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Bhai – Episodes 14-21 – Ashraf’s Revenge!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!! I had heard of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ but Ashraf Bhai nay tau auraton ko peechay chor diya hai!! What madness ensued in these episodes!

Ashraf had vowed that if he did not get the ‘love of his life’ he would move heaven and earth to make sure none of his siblings were happy in love too. He manages to convince his father that it is in the best interest of the family that Saira is wedded off to Jawad. Jawad is reluctant but lacks the courage to be able to stand up to Ashraf. Saira however managed to say no at the time of nikkah, drawing strength from Ebad showing up at that moment but Ashraf sends him and his parents packing – again!

You know, I feel there should be another category in these drama awards nominations – top ‘thappar’ receiver and the top two neck- to -neck nominees for that would be these two sisters – Sajal and Saboor Ali. The way Saira has been beaten up, slapped repeatedly on the face, neck wrung like a duck – it has truly been excessive in my opinion. I do not understand why it had to be shown so many times and to such lengths! We get it, Ashraf will beat up Saira at the drop of a hat – must we see it happen repeatedly in every second episode.

Anyways, egged on by Ashraf, his father Muneer Ahmed begins to feel that maybe the only honourable thing to do is take Saira’s life. I sat there agape watching Saira gulp down the milk which he had poisoned and when he stood outside her door listening to her begging for help and dying I thought okay, this is the point that he wakes up and realizes it was a bad dream – but no! I only snapped out of my stupor when my daughter chimed in with ‘see mama, she does not want to finish her milk either’. Kids – I thought she was busy watching her cartoon on tv rather than peering into my laptop! Saira does however survive (surprise surprise!).

Quite a lot of screen time was focused on Muneer Ahmed ‘bhatkofying’ in the streets after his murderous act which at one point to me seemed to drag. I waited to see the moment when he sees Saira again after she comes home for he seemed to lack the courage to face her but I was so disappointed. I am not the sort who jumps up from her seat yelling ‘wah wah’ whattay dialogue – but I did expect something a bit more emotional, a bit tear jerking than Saboor sniffling and saying ‘aap meray maalik hain Aba’. Uff!

Muneer Ahmed begins to change now – taking a stand for his daughters especially Saira. I found this change in him convincing though because he was always trying to stop Ashraf from hitting his sisters and his wife does say to him that he has a soft spot for Saira. By no means was he justified in doing what he did, but I liked how after realizing what a grievous sin he almost committed, he goes about making an effort to change things for his daughters. I really felt the impact of that stare he gave Ashraf when Saira comes back home from the hospital and then says to him ‘ bas kar day’.

Meanwhile, Rabab and Jawad are playing out their own romance. I had spoken too soon when I said Rabab doesn’t say much or her role does not have much to offer. She proved me wrong! Her mouth opened and then the words just kept coming out. I had hoped Ashraf would not react the way he did when Jawad told him he wants to marry Rabab – but deep down I suppose I knew he would do just that.

Ashraf, Ashraf, Ashraf – this man’s hatred knows no bounds. I felt such an urge to be able to get into his head and rewire his brain. He is so angry, so indignant, so convinced that his way of thinking is so right that he does not seem to understand that there is not a single person in his family who agrees with him, not even his father now. I thought he was truly fond of Jawad but the way he keeps throwing the ‘hamaray tukron par palla hai’ makes me wince although I am so glad Muneer Ahmed gave him the shut up call when he said that he was not raised on anyone’s ‘tukras’ but was raised in his own phuppo’s house and that was that.

The two goons, Mr Colgate and Mr Leopard, that have kidnapped Ebad must have volunteered for their roles. Their scenes and acting were truly strange.


This ‘shaadi zaroor honi hai’ regardless of who or what in our dramas is getting a bit nauseating. Marriage has truly become a joke and everyone in this family is playing their own game, trying to achieve their own means but then phuppi makes the master of all moves to which Muneer Ahmed adds his own touch! How could she suggest – sorry, force Sufiyan to marry Saira when he and Khadija had been in love and yes divorced now but what bad taste that he be forced to marry the sister of the woman who is still in love with. And then Muneer Ahmed sends Ashraf off to call Jawad but it appears he is doing it to get him off his back and he is all for Saira marrying Sufiyan with Saira also weepingly agreeing, with Khadija’s blessing. What a loonybin really!

These episodes were engaging I have to admit. I watched them wanting to know what happens next because I think that is what is the best aspect of this drama that it is not predictable – right down to the tech savvy English speaking kidnappers! Ashraf’s phrases did throw in a few comical moments which were a welcome distraction from the otherwise dark scenes of Saira’s almost death. The term ‘love pond’ that he threw at Hammad and Ifra really made me laugh as did when he says to Jawad when he hears Ebad and his parents have come with the rishta again that ‘mein zara unn ki shampoo kar aoon’. His nicknames for Saira (choosni) and Hammad (duddu) could actually pass off as endearing from an older brother except he seems to really hate them.

I really hope Saira does not get married to Sufiyan nor to Jawad. Not because she does not love either of them but because her sisters love them and vice versa! Awkward!

Noman Ejaz is such a versatile actor. He has portrayed Ashraf perfectly – whereas I did not hate him as much earlier when he was trying to woo Ifra, I really can not but help be aghast at how he is going all out to make life miserable for his family. Salman Shahid is also a great actor although I wish he did not have to speak the way he does. I realize it is because he has had a stroke and that is also the reason Ashraf has more control but I still wish his speech was not so slurred. It is truly difficult to understand him at times.

On a lighter note to detract from the intense and sometimes dark moments these episodes offered, I thought I would mention how I noticed that the couples Ashraf is bent on breaking or has already broken really did seem to be ‘made for each other’. The ‘surmas’ (Rabab and Jawad), the ‘please come beat us up’ (Saira and Ebad), the ‘lanky ones’ (Khadija and Sufiyan) and the ‘lipsticks – or maybe to add some Ashraf-ness the ‘laal bulliyans’ (Ifra and Hammad).



No wonder Ashraf feels so complexed – for if he were to find someone for himself that would be similar to him it would be someone like those below!


It is chaotic, loud, messed up, at times depressing – but Bhai is entertaining I have to admit. Have you all been watching Bhai and these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

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