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Bashar Momin – Episode 26 – 29!

Ohkay so, the cat’s pretty much out of the bag now, we have got all the answers that we were looking for & after finding out what they had in store for us, I am just speechless & to be honest, I am kind of disturbed because of the level of abuse shown in this drama.

Ohkay fine, Bashar grew as a person who had a twisted psychology because he took his father’s last words way too seriously where his father wanted him to become like Zafar as he defeated Momin in his life. Bashar made sure he becomes like him & he worked hard for it. They’ve pretty much shared everything but it just doesn’t seem justified, something doesn’t seem right to me. Bashar can’t love his wife because he compares Rudaba to his mother as he knows Rudaba has loved someone before him, so he has this insecurity that one fine day just like his mother, Rudaba will realize that her love for Buland didn’t die. Bashar has become over protective of his sisters because he lost one, that’s understandable. Bashar doesn’t want a child because he knows that being someone’s child, he himself couldn’t love his mother, so once again he has this complex which leads him to believe that his child will one way or the other start hating him, so yes, now we know everything about who Bashar is, what forced him to become such a ruthless person & what his insecurities, complexes & weaknesses are, but then, does it make sense at all? I mean it does but the strings that were attached to his character have actually damaged his personality & his story considerably.

I think I’d definitely blame the timing & I feel that’s a mistake on the director’s part because if he had revealed all this ages ago, I am sure we would’ve developed some sort of a soft corner for Bashar thinking he went through so much at such a young age but now I feel it’s too late to feel an ounce of sympathy for anyone including Bashar. I’d also blame the writer for giving out a very ridiculous reason that just because Bashar’s mother was in love with someone else, that changed the course of his whole life & his whole mentality. Bashar’s mother clearly looked guilt-stricken & I mean that’s just so obvious, no matter how much she had loved Zafar, she was a mother of not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4, yes that’s right, of 4 kids for God’s sake!

Now at this point in this drama, when I look back, I really think things were dragged a lot unnecessarily & meaninglessly where Buland woke up from deep slumber & wanted Rudaba back, Rudaba gave in a bit as well, Bashar’s sisters kept haunting him, Adil took a substance-less stand, I mean like one thing or the other kept on happening which really assured us that this was all what this drama’s about & now when they’ve revealed everything about the main character, everything about him is cringe-worthy.

Ohkay, let’s forget everything & let’s put everything aside, for once, I really don’t understand how can a writer, being a female herself conceive of such an idea where a female character was abused to such an extent which can’t be described in words, still she develops the feeling of love for her husband? Bashar didn’t do anything to deserve Rudaba’s love. Yes, the only good thing she saw in Bashar was that for 1 day in a year, he doesn’t reject any demand of anyone & that’s the day of his youngest sister’s death anniversary, that’s it. & we actually find out that Rudaba has fallen in love with Bashar seeing how much he loves his dead sister? I mean did she really forget how she was being abused & mistreated by him? For once, I just want to ask the writer that what made her sketch out such a character of a female who has no self-respect whatsoever & who finds repose in exposition to domestic violence.

I am not sure but I think the writer being a female herself really gave a worst shot at etching out all the female characters of this story. We have Saira, who’s negative to the core. We have Tayyaba who kept on crying buckets after getting rejected & the only purpose of her life was to get married to a man by hook or by crook. We have Bashar’s mother, who couldn’t care less about anyone else & mistook herself as a teenager in love which made her nothing but a characterless woman & then finally, we have Rudaba The Great, who gets abused & is treated like a doormat, yet she develops this feeling of love for her beast of a husband, who also drugs her to miscarry. Wah jee wah. I must say the writer, being a female herself, deserves a round of applause & a standing ovation for really demeaning women in her work so excruciatingly. I don’t know why but seems like this drama was written to thrash the dirt on women & that’s it.

I really think all the other characters like Buland, Saira, Tayyaba & Adil didn’t deserve the coverage they got in the beginning of this drama. This story actually had a lot of potential if the characters were changed a bit & the drama wasn’t dragged like this. I really want to know that as they’ve tried to justify that Bashar has had a hard life but what makes Saira so negative? She was young when she lost her parents but then her brother gave her a very good life, she got married to the man she loved & still she rolls her eyes like an owl just when she sees her brother is somewhat having a good time with his wife? I really don’t think her say in any of Rudaba’s matter is required & more so is necessary because she has a life of her own & if not I think she really needs to get one ASAP. The Saira that they showed in flashback was just a normal girl who was capable of laughing & smiling but Saira we see now is this dense & difficult woman who is not even a one bit likable, so yeah, my question remains, what made her like that too? Tayyaba was expressionless, conceited & negative like she is now but Saira’s personality was totally different in the flashback scenes as she seemed cautious & concerned for Bashar but now seems like all that has been thrown out of the window & she has become this manipulative woman, who is so negative that she puts minus to shame.

I think the director really didn’t understand what he was doing himself because ever since the drama began, Bashar hardly got any coverage because the main focus was on spare-parts & now in these 4 episodes, we didn’t get to see if Tayyaba was alive, Saira was still breathing & Adil wasn’t murdered while getting his hair trimmed & oh, once upon a time there was a spineless guy named Buland? Anyone remembers him? I think the viewers have invested a lot of time in this drama & it’s about time that it ends but I am not sure after all that Bashar has done especially poisoning his wife so that she miscarries, there’s any redemption left for his character. I really didn’t know that a drama which was made for entertainment purpose will turn out to be so disturbing & daunting. Share your thoughts please.

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Zahra Mirza.

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