Be Aib- Episode 3 & 4

Be Aib reminds me of sitting through Sesame Street- the characters are exaggerated to the point it feels like a children’s show. Those who are good are very very good and those who are bad are horrid. Aisha’s envy ended up consuming Tooba and Taimoor’s happiness after all. Just as the wedding preps were underway, Taimoor had a terrible accident and ended up with multiple fractures and a potentially life long disability. It didn’t help that the doctor portrayed a very grim outlook almost forcing his patient to accept that he will be living a life of dependency…

As expected, Sadaf was more concerned about having to postpone the wedding than Taimoor’s accident. Tooba has been by his side comforting him but there’s only so much she can do with Sadaf huffing and puffing like the big, bad wolf. Samina Peerzada is getting on every last nerve with her character- those eye rolls and hand gestures are extremely irritating. And whoever is responsible for her styling seems to have gone a little carried away with the colour palette. Plus, what’s up with Alishba’s eye liner? My OCD is seriously driving me up the wall every time I see her uneven eye liner.

So Ahmed landed in the UK with borrowed money for his ticket but managed to secure a fine home for himself and seems to have a steady flow of cash in the blink of an eye… Since he’s supposedly in Landhan, I wonder if he’s being funded by MQM’s Bhai…

Aisha and Safi’s squabble over the money was so pointless. I wonder why their story is getting unnecessary screen time? We’ve already established that a) they’re poor b) they argue day in and out c) Aisha is a thankless woman who continues blaming her husband for his lack of resources d) Inaya pines for Taimoor e) Aisha still holds a beacon for Inaya to end up with Taimoor…

The ghareeb rishteydaar felt obligated to do their bit by offering Inaya to help her Phuppo Shahana look after Taimoor. The poor girl lacks self esteem as it is, subjecting her to see her beloved up close must be disturbing. I would like to think there’s more to this story and with that hope, I continue tuning in. Sadly, nothing seems attractive enough to justify watching 40 odd minutes every week. Even the OST isn’t appealing and that’s usually one sure reason for me.

Urdu 1 needs some good shows that will make them compete with the big 3. Thus far, besides Mere Humdum Mere Dost, nothing has caught my interest. In contrast, A Plus seems to have upped their game which is a refreshing change.

What did you think of these two episodes?

Kanwal Murtaza


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