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Mausam – Episode 18

If anyone out there stopped watching Mausam recently this is the time to tune into it again because things seem to be headed in the right direction for a change. This play may just have a decent ending after all. Shazia’s engagement with Hashir and Hashir’s mother’s death is going to change a lot of things. Hashir’s mother’s death was not shown in an over-dramatic manner, something which I truly appreciate because it was a very touching moment when Hashir read his mother’s letter and it was good to see that the director did not prolong this scene unnecessarily. We all knew that Nigar had serious health issues which were further triggered by Hashir’s new found love for his father so this death was in no way unexpected. The letter which Nigar left for Hashir was short but heartfelt. Nigar was so right in comparing Shazia with her ex-husband, she had dealt with such a person for the longest time so who could be a better judge of Shazia’s character than her. Nigar turned the tables completely by writing what she did in the letter and by having that last conversation with Saman, otherwise our seedhi sadhi Saman would never have figured out that she was the love of Hashir’s life.


Faisal’s change of heart was a direct consequence of Shazia’s engagement with Hashir, we really don’t know whether Faisal will divorce Saman because he thinks she does not deserve him or out of anger but I really hope that he does so because he thinks Saman deserves better. The preview of the next episode suggested that he wanted her to be “free”, was he being sarcastic or honest? We will know soon enough. Saman was only disturbed by the recent developments and she kept on trying to get back to her husband like a devoted wife. I am anxiously waiting for Saman to realize how wrong she was in being the bholi bhali sort. I just hope that Saman’s mother survives the heart attack because otherwise it will just look like the writer is using the death of characters to take the story forward.

Nigar’s concern for her son and Saman’s mother’s decision to let Saman go with Hashir had to be the highlights of tonight’s episode. I felt for Hashir but I would have felt for him even more if he did not look so trim and proper on the funeral. The red eye shade alone did not do the trick. All the tracks of the story seem to be headed towards their conclusion. Hashir’s mother left the world but she did all that she could to ensure that Hashir did not ruin his life by marrying Shazia. She also made sure that Hashir knew the truth about his father; he may not have believed her when she was alive but he is bound to listen to her now. All this time I was wondering if Hashir’s father’s track had a relevance to the entire story or not but we know now that he was the reason why Nigar understood Shazia’s intentions so well. Shazia’s happy ending is certainly in jeopardy, which gives me a lot to look forward to. Can we please have a happy ending for Saman too?

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Fatima Awan