Cheekh Episode 9 Story Review – No Developments

Opening Thoughts – Slow Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was slow too but then it is understandable that they are taking their time & showing everything that is going to finally convince Mannat to take a stand. Right now the story of Cheekh is focusing on the silent & loud suffering of those who were related to Nayab by blood & by emotions but I do feel things should move forward now.

The Powerful Are Intimidating The Weak:

Ramzan still hasn’t given up hope & he still thinks he will be able to get Nayab the justice she deserves against all odds. This episode showed how Wajih was intimidating Ramzan & was torturing him psychologically in order to weaken him & push him to the limit where he drops the idea of standing against Wajih in court. The way Amir Khan told Ramzan that if he could convince Mannat went to show that he was pretty sure that she won’t be testifying against Wajih. This was the confidence that Amir Khan got through Wajih because Wajih thinks he has done enough to keep Mannat from spilling the beans. So yes, Amir also told Ramzan that the case would proceed if Mannat testifies & unfortunately, Ramzan already knew that was not going to happen.

Mannat continued to observe everything that was going around her & she also observed everyone’s behaviour, which made her disgusted & uncomfortable by being surrounded by such cold-hearted people. It was interesting to see the contrast between Ramzan & Mannat’s sufferings where Ramzan was giving words to his feelings but Mannat was just absorbing everything, she was keeping her feelings to herself because she had no one to talk to & no one who’d understand her. It was nice to see Shehwar being considerate towards Mannat, she knew what Mannat has been through recently so she just wanted to be kind to her before she leaves.

Ramzan created yet another scene at Yawar & Wajih’s office but this time around, even Yawar lost his cool seeing how irrationally Wajih was dealing with everything. Obviously Yawar is bound by the love of his younger brother that is why he is not saying much but it was obvious that even he was unhappy with Wajih’s attitude & behaviour. Wajih thinks he has scored a win by intimidating both Ramzan & Mannat but only time will tell.

One thing worth noticing was Haya’s fiancé’s interest in Nayab’s case. Asad seemed quite concerned for Nayab & he also questioned Haya’s insensitivity towards her best friend. This scene made me feel that may be in the future both Mannat & Asad might be on a same page in regards to Nayab. Also, I don’t think they have so far revealed Asad’s profession, not sure if he’s going to be the lawyer who will fight this case, but going by the actor who is playing the role of Asad, I am not sure if they will give such an important role to a supporting character, but yes, he might end up helping Mannat, you never know. Anyways, this was one important thing that I found worth mentioning in this episode because it does look like along with Sadiq, Mannat might get Asad’s support too.

Closing Thoughts – High Time To Move The Story Forward:

Overall, this episode of Cheekh was slow & I really think they should take the story forward where Mannat makes up her mind to get Wajih behind bars. They have taken their sweet time in establishing all the facts & have given us enough insight into all the characters so its high time for some action. My favourite scene from this episode of Cheekh was the opening scene where Ramzan visits police station & Amir, while trying to burp is kind of ridiculing Ramzan while sympathizing with him. That entire scene was directed & acted brilliantly. Nayyer Ejaz is a phenomenal actor & I am enjoying his antics because he brings a comic relief to this otherwise melodrama & this kind of humour is right up my alley. I must say Noor ul Hassan is such a convincing actor, in all of his scenes tonight he made me feel so much for Ramzan’s character, he has given this character such a realistic treatment which is so impctful. Anyways, the preview of next episode did seem promising but I am not too sure if I should get excited because they tend to be misleading too but seeing Wajih in jail was a good sight. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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