Pakistan Idol Week 17 – Eighth Elimination!

Wallah! The first thing I said when I started watching the episode was OH MY GOD & that is because of Bushra Ansari. ENOUGH SAID!

Moving onto the eliminations. Another surprise was revealed that from now on the danger zone would consist of 2 contestants instead of three, so that means more pressure on the contestants & their supporters. I’m definitely sad at the elimination because I certainly wanted one from a couple of others to get eliminated but nevermind.

The first duo that came in for their result for was of Rosemary & Abdul Rafay Khan. By listening to Mohib’s revision, it seemed that Rosemary also got picked on some of the weak points in her performance but yes hers must’ve been a tinsy bit better than Abdul Rafay Khan because she was safe obviously & well deservingly.

The second duo that got it’s results was of Kashif Ali & Zamad Baig. One is Kailash Kher the other is Rafat Fateh Ali Khan so yes, we lack versatility from them & for this reason one of them went to the danger zone which was Zamad Baig.

The last & the third duo that faced the results was of Ali Asad Zaidi & Mohammad Shoaib. It was the best moment of the whole episode to see both of them being safe.

Then it was a time for the segment which was dedicated to Zamad Baig & his family. It was sweet to see him meet his parents after 3 good months. Happy times for Zamad Baig. I think by this time it became a little too obvious as to who’d be going home.

It was now the time for the final announcement regarding Zamad Baig & Abdul Rafay Khan. Yes, it was Zamad Baig who was safe leaving Abdul Rafay Khan behind & eventually eliminated.

Obviously the judges felt sad with the fact that his journey ended & they had some really nice things to say about him. I think Hadiqa Kiyani certainly has a role to play in his elimination because yes, it goes back to the song that was allotted to him.

Anyways, I wish him all the luck, success for his bright future because he certainly has a long way to go. Share your opinions about the elimination tonight.

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