Jackson Heights – Episode 01!

Ohkay so, Jackson Heights, production of Six Sigma, writing of Vasay Chauhdry & the direction of Mehreen Jabbar was one of the most anticipated play of this season & finally, it hit our TV screens tonight which had the quality work & name of Mehreen Jabbar written all over it. Even though this was an introductory episode, it was scattered all over the characters but aptly so.

Set in New York & a desi hub named Jackson Heights, this episode showed a few people struggling in their own orbits to make a living, a few for themselves & a few for their people back home. The narration said it all & I think it was a perfect way to open the drama just to let us know what Jackson Heights is. Salma, an apathetic yet cautious & the most sought-after beautician emerged as a hard-working young girl, who doesn’t leave an opportunity to earn some bucks because she’s bound to support herself. Michelle a Pakistani by origin but someone who has cut ties with Pakistan, owns & runs a restaurant but just exactly knows how to differentiate & maintain a balance between her professional & personal life. Imran Bhatti, a cab driver who is contend with what life has given to him reciprocates it by being a strong support system to those who may or may not need him & to those who definitely depend on him. Jamshed, a young enthusiast who thinks an opportunity will present itself to him on a golden platter the moment he will step in the USA because he has an example of his Uncle Imran Bhatti who he thinks is enjoying his life while earning a considerable amount of money to support his family in Pakistan.

Even though this episode focused more on telling us a bit about all the main characters on the surface, there were a few intricate yet well-done moments that appealed the most & made us understand the underlying story behind all the characters. For me, Nouman Ejaz stole the show as Imran Bhatti. Even though he might come across as an easy-going person, somewhere down the line you can see-through the loneliness he feels deep within. It’s been 15 years since he first arrived to America & hasn’t gone back yet as clearly he’s bearing the expenses of his family, still their demands do not end but the most genuine & selfless demand came from his mother where she wants to see her son again.

Another character that seemed interesting to me was of Michelle played effortlessly by Marina Khan. It’s like she had two modes where at work she’s like a strict businesswoman who doesn’t care about anything else but her work & then on the other hand, she has an endeared friend played by Adnan Jaffar with whom she’s at such a comfort level that she unwinds & is like an entirely different person who even makes her laugh & is ears to all her personal thoughts.

I feel for now Adeel Hussain’s character didn’t give away much except for the fact that he just can’t wait to get away from Pakistan but then I am sure once he will realize what he has gotten himself into for the sake of making money, his real ordeal will begin.

I actually enjoyed the scenes of Imran Bhatti a lot because I think Nouman Ejaz nailed his bit. His & Salma’s conversations & coincidental meetings told they both are two different people who’re poles apart & they had nothing to offer except misunderstandings to each other but then luckily for Salma, he rescued her at the right time which will definitely change her perspective about Imran. The ending scene definitely took me by surprise because I didn’t see it coming, so yes, I just can’t wait to see more. The camera-work & direction was brilliant & the acting was top-notch but then what-else can you expect from such a brilliant director & the cast! As always it was pretty evident that Mehreen Jabbar made sure all the actors enacted their characters effortlessly. I really liked the soundtrack & the instrumental score gave away a very familiar feeling to the rest of Mehreen Jabbar’s projects. I’m sure we’re in for some real drama & the expectations have skyrocketed already. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us & can’t wait to discuss every aspect of it. Please share your thoughts on the very first episode of Jackson Heights & tell us how did you find it? :)

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: I’d request all the readers to avoid any spoiler alerts at least under the review discussions because I avoided even watching the promos as I didn’t want to get hints of anything about the story. I’d much appreciate if the synopsis & details about the drama & it’s plot aren’t discussed because I am sure a lot of people like to take what’s given & don’t really fish for what’s going to happen in advance. I hope you understand & yes, thanks a lot. ;)

Zahra Mirza

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