Asmanon Pay Likha Episode 22 – The Tragic Loss!

This episode was one of the best episodes so far in terms of acting. Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui took my breath away with his amazing acting. This guy might be a bit weak in delivering dialogues, but he sure can cry! Two scenes were the highlight of this episode; first, when he goes to his mother’s grave and second, when his Dudi dies. The scenes were so heart wrenching that one cannot help but cry with him. It was a devastating loss for Aaliyan to lose two of the most important people in his life in the span of two days.

He was already feeling so guilty because of the way he had treated his mother. He wanted his mother’s love all his life but when he finally met her, he was cold towards her. He regretted that he could not even say sorry for his rude behavior, but now it was too late to regret.

He went to the only person who he knew would understand his feelings and he shared all his feelings with Dudi, only to find that she had also left him like his mother. His screams and cries tore at everyone’s heart! This guy definitely deserves a round of applause for this scene. Now Aaliyan has another burden on his conscience, he had misbehaved with Dudi when he last saw her and never got a chance to apologize.

The main reason for Dudi’s sudden death had been guilt. She regretted not telling Aaliyan the truth about his mother before her death. She had been protecting her son, but now it was too late to regret. Aaliyan, however, thought that his father’s misbehavior is the reason for her sudden death. It was truly heart breaking to see Aaliyan so shattered and upset.

Rana and Sultan’s behavior after Dado’s death was pathetic. Rano was whining about everything and had no interest in entertaining the guests and she was pretty vocal about it too. Sultan, on the other hand, was busy entertaining his important and influential business partners. I cannot believe he told Aaliyan to entertain a guest because he had an important upcoming deal with him. Sultan was too busy thinking about his business even at his mother’s death.

Natasha was least bothered about Dudi’s death as expected. She was, however, upset that her shoot would be disturbed because of her death. Her fake concern for Aaliyan when she called him just made me roll my eyes, and I am so glad that Aaliyan did not talk to her. She should have been by his side if she really cared. She is under the misconception that now that Dudi is dead, Aaliyan will move to America with her. Aaliyan knows what a self obsessed person she is and he will never go back to her now.

In such difficult time, he turned to the only person he knew would understand his situation. He called Qudsiya and simply cried on the phone, and she understood that he was very upset and needed her by his side. He immediately went to him to console him and her presence soothed him. He wanted her to stay by his side like he had when her father died. He also made the confession about his lie that day and it truly shocked Qudsiya.

Qudsiya also cleared his misunderstanding about her and Shahnawaz’s relationship. Aaliyan should have asked Qudsiya why she was living in Shahnawaz’s house instead of making his own assumptions. He now wants Qudsiya back in his life now that he has no one left. This is not fair with Qudisya, she should not be treated as the last resort for him. Now the question is how long will it take for Aaliyan to convince Qudsiya to come back to him?

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Mariam Shafiq


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