Bunty I.L.Y Episode 3 and 4 – Interesting Twists!

In the midst of shows that have nothing new to offer, B.I.L.U is a breath of fresh air. Dania is not like the typical gold diggers who wait for their old husbands to die so that they can inherit their wealth. Dania always had a lot of respect for Patel, and I love the flashbacks she has of him. He has given her some really important advice in the past which he has gained from experience, and Dania sometimes cannot help but wonder how true they are.

She was surprised to get a letter from him which he wanted her to read after he dies. It was a very emotional letter which showed how much he cared for her, and also revealed some interesting information. We finally know who Abdul Samad is now. Patel had employed him to keep an eye on Dania, but Dania had never tried to cheat her husband even once, and this is something that always surprised Patel.

He might have bought her against her will, but in reality he saved her from greedy people like Aamir with whom she would never have been happy. All her dreams and hopes shattered the day she got to know Aamir’s real face. She is not naïve anymore; she has matured a lot after Patel’s death, and has started to recognize the real faces of people around her.

I loved the part where she made Aamir know his true place, and tortured him for a bit. He was under the misconception that she would welcome him with open arms, and he can get an access to her wealth. He definitely deserved every bit of the treatment he got from Dania, and it just made Dania immensely satisfied to reveal that she knows his real face, and he has simply no importance in her life. I wish she had given him a slap or two along with the shoe (that was one hilarious scene!)

For Dania, Bunty is a refreshing change in her life. His naivety and innocence somewhat reminds her of herself when she was of his age. She feels young and happy around him, and even when she was so disturbed by Aamir’s betrayal, his simple phone call cheered her up very quickly. Ohkay, I was really not expecting him to be a thief, that was a huge surprise. And the way he innocently told her everything just made me laugh! He is caught up in a situation where he has to steal for a living, not that he minds it because that is all that he knows. Dania could relate with his situation and paid money to his heart less father to free him, and give him a better life. His father was more than willing to get Bunty off his hand, just like Dania’s parents had been.

Dania may be shown as a proud woman, but inside she is broken and hurt. She had been betrayed by her own family who sold her to Patel, and sometimes she could not help but voice out how unfair it was to her. Patel might be the main cause of her cruel fate, but he always was there to console her.

Bunty just cannot believe his luck and is enjoying his new life a lot. First the room, then the food and finally the clothes; all was just too overwhelming for him. The way he was enjoying himself was a treat to watch! It shows how innocent he is! Dania wants all his dreams to come true because hers never did. She sees herself in him, and wants to provide him with the best life possible.

Bunty will help to bring back Dania’s youth which she had spent with a man more than thrice her age. It will be interesting to see how Bunty’s presence changes Dania!

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