Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 20!

Yaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnnnn, oh sorry, for a second the sleep that this episode inflicted upon me made me forget that I always start my reviews with ohkay so. Ohkay so, I am sorry to say that this drama has turned into a joke. There is so much falsafa going on that it hardly pays off because the situations are so messed up that this amount of falsafa seems like a forced attempt of making this story & the situations look enticing, which they sadly are not.

While I couldn’t recover myself from the laughter fit seeing Mahnoor’s bruises that she got from her previous failed Nikkah, she made me laugh out loud even more because there she was preparing for a new adventure of her life, with a new man, on a new day, for a new Nikkah. Oh well, I have so much more to say about this character but I think I will have to cross the line of decency in order to explain her characterless-ness, so for now I will contain myself & just say that she is one of those mentally sick girls who have no purpose in life & who gel really well with the guys, no matter what shape & size they come in. I mean one actually has to be quite ‘besharam’ to be toing & froing between men like a shuttlecock. I think the writers of Besharam & Zara Yaad Kar switched the titles of these dramas by mistake because if there’s one drama that could endorse the title of Besharam flawlessly was actually this drama that we now know as Zara Yaad Kar!

Hmmm, not sure why the writer is trying to make us feel for the character of Anoushay that too after we’ve survived this journey for 19-20 weeks? Her candidness with Haadi was enough to put us off that the director assumed that her flat acting would help the situation. The entire conversation that Haadi & Anoushay had about ‘love’ served no purpose at all & looked like a forced attempt of filling in the 40 minutes of an episode. Haadi has always been quite a reserved & shy person, so to see him acting totally unlike him in front of Anoushay didn’t really make much sense. Since the beginning, we have seen Haadi as someone who would always think twice before speaking & would choose to stay silent on the things he doesn’t want to concern himself with or even at the things that do concern him like his divorce, but the way his body language & attitude changed in front of Anoushay made me feel like I was watching Haider of Besharam in stead of Haadi of Zara Yaad Kar. I say this because the way Haadi snapped at Anoushay & told her to shut up after hearing Waqar’s name was so unlike him, like he would listen to Mahnoor talk about her temporary honeymoon in London silently so how did he find it in him to tell Anoushay to shut up just at a slight mention of Waqar? This is not how this bhola bhala, dheela dhala Haadi is meant to be like!

Well, Mahnoor was so busy being a shuttlecock that she forgot to inform her mother that her temporary son-in-law would now be Waqar & not Mahnoor’s boss, lol. She was perfectly fine with what Umar Din told her about Waqar because this is exactly what she wants too. I am amazed that now when she is getting an opportunity to be with Waqar, she still has the divorce on her mind. I find it hard to understand that what did actually change in those couple of weeks after her divorce from Haadi that she realized that he was the one for her, she can’t be without him therefore she was ready to go to such lengths like temporary marriage(s) to get back with him? I don’t recall that they showed us Mahnoor thinking on those lines & reflecting upon on her mistake of leaving Haadi & regretting her decision too of getting a divorce from him? The sudden shift in her thinking is actually unjustified & now seeing her committing one mistake after another & getting beaten up by one woman after another has turned this entire situation in a joke to be honest.

Hmmm, I have always liked how they used the OST lyrics to match the emotional state of the characters, but this time around I actually had a good laugh because when Uzma sneaked through the smallest window in the world to catch a glimpse of Haadi’s car, the words that echoed in the background were ‘Ghutti Ghutti Si’, which actually enforced the feelings that I have had about Uzma, where I always find her ‘ghutti hui’, like where I have found her quite lifeless since the beginning, so no wonder why those lyrics actually hit home for me. The conversation she had with Ikhtiyaar Sahab about Haadi was so new right? (coughing sarcasm). I think this father-daughter duo needs to snap out of their fixation with Haadi because he is no more a part of their lives!

Well, I didn’t find the twist of Anoushay being associated with Waqar justified at all. For the last few months, he was with Gaiti in Umarkot & he was putting all the efforts in winning her over, so when did he get the time to have an affair with Anoushay as well? Yes, I can understand that Anoushay might’ve been a student at the university where Waqar was a teacher but to see a sudden development of this sort didn’t really sit well with me & not only that, the way everything got wrapped up in this episode actually made it look like a joke where Anoushay’s relationship began & ended with Waqar, Haadi got to know about it, he blurted the truth about Waqar, Anoushay’s grandmother got a heart-attack, she recovered & in the meanwhile, Anoushay raided Waqar’s home & threw Mahnoor out as well. LOL! In stead of wasting time on meaningless closeups of doors, windows, roads & cars, if they had taken a time to develop this angle, I am sure it wouldn’t have seemed so haphazard & out of the blue. I think Mahnoor must’ve had a first-hand & a thrilling experience of what déjà vu is like. I think Mahnoor should understand that temporary Nikkahs are not her thing, lol but I am glad that she got bistiofied twice, but may be 10 rounds of this amount of bezati are not enough for a dheet larki like her but anyways, something is better than nothing, eh!

Well, I guess this drama has come to a point where it is testing my patience now & I am losing it real quick & more than that, the situations & the characters have stopped making any sense & I don’t see the purpose of this drama anymore because I don’t see Mahnoor realizing her mistakes or Haadi realizing that Mahnoor is the wrong choice. I somehow feel the emotions & the purpose are getting lost in this meaningless stretching & there isn’t much substance in the writing to back the emotions that the characters must be feeling, like till date we’re left with our imagination to figure out what these characters are going through & even the biggest aspect, that is Mahnoor realizing Haadi’s importance & worth hasn’t been conveyed so far, so I guess it’s about time that they should wrap it up ASAP before it turns into a bigger joke. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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PS: I thank ARY for choosing Tuesdays to air Besharam because while watching Zara Yaad Kar, the thought of watching Besharam after this torture keeps me awake & excited!

Zahra Mirza

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