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Bashar Momin – Episode 16!

Well, trust me when I say this, I actually really like this drama a lot as in considering it just being a drama which offered an entirely different plot & broke the monotony of dramas that focused more on the domestic issues but to see the level at which the story has come to really disappoints me. I still stand by what I say that I actually really like this drama but I wish the writer had given us some relatable characters for whom we had felt something.

I know, the story was interesting when Bashar, Rudaba & Buland’s love triangle was in the picture but to see Tayyaba taking a front seat is what makes me unhappy. When I look at her character, I really don’t think Tayyaba’s worthy of all the hassle & attention that she’s getting which actually makes her look like a main character of the play. When I gave this drama a go, I was pretty sure the drama was named as Bashar Momin & not as Tayyaba Momin, but to see everyone revolving around her & mending their ways to pick up the smiles that she dropped on the road doesn’t seem just right.

I mean did I miss out on something because I really didn’t get why Rudaba showed such submissiveness for which she agreed to brain wash the stooge called Buland against her so that he could marry Tayyaba? Couldn’t she just have said no to what Bashar had asked for? I actually would’ve liked it better if they had showed something about Tayyaba, if they had added some realism to her character, if they had made sure that she wasn’t just a damsel (not sure though) in distress who lost her eyesight’s because of her constant crying prowess & caterwauling? I am sure if they had shown Tayyaba as someone who was capable of other things except crying as well, people would’ve felt her pain or would’ve rejoiced seeing she got someone who was ready to spoil his life with/for her? I mean I just don’t get why all of a sudden the story shifted from the main characters to the side character of Tayyaba who ain’t worth it.

I expected some other level of acting from Sami Khan seeing his experience in the industry but why did he look like he was intimidated by Bashar that he was trying to keep his nerves calm & was on the way to an asthma attack? In the monologue scene of Rudaba & Buland, it looked like he ran out of breath after hiking so was trying to catch on some oxygen so that he could complete the remaining act. I don’t understand what got into Ushna Shah for which she started switching in between the expressions of sheer joy & pain while delivering dialogues? Trust me; it doesn’t prove anything about your acting Ushna. I don’t think she was capable of pulling off such a lengthy scene where she had so much to say because none of it made sense & after that, none of it struck a chord.

As discussed on the previous thread, when the drama began I myself actually thought we’d get to see a story of a don & was more interested in seeing what sort of circumstances compelled Bashar to become such a rigid & ruthless person but I think the writer didn’t really bother much as she was too busy turning him into a refined BHAI JAAN who was more worried about what breakfast his niece ate. He seemed too involved in playing the domestic politics & just because of focusing on such unnecessary details I feel the writer forgot to show us some background about his character.  I feel just because we were missing a piece of an important information about the main character; in the beginning episodes, he looked half-mad for yelling out so loud because we had no detailing about his character to begin with. I think the writer should’ve invested a little more time in actually bringing out the insights of all the characters on the surface more so that we; as viewers could’ve understood what made Bashar such a diabolic? What made Buland such an insecure puppet? What made Tayyaba such a weak person who was indulged in self-pity? What made Saira pull off a fake English/Urdu accent? & who trimmed Adil’s non-existing hair?

I actually wish when the drama ends, Buland; as in the character of Buland himself buys a DVD of Bashar/Tayyaba Momin & watches this drama to understand what game was played upon him & how he made a fool out of himself. Even though I have no grounds to feel a thing for any of the characters but I am glad Rudaba is married to a man who is at least blessed with a thing called brain, because he can manage things using it & isn’t married to a person who wasn’t allotted one by default. Yes, I’d once again say that I like to watch this drama for the only purpose of seeing how it ends because we’re more than a half way through it but I am displeased at the shift of focus on some useless character. Share your thoughts on this please.

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Zahra Mirza.