Besharam – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam was good in bits & pieces. A lot of scenes were interesting & a few were good but overall, this episode gave us what we want to see the most & that is, the relationship that Mishi & Haider share but I must say, the pace has slowed down a tad bit & the focus has been shifted on the supporting characters more than the main characters, which I somewhat mind. I hope they bring the focus back on Mishi & Haider ASAP because they’re the main reason why we tune to this drama in the first place. :)

Finally, someone asked Mishail what she likes about being married to Haider & what she finds it in him that she doesn’t mind sacrificing everything for him. I loved the things Mishi said to Sofia about Haider. It’s like in such a short span of time, Haider has given her this sense of security & protection that she has longed for all her life. Even though Mishi & Haider still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding each other but just in the beginning Haider has given her the safety net & he has given her so much of freedom to realize that he is the perfect match for her. Mishail does acknowledge all the little things that Haider say or does for her, which is quite refreshing to see. I find the character of Mishail really nice where she focuses more on the positive side of the things & doesn’t bother much about the shortcomings that Haider according to others might have.

I must say I like the way the relationship between Sofia & Mishail has improved. When Sofie came, Mishi could barely tolerate her & she didn’t even want to share a space with her but ever since she has gotten married, she has seen how Sofie is trying hard to keep things normal between Mishi & Sara. Sofie is acting like a binding force & being the eldest daughter, she is dealing with the situation quite wisely, that is why it was good to see Sofie & Mishi sharing a heart-to-heart conversation with one another. Also, I must say, the way they both take each other’s taunts & sarcasm in good spirit is quite interesting too. It’s like both the sisters know & understand each other well, that is why they don’t get offended & feel comfortable in saying the truth out loud in front of each other.

Sikandar got to say what he wanted to but I am glad that Haider & even Humna defended Mishi in front of Khadija & fortunately, things weren’t blown out of proportion as I as expecting them to. It turned into a favorable situation for Mishi because Khadija got to realize that Humna & Haider don’t see the truth in what Sikandar was saying & also, Mishi didn’t have to face the brunt for anything. I liked that Mishi & Haider spoke to each other & didn’t turn it into an issue of ego where no one was in a mood to break the ice. Haider told Mishi that she should come back & she agreed.

Finally, Jamal bid farewell to Sara & told her that he won’t be in contact with her. I really find it hard to relate to Sara’s character at times because she is a grown up woman, but to see her acting like a teenager doesn’t make sense at times. She is still a hopeless romantic in search of love & she doesn’t realize that her disturbed emotions take a toll on her daughters too. Looks like apart from Sofie & Mishail, Sara has another daughter too named Manal, not sure if she will make an appearance or not though, but I wouldn’t mind if she does.

I enjoyed the scenes of Wahab, Sofie, Haider & Mishail. It was good to see Haider taking a role of a family member & doing what family members do for each other in such difficult situations by extending an emotional support. Mishail & Haider shared a conversation & for the first time, Haider got an insight into what Mishi has gone through all her life because of a mother like Sara. I liked the way Haider didn’t cross the line yet he didn’t let Sara belittle him, he kept on giving back to her & that somehow broke the ice & made it look like they will form a relationship in the near future. Right now, Sara might not be in a mood to see the good in Haider but I am sure she won’t be able to keep up her opinion against him for long.

On Saba’s front, her mother is tired of her & she is looking for proposals. Saba is definitely not in the mood but despite everything that she has done, I like that she sympathizes with her brother & Humna too, she does understand that Humna wasn’t at fault & both Qadeer & Humna are being punished for the wrong no one did. Saba has seen that Mishi is a good person, that is why all the things she said to Qadeer showed that her opinion has changed & may be I hope she convinces her mother & father too that Mishi is a good person & pushes them to allow Qadeer to get married to Humna.

Overall, this episode was good but I hope the shift the focus on Mishi & Haider & their careers again. Everyone has acted brilliantly in this drama but I must say Malik Raza is phenomenal as Wahab, his timing is perfect & all the actors have matched his timing flawlessly too. The chemistry between all the actors & characters has elevated the level of this drama & has made it a treat to tune to. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam. :)

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