Cheekh Last Episode Story Review – Miraculous Ending

Opening Thoughts – Miraculous Ending:

Ohkay so, just like that, Cheek ended miraculously. The way the last episode was executed was not only miraculous, but the fact that this drama has finally ended after so much dragging is another miracle in itself. I am so glad this drama is finally over & now let’s take a look at what they were trying to show.

Miraculous Stuff of Some Other Level:

Just like all the viewers had anticipated, all the loose ends will be tied together in the last episode & that is exactly what happened. Where I was super happy to see Mannat acting like a real sherni, I couldn’t help recalling her entire journey & the way she behaved. It was very realistic to show Mannat having some good & some bad days but for the most part of the drama, she was always on a low & never really eager or keen. Mannat literally lost her sanity when she lost only 1 person & that was Nayab. After that she had such a strong support system like Shayan but still, she could not cope up with her loss. Now when she was literally blazing like a fire in the courtroom, I couldn’t help wondering how was she getting this energy after losing her mother, her husband & her child? Matlab, Nayab ke marne ke baad hi itna josh dikha deti Mannat to shayad aj Shayan zinda hota! I guess out of all the people, Shayan deserved to see this side of Mannat because he was nothing but supportive of Mannat & stood by her side through thick & thin but Mannat never really cared I’d say!

They tried to justify Mannat’s loses by saying this was the PRICE she had to pay because she stood against Wajih? Seriously. I know for them ratings matter the most, but why show such an ugly picture where one would think a million times before standing up for the right? Yes, what they showed was part of a reality but then this is what the huge issue with Zanjabeel Asim Shah’s scripts are, that she literally turns the villain into some divine being, probably a demigod who controls everyone’s lives & deaths. In Balaa, Nigar was literally making sure one family member after another of her in laws died & similarly in Cheekh, Wajih was being the reason behind everyone’s death. Now that Cheekh has ended, I am totally convinced that this was Balaa Part 2.

When I saw Mannat in the courtroom in this episode, I was wondering how good it would’ve been if Shayan was sitting there with Ramzan, looking at his wife proudly & seeing her fighting the case with so much of conviction & courage. Again, there was no point in killing Shayan’s character & there was also no point in adding that entire angle of Mannat’s pregnancy. In fact after this entire case, they could’ve shown that now Mannat & Shayan were finally starting their family & were starting afresh by putting all of this behind them. I mean why not show a positive ending with some hope? Chalo, Bala mai to phir ro dho ke Taimoor & his lady love Saba came together & had each other’s support but in Cheekh, Mannat is all alone, I mean not even a single person that she can call a family? Why!

All this while, I was looking forward to Shehwar’s entry in the courtroom that she’ll come & testify against Wajih because she heard him confess too but she was MIA, which means Maira Khan was wasted in this drama. Since Shehwar didn’t have any important role to play in the last part of the story, I am not sure why was she given some importance in the initial stages too? What a waste of time & space!

Again, this is what the huge issue with our so-called writers is, they love to focus on these gharelu situations so much, but when it comes to technicalities, they show absolutely nothing because that requires research & our drama writers aren’t blessed with the brains to do that or may be they’re too lazy for that. The first court case that was shown lacked literally everything to make it convincing, there was no backstory shown, no scenes suggesting that Mannat was keenly helping the lawyer by giving him every single detail that she knew but now when it came to Mannat, she miraculously gathered all the evidence overnight & voila, she won. It was also funny that after going through so much, Mannat woke up from the wrong side of the bed & had a calling that she could be a lawyer for the day!?!?!?! I am definitely going to Google this one, like if it happens or not because if being your own lawyer is so easy, people shouldn’t be wasting their money paying hefty fees to the qualified & actual lawyers!

