat (MH) sang Lata’s old hindi classic ‘Lag Ja Galay’. She was good at it too & seems like she has full support of Ali Azmat because he is totally impressed by her voice & yes he has all the reasons to be impressed because considering her age, she is really good.

So, these were the people who performed today. Seems like voting lines are opened till Saturday 12AM PST. Who are you guys voting for?

I wish Waqas Ali Vicky, Rosemary, Syed Sajjid Abbas & Waqas Ali qualify for the next round. Midhat Hidayat was great too so I think it would be a tough competition between Rosemary & Midhat Hidayat. But undoubtedly my favorite from tonight’s episode is Waqas Ali Vicky.

So let’s wait to see the results on Sunday!

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Zahra Mirza.

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