Digest Writer – Episode 05!

Wow, I must say I am impressed with this drama & the whole story. Really glad that they’ve selected such a nice subject & have materialized it with perfection. I must say all the actors have done a brilliant job, no matter how big or small their roles are but everyone contributes in making this drama a complete package & for this, the credit also goes to the director for really directing the whole cast so well that they all gave their 100%.

I think the support Fareeda’s getting from her parents teaches a great lesson that no matter what the passion of a child is, parents should always be supportive of their kids. Both Anwar & Zareena have seen that Fareeda isn’t just wasting her time but because of her imagination & a flow of beautifully written words, she is capable of making a life out of it. Especially, I feel that the way Anwar showed his acceptance was heart-warming. Initially he did allow Fareeda to write because he saw that she was getting paid for it but other than that, he did take some time to actually understand his daughter’s intentions & now he feels that it needs to be respected irrespective of the amount she earns, which was very sweet, especially seeing it coming from such a rigid person like Anwar.

I actually felt a lot for both Anwar & Zareena when they had to share their financial limitations with Appa. They seemed so embarrassed & helpless to be admitting it in front of her that they are kind of dependent on the payments that Fareeda gets. It was indeed good to see that Appa understood the circumstances & felt that she should leave it at that without interfering in their personal matters as she got the hint that her nosiness was putting her brother & sister in law in an awkward position. I think this also goes to show that those who can’t help their people with anything shouldn’t also become a burden on them by being a moral police because no one can run things in someone else’s household. Everyone is entitled to lead the life the way they want to & Fareeda was doing all that with her parent’s support, so the say of Appa was totally uncalled for.

I think the way they’ve shown how commercialism has hit the drama industry through this drama is praise worthy. I really liked that they have covered all those factors that are involved in making a drama. There are still those people who take their writings seriously & won’t budge on the quality. There are still such writers who feel that the quality of the dramas has deteriorated but they seem helpless because at this point, everything is measured through the criteria of ratings. I really like that they’ve also introduced a well-reputed writer who is concerned because of the downfall of drama industry & the compromise that’s being done on the quality because the drama-makers don’t really treat dramas as entertainment anymore, but just as means of gaining profits. I think all the conversations on these lines were spot on because we’ve recently seen the influence of Indian dramas in our stories, so to actually show that a writer is concerned about such an issue also sheds a light that the people in the industry themselves are aware of this shameful prevailing trend.

I think Rida Anmol is making amends in the script purposely because then she can easily use it as an excuse to pose as a writer of the drama & she can also tell Fareeda that just because her script wasn’t good enough & she  put in a lot of effort herself, she couldn’t give any credit to her. I think Sikandar isn’t as conniving as Rida is. Yes, Sikandar was concerned that just because Fareeda is Rida’s find, no one else should get in contact with her because she has a potential but he also rightly said that Fareeda should be given the amount that she deserves. I think this will also serve as another reason for Rida to conceal Fareeda’s name as a writer & use hers instead so that no one else can approach her.

Ohkay so, who is this Sheheryar Ahmed, I am so interested to know? I think it was a very intricate detail but the way he sent the pen of the same brand that Fareeda once mentioned in her novel rightfully depicted the state of mind of a die-hard fan. Sheheryar is clearly in love with Fareeda’s imagination & going by what she has written in her stories, he finds her compatible. I really can’t wait to see who he is & I hope this remains a secret till his character is revealed so yes, I say that out loud that I ain’t looking for any spoiler alerts here. I really don’t know who the actor is & want to wait till it’s revealed in the drama.

I can’t praise Gohar Rasheed enough for acting out Shaukat so flawlessly. I loved all his scenes & can I just say that I liked his mirror-imaged parrot shirt as well? LOL! It really shows that he is so much into his character but yes, in this episode in particular, I kind of felt for him that even though Fareeda’s way out of his league, he does care for her & wants to make her happy, which to be honest makes him a good person.

So, this is what the whole episode was all about but I must say, as the episodes are progressing, it’s seemingly becoming more genuine & real. I feel I can connect to all the characters & more so, I can relate to them. I really like the timely nok-jhonk that they’ve shown between the sisters because it actually makes them look like a family. The way Shaukat spoke to Najma also showed that he’s one spoiled brat who only knows how to be a centre of attention & he feels he doesn’t have any responsibility towards his sisters. I lol’ed at the way he was like ‘le, kha, mar’, it was hilarious. The way Fareeda is not only enjoying her passion for writing but how she’s becoming more responsible towards her family with their support is also pictured beautifully. The way this family has stayed closely-knit in such hard times, really makes us look forward to the good times that they will get to enjoy because they certainly deserve it. I must say I really like the ‘one thing leads to another’ approach when it comes to Fareeda’s story because everything’s falling into place perfectly & the course of her life is unfolding beautifully.

I think may be because Umera Ahmed has worked on the script, she being modest must’ve edited out her name from the list of well-reputed writers that Fareeda often talks about. I think in this day & age, Umera Ahmed is not just a name but is a part of life of those who read her novels & watch her dramas only because her name is associated with it. I so wish they had included her name in that list too because she deserves it & as a small tribute, I dedicate this disclaimer to her because she’s more than just a writer for her fans like us.

So, that’s it from my side. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode & I am actually enjoying this drama a lot. I really look forward to it every week because it’s just the perfect amount of entertainment that we all were looking for. Share your thoughts on this episode of Digest Writer please. :)

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