So, during the entire drama, there was no mention of Nayab’s belongings, absolutely nothing but now, all of a sudden all these things not only were found by Mannat but they directly made to the court. I mean why do our dramas have such miraculous yet trashy endings? They literally show us the nostrils of our characters in a hope to garner some ratings, like it is their way of paying attention to detail but when it comes to the actual things that need detailing & mentioning, all of that is left to the viewer’s imagination? Like after wasting so much of our time by showing meaningless minminmin of all the characters, incessant caterwauling of Ramzan, Wajih’s unwanted guest appearances at every gathering with bouquets, like literally wasting time in meaningless stuff but when it comes to showing the real deal, they just cut the corners. I am sure it wouldn’t have hurt anyone if they had cut down on those meaningless scenes & had dedicated at least a single episode showing that Mannat on her own was preparing for the case, having sleepless nights & just making sure she doesn’t miss anything out. Seriously when the last episode began, I was taken by surprise when Mannat appeared as a lawyer, matlab kuch bhi? All this while, Mannat was just torturing Wajih & deriving pleasure out of it, she vowed to drive him crazy. I thought she was just doing that, so not sure when & how did she manage the time to prepare for the case that she was fighting herself? Wah! Like they will show us everything meaningless but when it comes to the real defining moments, they just want us to imagine everything happening Behind The Scenes! Why couldn’t they show Sadiq stumbling upon Nayab’s stuff & handing it over to Mannat to help her out? Matlab kuch bhi!

Chalo, the good thing that we can deduce from Wajih’s statement is that we need to raise better sons. Oh yes, another miracle in this episode was that Wajih was not only audible but I could UNDERSTAND what he was saying, taaliyan! So, the crux of the drama was that Yawar was the villain & he was responsible for spoiling Wajih to no end. I am glad they didn’t show Wajih losing his mind, rather he was pretty much in his senses & he could foresee what was going to happen to him after the court’s verdict. Haya, hmmm, another wasted character. Oh yes, instead of showing that entire Shariq Haya drama which literally drove Wajih crazy, they could’ve skipped that useless scene & showed that Mannat was preparing for the case stealthily. Anyways, Haya’s acting was nice in the last few scenes, like she had lost Shayan, Yawar was now in such a condition which broke Haya’s heart & now Wajih was going to die too. Azekah Daniel actually did score brownie points for immaculate performance & actually portraying the pain of a sister that she feels for her brothers. Shariq’s reaction was very real too, after all Wajih was his friend & he was sad that Wajih did something so horrendous that it was now going to cost him his life. Very real indeed!

Closing Thoughts – Good Performances & a Final Verdict:

The performances in Cheekh were definitely brilliant. I don’t know why though in the last episode I totally got Kareena Kapoor’s Aitraaz vibes from Saba Qamar. Anyhow, Saba Qamar & Emaad Irfani, Bilal Abbas Khan & Azekah Daniel, all of these actors were brilliant indeed but the star of the show has to be Aijaz Aslam. It has been a while where AIjaz Aslam got to play such an impactful character & he breathed life into Yawar. He definitely portrayed this twisted character to perfection. Nayyer Ejaz was another star of the initial episodes. Noor ul Hassan is such a good actor but it is unfortunate that his character had to do so much of crying. Rest of the cast did well too. The OST was nice but the over usage really turned it into a pet peeve. I really wish ARY editors stop relying so much of background music & not only that, they stop making their dramas just so acoustically loud, it just takes away the charm of watching a drama because it really gets on your nerves. This drama could’ve been so much better but oh well “tamam gawahon ke saboot aur bayanat ke mad e nazar, ye adalat is nateeje pe pohanchi hai ke Zanjabeel Asim Shah ke dramas band kiye jayein aur un se writing ka haq cheen liya jaye”. Please pour your hearts out.

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  • Perfect review Zahra!!
    You have completely described what I feel about this drama. I haven’t watched it but was following it through your reviews and sometimes when there was nothing on TV. Kudos to you for reviewing this crap.
    Hey people from ARY/Bigbang I know that someone one you will be reading this. Please we have had enough of your social issues based dramas. Please stop with this negativity and come with something you creative for the public. Pakistanis already have many problems in their lives and we want to watch Dramas for entertainment not for having an increase in blood pressure.

