Bay Emaan Mohabbat- Episode 9 Review


The recent episode of Bay Emaan Mohabbat continued to progress at a steady pace. Shah Sahab (Naeem’s co-worker) informed him that he had spotted Dania with a man. When Babar and Sobia came by to visit Dania’s father at the hospital, Shah Sahab recognized him immediately. Even though he told Naeem about Babar, Naeem was reluctant to believe that Dania was with another man. On the contrary, Naeem was feeling confident that Dania and him were closer than ever before since Qazi Sahab’s illness. I was quite surprized to see that Shah Sahab was genuinely concerned about Naeem and looks out for him. He even went to Nabeel and told him about the investigation being spear-headed by Qutub and asked him to use his influence to call it off. Naeem’s too gullible to fend for himself and it’s nice to know that someone has his back. At least for now.

Dania confided in her mother that she felt Naeem was somehow involved with the incident that caused her father to suffer a heart attack. When Naeem came by to visit, she overheard part of the conversation and warned Naeem that he will have to face the consequences if he was involved in this mess. Naeem allows Dania to treat him like a doormat and ignores her derogatory attitude towards him. She is completely repulsed by his presence and makes no effort to camouflage her feelings. He’s blinded by her aura and is content knowing that she’s his.

Babar came by to visit Dania’s father but I find it hard to believe he was sincere. He’s a coward and an opportunist and he’s certainly not the kind of a guy who a girl can count on. Dania is starting to show signs of doubting his intentions but she’s not ready to let go of him completely- not just yet. She announced her desire to call off her engagement and he advised her against it- he knows that the minute she’s single, she’ll be harassing him to break off his engagement with Sobia and even though he can’t stand Sobia, he doesn’t have the guts to get out of an engagement his family arranged.

Nabeel is still preoccupied with Sumbul’s disappearance and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her exit. Maria’s attempts to divert his thoughts seem futile. As if they didn’t have enough problems already, their doctor confirms Maria’s greatest fear- she can’t conceive. Maria is spiraling downwards in self-pity- she wants a child- not just for herself but for Nabeel. She’s afraid of losing Nabeel and feels that if they were to have a child, she could somehow ensure that he remains with her- if only relationships worked that way!

After 9 episodes, I’m really eager to have Dania and Nabeel cross paths. They have exceptional on-screen chemistry and I’m sure we’ll see nothing short of fireworks. Did you like today’s episode? Do you think this serial has enough substance to keep you hooked till the end?

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Kanwal Murtaza


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