Cheekh Episode 4 Story Review – So Far So Good

Opening Thoughts – Intelligently Tackled:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh slowly took the story forward without revealing much. So far, because the plot is so interesting, it sure is turning out to be a very engaging play. I must say, Cheekh has been tackled intelligently & so far the reactions of different characters are being used to give out a few hints here & there which keep the viewers guessing. Cheekh definitely is turning out to be such a drama that keeps you engaged & makes you think about what is being shown.

Reactions of All Post Nayab’s Death:

This episode mainly focused on the reactions of all the characters post Nayab’s death. The three people who were affected the most were Ramzan, Mannat & Haya. They were shattered & broken. Another thing that was made clear this time around was that there was a rape attempt that happened & Nayab jumped to save her life, which makes it even more difficult to get to the culprit because they couldn’t really get much information through the forensic report. Mannat couldn’t get her mind off Nayab & continued to think about the miserable life Nayab lived till she left.

Two important things that I noticed were the reactions of the driver as well as Wajih. Driver’s gesture made it seem like he was apologetic towards Nayab & kind of seemed sympathetic at what she went through & her untimely death. When Wajih came out of the room he seemed regretful not sad or anything but he kind of seemed regretful as if he didn’t actually imagine that things would turn out this way.

The police inspector tried to take a highroad & decided to make a deal to yield some personal gains but when things couldn’t go his way, he decided to change the course of this entire case. Whatever that has been shown so far is quite close to reality like the first motive of a police inspector to gain something. Mannat’s mother’s reaction when she found out that Mannat went to the police station & that she was suspecting Wajih was again very reaslitic & understandable. This has been realistically shown that in the entire family of Yawar, no one has even thought of doubting their family member, it is like no one can even conceive of this fact that someone from their family must have done this to Nayab. It is like a hardwired rule that one can not even imagine that their immediate family members can do something like this, that is why Mannat’s mother didn’t even let Mannat complete her sentence before dissing the idea of Wajih being capable of doing something like this. When I saw the actor who is playing the role of Mannat’s mother, I actually thought that when Mannat will start fighting this battle for Nayab, she will have her mother as a support system but that seems highly unlikely considering the kind of introduction she got. She will be also one of those who will discourage Mannat by pressurizing her to not do anything that will cause a dent in her marital life or create rift between her & her in laws. I really wish to see Mannat having some kind of support though!

So, Amir not only changed the entire statement of Nayab in fact he fabricated his own because like he said, he wanted to drag this case (which to me sounded like dragging a drama which I sooo don’t want). It was interesting how Amir directly contacted Mannat, it is like during these few interactions with everyone, he picked up on this fact that Mannat had it in her, where she would do what it takes to find out the truth which he will keep on twisting. Honestly, this is what I feared the most about Nayab’s actual statement not making it to Mannat & this is what happened. Amir also mentioned Wajih’s name in front of Ramzan & that changed the entire scenario.

The last scene was intense & what was even better was the exchange of glances between Mannat & Wajih. Does it mean it will shake Wajih up? Usually as far as things remain concealed, those who are guilty don’t have a problem behaving normally but the moment people start suspecting, that is what turns out to be their undoing. The fact that Mannat is suspecting Wajih will definitely shake him up if he is a culprit, it not then he won’t be too affected, let’s see.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliantly Executed & Acted:

Overall, this episode of Cheekh was again very intense & brilliantly executed. What I am enjoying the most about Cheekh so far is the quotient of mystery as well as some phenomenal performances by most of the actors. Even though Shamsa is annoying but she is still important in this entire setting to break the chain of hints, clues & guessing game otherwise if would get too much or end up making the viewers feel too lost. I personally didn’t enjoy Shamsa’s scenes but I did feel they were rightly placed in the middle of all the other scenes to change the mood & show the other side of the perspective. Nayer Ejaz, Aijaz Aslam, Noor ul Hassan & Saba Qamar continue being impressive in Cheekh so far. Definitely looking forward to the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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