Bashar Momin – Episode 15!

Bashar Momin – Episode 15!

Hmmm, this episode was all about manipulative philosophies & the riddles that Bashar kept on chanting in front of Rudaba, which I am sure she didn’t get an iota of because none of it actually made any sense. I don’t know why but I feel by this time, the creative team of Bashar Momin starting from the dialogue writer to the director were trying too hard for every single thing, that’s why none of the scenes seemed flowy or natural. Everything looks just so forced, starting from everyone’s expressions to everyone’s feelings to everyone’s acting. As much as I myself like the story & the plot of the drama (despite it being very predictable) I wish it was executed intelligently because it had a potential of being a memorable project.

The conversation of Adil & Rudaba which was shot in exactly the same angle as the previous conversation sounded just so unrealistic. Adil felt remorse for what he has done to his sister so he just tried to calm himself down by having a pep-talk with his baby sister to feel better, but it felt that in that particular scene both Ushna Shah & Yasir Mazhar tried really hard to bring out some acting from the inside but sadly it just didn’t happen. I was actually kind of getting irritated seeing a million expressions on both of their faces which just weren’t required. The split second smiles & frowns were kind of very confusing & didn’t convey the crux of that conversation; which was to show that Adil was actually feeling guilty for how he wronged his sister that too after the death of their father, which Ramzan Chacha reminded him of.

The only aspect that actually makes me feel bad for Rudaba is her association with Saira that too in a dual relationship. Saira is Rudaba’s brother’s wife & also her husband’s sister & she is leaving no stone unturned to act as both Bhabhi & Nand to Rudaba to make her life miserable already. That’s why just now when Rudaba’s Nikkah took place; the very next thing Saira attempted was to malice Bashar’s feelings against her just because Rudaba didn’t bother meeting Tayyaba after her accident. Does Saira really think that after all what Tayyaba has done to Rudaba, she’d really be bothered about her being dead or alive? I thought Bashar would react on what Saira fed him but to my surprise, he seemed to have been on a trip of his own where only he knew what he was saying because just like Rudaba, I didn’t understand a bit of it as well. :/ *sowwie*

I think the director once again tried really hard to make us actually feel an ounce of sympathy for Buland but nope, it just didn’t happen. Buland’s self-thought misery of seeing Rudaba everywhere just didn’t strike a chord because he really needs to gather himself & then think what he is doing now & what he has done before. When Rudaba was near him, he saw everyone else around him except Rudaba & now when she’s gone, he claims to have been hallucinating about her. I think he needs a good night’s sleep or an appointment at the shrink’s ASAP, may be only then he’d stop swaying like a pendulum & might realize that he’s a human being & a man at that too.

I think this episode in particular should’ve been very gripping because they have started a new & a very important chapter in the form of Bashar & Rudaba’s relation but everything just seemed so forced that I had a hard time relating to what each character was going through. I don’t know if it was the big budget that was bothering the director or what because seems like he pressurized all of them to perform so much, that they just couldn’t deliver what was asked & expected of them. I think the angles & shots are pretty out-there already so there was no such need of making everything else so loud & difficult. If things would’ve been tackled with ease & a light-hand, these couple of episodes would’ve left a mark which was required because we’re heading towards the climax of the show. Share your thoughts on this episode.

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