Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 22!

Ohkay so, this episode made me roll my eyes so bad that they’re hurting now. Seriously, what has gone into the writer’s head to be doing this to us & to his characters too? It was just as ridiculous as being a Halala story that now the writer turned it into a patch-up-over-gol-gappa story, like seriously, break us free from this misery as we’re done with it!!!

It is actually quite bizarre seeing Aneesa rooting for Mahnoor & Haadi’s patch up. May I ask, where did that Aneesa go who was all about dignity & pride, who was all about preaching self-respect to Mahnoor? When did she become so ‘cool’ & ‘chilled’ about this entire Halala scenario that she has subtly started pressurizing Haadi & is trying to sweet-talk him into getting married to Mahnoor again using her boring falsafa?

I still don’t understand what changed in Mahnoor to feel that Haadi is the one & she can not live without him, because the way she is now, doesn’t show that she went through a phase of feeling remorse or regret over what she has done. She is still as beghairat & as dheet as she was before when she was flirting with a na-mehram while being married to Haadi, so what actually changed in her after her divorce? I still don’t get it. Chalo, if the writer was too busy in weaving the falsafa, the least he could’ve done is show some change in Mahnoor’s attitude where she was regretful & embarrassed for her mistakes, but she became far more dheet & ziddi after her divorce, so what’s the point of this entire situation? After dragging this drama for months, are they going to show us a split-second regret that Mahnoor will feel in the last minute of the last episode? Will that be enough of a redemption or will that be enough of a punishment for her? I feel Mahnoor has been pampered by her mother & her ex-husband so much that she has forgotten what she has done & what she put them through, that is why, in stead of feeling sorry for others or feeling ashamed for her actions, she is seen blaming Haadi for putting her through misery because he has been unable to find a beghairat for her to get married to her temporarily!!!

‘Meinne larki ho ke itni koshish kar li’, err correction, Mahnoor should’ve said ‘Meinne beghairat ho ke itni koshish kar li’ because the way she speaks about Halala so casually only sheds a light on her level of beghairti. Seriously, this drama is making me sick to a point where I feel like throwing up. Did the writer actually believe that we’ll have a smile on our face when we’ll be seeing Mahnoor & Haadi sharing a sweet Halala talk over a gol gappa session with a pleasant music playing in the background? Seriously, there’s a limit to every joke but this one has gone beyond that point. Also, I am not sure why the writer made every girl dump & every pathetic male character superior in this drama to a point where every other girl is drooling over a man or two. Anoushay herself caught Waqar red-handed but there she is, with no standard & no self-respect that despite finding out about Waqar’s reality, she is ready to get married to him & then we already have a self-explanatory character of Mahnoor who has taken beghairti to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!

Seems like Haadi is pretty comfortable with this entire scenario that is why he was seen sharing a laugh with Mahnoor & looked at her with an affection in his eyes as if he scored a big win by having a girl like her fall in love with him. Mahnoor didn’t admit that she was in love with Haadi but he is so blind that he couldn’t see it. Also quite casually Haadi lied to Mahnoor that he has never met Uzma after he left her home, so what’s the point of getting married to Mahnoor & putting up with her nasty tantrums when he just can not be honest with her & when he knows that she will never understand him as she is so full of herself & her brain is a size of a peanut or may be smaller? After enjoying gol-gappas with Mahnoor, Haadi was seen thinking about Uzma & not only that he called her too. I don’t really understand why every single character in this drama is pretentious, like they are pretentious to a point where they come across as liars. Haadi pretends in front of Mahnoor that he is happy that she is back. Mahnoor is pretending in front of Haadi that she loves him & wants to get back with him because she can not live without him. Uzma is pretending that she is happy with the proposal of Fahad. Waqar is pretending to be a shareef tareen admi on the Earth, like seriously, they are a bunch of liars who are too afraid to admit their reality, even to themselves & that’s about it!!!

Uzma’s getting engaged & Gaiti has become a politician, taaliyan. Oh, I must say, that gol-gappa joint is quite famous because looks like every other couple in this drama comes across each other at the same spot, as previously it was Mahnoor & Waqar’s duo that met Haadi & Uzma, now it was Waqar & Anoushay’s duo that saw Mahnoor & Haadi. I still am not finding the involvement of Anoushay & her developing interest in this entire situation justified & rational. She is just an outsider so I don’t really understand why she is getting so affected by whatever Haadi’s doing. The only good few seconds of this episode belonged to Mr. Fayyaz, who in a very few words told Haadi that he was a beghairat to be arranging a Halala for his friend’s wife, I so wish Haadi had the spine to tell Fayyaz that he was the one who wanted a guy for his wife & not his friend, because I am sure he would’ve showed Haadi his right place!!!

Anyways, this episode was just a filler & I am actually furious that at this stage of the drama, in stead of wrapping it up, the director is dragging it & stretching it like a tasteless chewing gum which is played with in the last minutes before it is dumped into the dustbin. The preview of the next episode showed that Anoushay will be poking her unwanted nose in Haadi’s business too. I am not sure if her good acting would’ve made a difference but yes, the girl playing the character of Anoushay is simply annoying & her dialogue delivery is so bad that the attempt of the director to make her the integral part of the drama infuriates me even more!!! Please share your thoughts about this beghairti-filled episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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