Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 21!

Ohkay so, I am pretty sure that the drama has lost its purpose. There’s absolutely nothing that happened in this episode that contributed much to the story & everything at this point has started to look meaningless. Where Mahnoor should accept that she’s shameless, Haadi should also accept that he is gutless & a coward too!

I am amazed at Aneesa’s approach towards Mahnoor’s shamelessness, I actually thought that she would question her daughter because she returned home after 3-4 ‘nights’ & in a condition that would make anyone wonder what she went through but all Aneesa showed concerned about was whether Mahnoor got married or not. I don’t think Aneesa’s sarcastic one-liners are serving any purpose now & sadly, they now only look like an attempt by the writer to show how deep his own thinking is. Mahnoor has crossed all the limits so seeing Aneesa expecting that her one-liners will have any effect on dheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Mahnoor makes her look like a bigger fool in this situation.

Haadi found out the truth that Mahnoor was now getting married to Waqar to which Mahnoor’s response was ‘shadi to karni hi thi, boss se karoon yan Waqar se’, making it sound so silly like she was out to buy a lawn suit so she’s like ‘suit to lena hi tha, Khaadi se loon yan Gul Ahmed se’, like seriously? This whole idea of switching partners is cringe worthy already & to see it being elaborated with the usage of such dialogues makes it puke-worthy actually. It is actually quite amusing that Mahnoor still hasn’t learned her lesson because she made it all about Haadi & tried to make him feel guilty that she endured the beating of her temporary potential sautan only because of him, like seriously, for how long is she going to put blame on others for her own faults & mistakes & what surprised me was Haadi’s reaction on that entire situation where he drank a gallon of water, left her place, drove the car & recalled everything that Mahnoor said on the road & then scurried to Uzma like a loser. I think in stead of going to Uzma’s place, Haadi should’ve gone to Nadra’s office to tell them that he needed to change his gender on his ID card, because he mistook himself for a ‘male’, which he clearly is not since he’s a mazloom aurat in reality!

Well, Uzma welcomed Haadi cordially & said everything to him which actually looked like a closure that she was looking for before her husband-to-be arrived. ‘Mohabbat uske liye bacha ke rakhni chahiye jo deserve karta ho’, finally, Uzma told Haadi the truth & more than telling it to him, she was feeding it to herself too because she knows that she has to come out of her past & snap out of her love for Haadi & move on. It is actually good that the character that started off as a weakling has emerged to be quite dignified & strong & probably the only good thing about this drama & guess what, Haadi didn’t drink a gallon of water though he demanded it, left her place, drove the car & recalled everything what Uzma said on the road & scurried to his house like a coward. I mean doesn’t Haadi get tired of being so lifeless & monotonous? I mean why couldn’t he tell Uzma straight away that she shouldn’t get married & that he was tired of Mahnoor & her adventures & wanted to get rid of it? I think Haadi is also responsible for what Mahnoor is doing because if he had ended everything with her gracefully, she wouldn’t have become so desperate to be searching for a tom, dick & harry to get married to him in order to get back with Haadi. Haadi gave Mahnoor a green signal, that is why she went on a temporary husband hunting spree, which makes Haadi look as selfish as Mahnoor is. When this drama began the writer tried to show that a male can be like Haadi too, who believes in giving freedom to his wife & who doesn’t believe in enforcing his own thought process (if any) on his partner, but after the drama progressed, that exact approach of the writer started making Haadi look like a loser & unmanly at that too!

I honestly am not feeling the entire Anoushay-Haadi-Waqar scenario. I am not really sure why things have started revolving around Anoushay as if she’s a main lead because everything looks like a forced attempt & unrealistic at that too as all of a sudden she has become a part of this entire mess & now Haadi is trying to be her savior. It is quite obvious that the writer wanted to establish a ground for Haadi & Anoushay’s union in the future, therefore he made Anoushay related to the people who have ruined Haadi’s past only for her to become sympathetic towards him. Also, where is Gaiti? Just when this question popped up in my mind, we got to see a split second ramp walk of Gaiti, which left me wondering what was the point of that entire shot? Was it only to inform us that Gaiti is alive & kickin’ or was it a mistake committed by the editor where he unconsciously added that second-long walk of her? We saw how clingy Gaiti was so it is actually quite unbelievable that she hasn’t tried to get in contact with Waqar or hasn’t sent her spies to track down where he is & why isn’t he returning her calls? Also, now that Anoushay has occupied the front seat in Waqar’s car ‘out of nowhere’, it makes me wonder why did the writer & the director put us up with the OTT & unrealistic family of Mehtab Deswali? Why did they put us up with Gaiti’s fake Urdu/English accent & those blood-boiling scenes where Gaiti would stammer like a toddler who’s learning how to talk? What was the point of adding that political dimension to the drama when it had no purpose to serve? I am not sure but may be after the drama went on-air, they must’ve decided to cut down on that political aspect of the story in order to save themselves from infuriating anyone!

Anyways, the preview of the next episode seemed boring too & once again, Anoushay will be getting the details of Haadi’s life which she should not be concerned about but the writer & the director are doing everything to push her character & her existence down our throats without any reason. Haadi is a loser & I guess he is so spineless that he is waiting for any girl to propose him, which he will ‘silently’ accept, since he has no thought process & no stand of his own & he wants people to take decisions for him so I am sure this is the reason why Anoushay is getting so much information about Haadi as in the end, she will sympathize with him & will end up proposing him & they will live silently ever after! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this boring episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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