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Bashar Momin – Episodes 18 & 19!

Ohkay so, surprisingly the recent twists & turns in the drama were unpredictable. I don’t know why but I kind of have mixed feelings about the play because if all this had happened at the right time, with a margin of rectifying Rudaba’s status, then all this would’ve made the drama a lot more interesting but for now, in my opinion, it’s coming across as a stunt for prolonging the drama & delaying the ending.

Bashar thinks he played the game well & because everything fell into its right place, he has now disclosed what his real intention was. Bashar has finally let go of the big secret that he never planned on getting married to Rudaba & he just used her as a pawn to get Tayyaba what she wanted; which was Buland. Very conveniently Bashar thought backing out from this commitment would be easy because he never took Adil seriously as he knew Adil was enslaved by all the favours Bashar has done & has been doing for him. As usual, he used Saira to manipulate Rudaba so that she could talk her out of this relation but to her surprise Rudaba’s mentally prepared for a lifelong commitment because of the principles her father has taught her. I must say this was a good move on the writer’s part but if we think of it, it doesn’t look as convincing as it would have, if, Tayyaba & Buland had not gotten married & there was still a chance lurching for Rudaba & Buland’s reconciliation.

I am glad that Adil has mustered up enough courage & is taking control of the situation which he should’ve done way before. To my surprise, Adil decided he wouldn’t let Bashar walk over him & Rudaba anymore even if it meant sacrificing his own marital life. I think this is what Adil should’ve done ages ago when he himself was aware of Rudaba’s pain but just like others, he chose to trust Bashar more & that’s why he thinks it’s about time he undoes the damage caused to his sister by all these conniving people because Adil has pretty much understood that Saira was also a part of Bashar’s strategy, which to some extent isn’t true as she herself wasn’t aware of the fact that Bashar never loved Rudaba. I think Adil feels burdened by the guilt & that’s why he took such a stern decision without even worrying about his daughter because otherwise a guy who’d agree to a proposal of Bashar & Rudaba for the sake of 25% raise in his pay, nothing else could’ve forced him to take such a strong stand.

Seems like Buland was quite settled with Tayyaba in his life but he returned at the right time to pick some gruesome details about his life & wife. I think by now he should die of shame for being absolutely brainless & to have believed in everything but the truth. Fortunately, Ramzan Chacha told him everything that he needed to know but sorry, I didn’t even feel an ounce of sympathy for him because he himself ruined his life as he clearly had trust issues. Now even if he decides to cry buckets, nothing will undo the embarrassment Rudaba had to face because of him time & again.

The recent episode was really slow with all those flashbacks & as usual long conversational scenes but I must say, Bashar’s media interview didn’t really make sense because he’s a supposed don & probably no one interviews such people that too where the focus is more on their personal life or how nazuk & andhi their prospect wives should be. I really wish if they wanted Adil to find out about Bashar’s true feelings for Rudaba, they should’ve done it some other way where may be Adil had eavesdropped on him talking on the phone to Tayyaba or something but to show an interview of Bashar wasn’t the right way of progressing the story. I also feel Buland’s return didn’t help the story in any way because they showed he’s pretty settled with Tayyaba so to make him aware of how he was treated as a stooge didn’t really affect the story much. & oh yeah, there was a lot of debate on Rudaba & Tayyaba’s same bridal dresses & luckily for us all, that issue was sorted because Tayyaba & Rudaba got the same things for their wedding. To see Buland getting swayed thinking about Rudaba while speaking to Tayyaba in that scene was ridiculous. I really wish he takes some time out & goes to a good psychiatrist because he doesn’t seem normal to me at least.

At this point we can’t be so sure about the ending & this uncertainty definitely stirs the sense of curiosity for which I am definitely tuning to this play next week to find out how things unfold. Share your thoughts on this week’s episodes of Bashar Momin.

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