Besharam – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, this episode of Besharam was really good. Things are moving forward & they are definitely going to become a lot more interesting as the story will progress. For the first time I felt that the relationship of Haider & Mishi suffered because they both failed to bend & compromise to understand each other but a lot of times it is Haider who makes sure to let Mishi know what he genuinely feels for her & Mishi just brushes it off.

I really felt that Mishi was at fault for not telling Haider the truth about Saba & her desperate attempt of getting into modelling. When Mishi found out that Saba lied to Haider, I think it was unwise of Mishi to keep things from her husband & expect Saba to acknowledge what she has done for her already was a huge favor. Yes, Mishi did tell Saba to deal with her own problems herself but she failed to understand that what Saba said made Haider doubt her a tad bit, which definitely is not something that they both can afford right now especially when Haider was being a little touchy. Mishi ignored explaining herself & that resulted in Haider making some judgmental remarks about her which she most certainly wasn’t expecting. I think the best part about their relationship so far was the fact that they both didn’t let the communication gap grow between them but I hated seeing that emerging a bit because of a stupid & selfish girl like Saba who is conniving enough to lie to save her sorry being but doesn’t have the guts to be strong enough to own her mistake & take the right step to amend it.

Mishi returned & she got the welcome she never expected, even though she didn’t let the meeting of Saba & Haider cause a doubt in her mind but she most certainly was shocked at the way Haider treated her. I really liked the developing relationship between Humna & Mishi where Humna has started acknowledging the fact that Mishi is her brother’s wife & she has to respect her due to her status in the family. Khadija is still being unreasonable & I don’t think she will change any time soon.

Saba ended up stealing the money that Wahab handed over to Sikandar after he gave him the signed papers. Saba really is crossing the lines & I am sure she will land herself in a bigger & deeper trouble because Kabeer won’t stop after this either. Once Kabeer will know that Saba has started to fall under the trap of his blackmailing then he will continue to do that. I am glad that at least Sikandar is going to suffer a bit because he wasn’t honest with Haider & has always made his family suffer too!

Haider leaving the politics came as a shock to me. I thought he was still trying but just after getting dismissed from one party, Haider has pretty much given up on his career that he always dreamed of, which I think is not in line with his character because if there was one thing that Haider was passionate about, it was politics & in the initial episodes, I didn’t think just a dismissal from a single party will bring him down so hard that he will step away from this career path completely. However, the way he helped the teacher was really sweet, despite suffering from a financial crisis at this point, Haider didn’t think twice before lending a helping hand to someone who he thought was doing a good job giving children a free education. I am sure Mishi will try to help him because she attended Muneer’s phone call & got to know about the root cause that was bothering Haider these days, but I really wish that Haider manifests the opportunity for him himself & steps into politics once again because I really am interested to see him pursuing a career that he certainly is made for.

Khadija wants Humna to get married to someone but the way Humna relied on Mishi was really good. I am sure Mishi will start sharing her feelings with Humna too & they boht will end up helping each other. Humna knows that Mishi is reasonable & she is wise, so she knew that she might talk to Haider & convince him to help Humna out. The way Haider took a stand for Mishi in front of his mother was good too, Haider knows when & how to maintain a balance because this time around he knew that his mother was being irrational. Mishi is Haider’s wife & there’s no denying to that, so her demand of Mishi not being present at the time the guests will arrive didn’t really make sense. Haider’s confession that he loved Mishi was really good too but seems like Mishi hasn’t fallen for him just yet. Yes, Mishi does appreciate Haider’s strong-willed personality & she has a lot of admiration for him because he gives words to his feelings about her & takes a stand for her every single time, but right now, Mishi thinks she is putting up with everything due to a commitment that she made to herself but I am sure she will soon realize that she is doing it out of her love for Haider.

Overall, this episode was really good. I really enjoy the way Wahab never misses an opportunity to give Sara a reality check by saying things about her that are nothing but true. I really hope the entire Saba-Kabeer scenario is done & dealt with as soon as possible & she stops pestering Haider & Mishi because she is becoming a bone of contention between the two of them which seems a bit unnecessary, since Haider & Mishi are two mature & wise individuals. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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