Besharam – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam was interesting but they have started taking things a bit slow & honestly speaking I am dreading that things are going to become difficult for Haider & Mishail because the external factors are going to affect their relationship & they both will fall prey to the circumstances.

Sikandar told Khadija about his plans of selling the shop but he actually didn’t come clean & didn’t resort to honesty. Sikandar is selfish & mean & unfortunately, he thinks that he will progress in life & this deal of selling the shop will bring him ease & happiness, which he is sadly mistaken about. Sikandar has a few responsibilities to take care of, that is why he isn’t thinking about the future because if he had, he would’ve understood that selling of this shop will take a toll on both the families in the long-run. Sikandar is quite ecstatic to know that Wahab is giving him a good amount but he can’t foresee that this money won’t last him for a life time. Haider could feel that Sikandar had made up his mind that’s why he didn’t retaliate much & went ahead with what his uncle demanded.

It was made clear that Wahab knows that Haider also has an ownership of this shop, that is why he hinted about ruining a deal for someone. I am sure in order to make Haider suffer, Wahab will deceive Sikandar too but I hope Sikandar won’t make Haider face the brunt for it because it is Sikandar who became greedy after getting an offer from Wahab & Haider had no say in this matter whatsoever. The way Wahab kept on convincing Sikandar to hand over the shop to him went to show that Wahab will definitely betray Sikandar’s trust, which he actually deserves but sadly, Haider’s family will end up suffering some loss too but I am hopeful that Haider will take care of his family members himself.

Saba has fallen in a deep pit & she knows that it is only Mishi who can help her in this situation. Honestly, I want Sikandar to find out the truth about his daughter so that he can realize that what he did with Khadija, Humna & Haider was wrong & also, he was at fault for judging Mishail because of her career choices. I want Sikandar to find out that it was Mishi who helped Saba & saved her life from getting ruined. Saba will definitely come in contact with Mishi & then we’ll have to see what solution Mishi will come up with in order to deal with Kabeer!

I really am not happy about the coverage that Sara is getting & I am wondering how long is she going to milk it? When the drama began we saw that Mishail did what she deemed fit so it is hard to absorb that she is letting Sara dominate her without even realizing that Sara has an ulterior motive. Yes, Mishi has grown far more considerate about her mother after her marriage but to see her putting everything on hold for her mother doesn’t go with her personality. Mishi knows that Haider needs her too & he stood by her side & gave her the courage when he found her worried about her mother, so it’s time for Mishi to go back & reciprocate the love & attention Haider showered at her. All the things Haider said to Sara about giving security & protection to Mishi were quite sweet & I hope Mishi goes back ASAP because otherwise this track will end up getting dragged & it might as well ruin the charm too.

Haider saw what Mishi was upto at her mom’s house & he was disappointed, but what hurt him more was the fact that Mishi didn’t stop him from leaving & didn’t bother explaining to him about what he saw her doing with her friends. I think Mishi really needs to return to Haider’s house, work on her marriage in stead of letting Sara take up all her time & attention. I like Humna’s presence in the drama & what makes her character even more likable is the fact that she is honest & blunt & doesn’t hold back from saying the truth, that is why she told her mother to see the good in Mishi & also told Haider that he was agitated because Mishi wasn’t around, haha!

Overall, this episode was pretty decent but things have started to go a bit slow. I hope they revive the aspect of Haider’s political career as well & also open up the truth of Saba on Sikandar as soon as possible because that way Sikandar & Shakira will snap out of the fixation of calling Mishail besharam time & again. As always, the acting of every actor was spot on in this episode & the direction was top-notch too, the only thing I feel is that things need to get moving because it was the fast pace that got us hooked to this drama in the first place & oh, the chemistry between Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed was spot on too, they both make a perfect on-screen couple & I hope we get to see them again working together in a love story soon. & yes, there are so many things that work for me & one of it is the dialogue writing & a touch of humor that a few conversations have. I actually lol’ed at the things Sikandar said to Shakira about watching ‘Nagin’, I must say Mehmood Akhtar’s timing & expressions are amazinggg! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam. :)

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