Be Aib- Episode 5 & 6

Lagta hai kisi Ki Nazar lagi hogi… I wonder kis Ki Nazar lag sakti hai? Aib, Nazar, harghwiz nahin… These few choice words were used over and over again to imprint the obvious. Taimoor is completely shattered- poor boy can’t believe he’ll live the life of a cripple thanks to Doctor Hopeless who’s on a mission to suck any hopes left for a recovery. Tooba’s caregiving skills were bringing Taimoor back into his world of flowers and unicorns but Sadaf realized she needed to seize control and find a better suitor for her daughter.

Without mincing words, Sadaf called off the engagement and I still don’t get why Safi and Aisha felt they would manage to get someone like Sadaf to change her mind. I think it was important to hear the obvious: 2 Be Aib log = 1 perfect match. I could see the $ signs light up in Aisha’s eyes the moment Sadaf suggested something she’s been hoping for. I always knew Aisha was a cunning woman but I didn’t realize Safi was no less- the way he manipulated the Rishta and made it seem like this was their way of expressing gratitude and convincing Shahana APA and Her husband to accept it was well played.

So Sadaf has started the hunt for an eligible bachelor and neither her husband nor her daughter can do a thing about it. Tooba’s body language shows her lack of decision making skills and Inaya tried to stir up emotions but Tooba couldn’t respond except shrug her shoulders in defeat.

Be Aib is so full of aibs it’s ironic. Just as Tooba will be pressurized into marrying a man of Sadaf’s choosing, Taimoor will have to accept Inaya to fill the void in his miserable life. I wish Taimoor would quit throwing himself a pity party and face his situation with a bit of determination and will power. It seems like Inaya will be the one to rescue him from drowning in his tears.

Isn’t it strange how none of these people have a life outside of their homes? They sure seem to live in a bubble. Inaya and her mother are inching close to the kind of life they had only dreamt of. I found it amusing how quickly Inaya jumped to accept the qurbaani– seriously?!? No prizes for guessing what happens next…

Kanwal Murtaza


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