    • Thank you so much for appreciating & reading the reviews. I swear, I am so tired of this negativity that they churn out in the name of social issue based dramas. They really need to stop & give us a break. Too much hi ho gaya hai. You should however watch the last episode, miracles hi miracles. :D

      • Come on give it a chance. What shall they show. At least doosre drama wargha 10000 episode nahi hote. Hum pakistan ko support nahi karege toh kon karega. Tumare jaise hee 50 50 hain. Acha b kehte hai or keere b nikalte hain. Live up its a drama. Whats ur review on sohai abro drama let me know its based on real story by the way

      • I was so impressed with the beginning of this drama, but as it unfolded it became the most (as you have brilliantly reviewed) annoying and unconvincing. I wonder if writer, actors and director ever get together and do any research for dialogues, scenes, logistic or/and anything needed to produce a logical and convincing drama. Or “they” think that audience is stupid, no brain, and no matter what the audience have plenty of time to waste. So do as “we” like! The last episode made mockery out of Judicial system.

  • Yr aap ko kuch pasand bhi aata hai har dramay py tanqeed tanqeed bus.aap ko to kuch bhi pasand nahi aata. Phir aisa karyn kay aap khud dramay bana liya karyn.such bolnay aur such ka sath dainay ki qeemat to chukaani parti such boltay hyn na wo akailay hi reh jatay hyn.agar typical SaaS bahu waalay dramay hon tab bhi aapko aitraaz hota hai hamaray sath aaj kal ye hi sab kuch ho raha hai.kahin bahu zaalim to kahin SaaS. Aap kabhi middle class aur lower class mein aayen to aap ko pata chalay kay ye hi masaaiyl dramon ko daikh kay end mein hamain kam z kam ye hope to milti hai kay end mein sab kuch sahi ho jata hai.laikin real life mein sahi honay mein bohat time lag jata hai.hum to apnay haq kay liyey awaaz bhi nahi utha saktay.

    • Acha Insha Allah mai appki raye pe zaroor ghaur o fikar karoongi. Aur haan jee, mujhe bohat kuch pasand ata hai but ye negativity se bharay hue one-sided dramas pasand nahi atay. Bilkul, har ghar ki yehi kahani hai jahan villains aglay ki zindagi aur maut ko apne haath mai le lete hain, like zameen ke Khuda types. Bilkul sahi story hai. :)

    • baki to theek hai lekin sahi tarha to lekhna chahiye weak characters to na lekhe aur scenes bhi ache se lekhe

    • True.. We liked the ending… Everyone is appreciating it and here she is just making fun nothing else.. In the previous episode there were scenes about collecting evidences

  • What was this dude..matlab we were shown till the 2nd last episode that Wajih was a heartless brute and all of a sudden he was all nice and good gaining the audience’s tears,like seriously ?Also the case shown in the last episode and how it proceeded could easily have been done the first time had the writer and the producers not have thought to drag the drama to death.And I think you can only plead your case in the court yourself if you are a lawyer because that is the only way you had know about the laws I guess.Anyways,your reviews were a treat to read plus you voiced everything I was thinking perfectly.

    • Thank you so much Ayesha. I know right, Mannat was clueless when the actual lawyer was fighting the case & in fact it was shown that it was Shayan who told Mannat to hire a lawyer because before that she had no idea how to proceed with the case!?!?! Mannat was clueless throughout so not sure how did she get so much of vigilance in the end. As I said, miracles of some other kind. :D

      Mannat should’ve helped her lawyer back then but phir woi baat aa jati hai, drama drag nahi ho pata. :D

      • Kash k writer for once is sub ko logically dikhanay ka soch laitien! But they just turned the story into a rating machine!

