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Baba Jani Episode 20-21 Story Review

These two episodes of Baba Jani covered the reasons why Asfand had to make yet another impulsive decision in order to protect Nimra. This decision was more impulsive than any other decision Asfand had made so far. For the first time it seemed like Asfand was not thinking straight at all because of the constant betrayals but once Asfand makes a commitment, he does not back off. Omair played a positive role throughout which makes you want to root for him. Nimra deserves someone like him in her life. There was lack of communication between Asfand and Nimra in this episode as well which made me feel for Nimra.

Nimra and Asfand’s Scenes

Nimra and Asfand’s scenes in these two episodes covered a great deal. The misunderstanding between them regarding Saqib was cleared and just when Nimra convinced herself that this nikkah might be a good decision after all, things changed dramatically. Although every single decision Asfand has taken ever since Sadia passed away has been directed towards protecting Nimra yet somehow she is always the one who feels left out. The lack of communication between these two characters is sometimes frustrating. Asfand is so busy protecting Nimra that he does not have the energy or the time to tell her what is going on. It also looks like, not telling her all this is another way of protecting her but most often it just backfires. It was especially surprising when Asfand decided to marry Mehwish but did not even tell Nimra that her nikkah with Omair had been cancelled and this was the new plan now. This is the reason why Nimra always misinterprets everything that goes on. She rightly thought that her Baba Jani was cheating on her mother by getting married this soon after her mother’s death. Faysal Qureshi translated Asfand’s confusion and hurt brilliantly on screen in this episode. Even though Asfand was hurt and felt cheated but he decided to keep the truth to himself.

Najiba and Naila Gang Up Again

Najiba and Naila joined hands once again when they found out that they now had a common ‘enemy’ – Mehwish! Some of these scenes were funny and Saqib just like always added fuel to the fire in whichever way he could. Najiba continued to be selfish and manipulative and Naila followed her lead. Omair’s role tonight was truly refreshing and the best part of this episode.

The Nikkah

Asfand’s nikkah with Mehwish was a little too sudden. Rakhshanda’s reservations were on point and basically showed that even Asfand’s well-wishers did not feel that this was a good idea. Mehwish’s concern about her child and her changed behavior was apparent from all the scenes. Even in the beginning of this drama, the viewers were shown that she was really close to her mother therefore the fact that she was willing to go ahead with this nikkah because of her did not come as a surprise. The entire scenario however was a lot like Asfand’s first nikkah especially the part covering Najiba and Naila’s stance.

Overall Impression

The performances in both these episodes were superb throughout. I felt for Asfand and Nimra both. Asfand’s decision to get married to Mehwish however made you wonder if marriage really was the solution to every problem! This drama has successfully shown how difficult it can be for a man like Asfand to balance every relationship without hurting anyone. Asfand is morally upright and extremely responsible, he tries his best but there are many times when someone or the other ends up getting hurt by his actions. Now that Mehwish is going to be Nimra’s step-mother, I am waiting to see how their relationship is covered. Will Najiba ever mend her ways? Are Nimra and Omair destined to be together?

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Baba Jani Episode 21

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