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Rehaii – The Finale

So finally Rehaai ended last night and along with Kulsoom’s literal rehaai, Shamim and Shehnaz also were freed from Vasim’s verbal and physical abuse.  These two finally got a Vasim who cares for them and the three...

Rehaai Episodes 4 & 5

My apologies for the delay, but this review will cover episodes 4 and 5. Rehaai seems to be moving in a pretty steady pace. In episode 4 we see Shehnaz at her Baji’s and she realizes that Shamim was right….she should...


Rehaai Episode 3 – Review

The third episode of Rehaai was visually more digestible than the first two. We see a scared Kulsoom being protected by the helpless Shamim. We also again see the tortured back flashes of Shamim. Here I must mention how...