Bunty I Love You Episode 6 & 7 – Review

This drama is a roller coaster ride through and through. It has so much depth to it that sometimes I have to re-watch the scenes to understand its implication. Dania is clearly obsessed with Bunty and she gets insecure at the slightest things when it comes to him. She has found how it is to feel young and in love all over again because of him. She wants all his attention and time, and in return she wants to shower him with material things that Bunty had never even dreamed of.

But Dania has forgotten that she has never been lucky when it comes to love. She knew that Bunty was involved with some girl but chose to ignore it for a while. She was upset with Bunty when he went out on his own to Jedi’s house, and she did not know how to explain her own reaction. She chose to avoid him for a while to hide her feelings; she does not want Bunty to know the extent of her feelings for him. Ironically, Bunty is too innocent to understand anything; he had no idea as to why she was upset with him over such a small issue.

Dania changed her decision to avoid him when her servant made her understand that Bunty does not even understand why she was upset with him in the first place, and she was back to normal. She probed him again and again to tell her about the girl in his life but he chose to lie to her every time as he feared that she would not like it if he tells her about Mehwish.

She is trying to gain Bunty’s attention through her money and he once again got his wish fulfilled as soon as it comes out of his mouth. Bunty had always dreamed of a heavy bike and Dania gifted him one. Dania felt happy and alive when she rode on the bike with him. She thought that this would distract him and get his attention away from the girl in his life, and he might start liking her too, but her plan clearly did not work.

The stubborn, rude and egoistic Mehwish is just not the right girl for Bunty who is innocent and madly in love with her since years. She only thought about him after Dania changed his appearance and status, before that she was not the least interested in him. He was heartbroken when she refused to accept his ring, but she soon realized her mistake and accepted his love. Bunty was on the top of the world when Mehwish finally accepted his love. Mehwish is not too happy about Dania being in Bunty’s life though, and this is one of the main reasons why they fight all the time.

Dania was clearly heart broken when she overheard Bunty talking to Mehwish on the phone and caught him red handed. She chose to remain cold and aloof with him for a while till he explained that he was scared to tell her the truth and apologized. Dania was almost on the verge of breakdown but she somehow composed herself. Saba Qamar was absolutely superb in this scene! The scene where she looks at her frame and tells Bunty that it has been years since she really laughed showed how lonely Dania feels.

Woh Usse Lekar Ajaye Ga Aur Tum Dekhti Reh Jao Gi                                                      

Mein To Hamesha Dekhti Reh Jati Hoon

The sadness in her eyes when she spoke these words showed her longing and desperation for love. She acted normally in front of Bunty as she did not want him to know the real reason why she was upset. She invited Mehwish to the house and made the best arrangements for her. She even went to Mehwish’s house when she refused to come to meet her. She wanted to see who Bunty loved and she wanted to test her. She only wanted the best for Bunty and she wanted to make sure that Mehwish’s love was true. From the looks of it, Mehwish failed the test because she would accept Bunty as long as he was rich; she had no interest in Bunty if he returned to his old life.

The show is getting more interesting by the week!

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