        The thing I like about inkaar is k atleast us mai logically cheezain to portray ki ja rahi hain… theek hai power game bhi chlti hai but atleast other party is trying their best to do what they can do in their capacity…Dramas like inkaar are actually the ones that give hope…hope that abhi zaalim jeet raha hai ya power ki game hai but eventually they will loose! Ye nai hai k mannat ki tarhan pehle sub kuch qurban hoga to hosh aye gi aur phir miraculously case jeet jaien gye end pe….
        One might have to loose alot for getting justice but atleast show people the effort you do to defend urself at the right time… ye nai k pehle dumb bano aur jab sub chla jai to phir realise karo k now u have to fight back!

        Show people real fighters like hajra who are true inspiration… Mannat was an inspiration at start but then the writer ruined that whole image that she tried to build of mannat for the sake of money/ratings!

        • First of all thank for the great serial and great end of drama and I appreciate to all staff included director, producer and cameramen but in drama manat done good job from start to end but in last episode oh my God I was so sad and my eyes can’t stop tears and my wife also same anyway you give us a good opportunity i will say that thanks a lot for your great service Allah bless you ameen and I hope you will have a great drama in future also

  • Aur jo total indian dramon ki copy hotay hyn wo aap ko bohat pasand aatay hyn.meer abru totally Indian drama kahin to hoga no copy tha.bus thora thora change tha baqi saari situations wohi thi.yaqeen nahi aaya to internet py nikaal kay daikhyn kahin to hoga.

    • Oh yaar app to bohat emotional ho gain. Meer Abru mujhe isi liye pasand aya kyunki uski story aur characters achay the. Not because wo Indian drama ki copy tha. Plus mazay ki baat meinne Kahin To Hoga dekha hi nahi hua, isi liye it was a pleasant surprise for me. :) Drama acha ho, positive ho to kisi ko bhi acha lagega beshak wo mai hoon ya koi aur.

    • Or ik or mazy ki bat to aap bhool hi gai, cheekh bhi indian movie damini ki copy tha. Aap bhi internet se nikal k dekh lain :)

    • Its over rated drama… With nonsense plot and twist they started it good but they dragged .. and when mannat went to asylum with nonsense reason unrealistic approach..they just killed everyone and that’s it…i love saba alot more than anyone else but the storyline was full of absurdities.. drama inkaar is way better than cheekh full of realistic approach.don’t be a blind follower of saba jo acha hai use acha smjho jo bura hai use bura.. mghe ap me se to be honest 14 years nibbi wali feel a rahi . Mind zrur krna 😂😂😂😭

  • u review said everything & it was to the point, I did enjoy watching the last episode but only because it was brilliantly acted it had nothing to do with the how it ended, of course i’m glad that Wajih was being hanged & not shown going mad or that he killed himself, at least we can be thankful to the writers for this ending, which was the only good thing about this drama
    I don’t think anyone understands shehwar’s character unless she was there to teach Yawar a lesson so he regrets about letting her leave his life after the way he divorced her so quickly, what was the point of hearing all that if she wasn’t going yo use it against Wajih
    I like the way the video also came out now & not before of how Wajih was nowhere to be seen around when Nayab fell
    thank u for reviewing this drama, it certainly cheered me up, made my weekend a lot better

    • Thank you so much Shameem for your constant support & encouragement. Yes, I am also glad that Wajih was very much sane & knew what was coming to him. I also believed that Shehwar will come to support Mannat but end mai Mannat ne akele hi sab kuch kar liya miraculously, lol! Shehwar’s character was wasted to be honest. Thank you once again for appreciating the reviews. :)

      • A czn of mine predicted that Shayan will combak coz they actually sent him to US for treatmnt nd faked his death to make yawar nd wajih feel guilty. I was waiting in full episode for shayan and really DISSAPOINTED.
        Baki completly agree with ut review. On spot 👍. They shod be sensible. We r not idiots 😏. . Was waiting for shehwar appearance as well.

        • I was expecting Shehwar’s appearance in court but I guess Mannat forgot about that too, no I didn’t expect Shayan to be alive, but I can understand why most thought that he was still alive, but it was a bit too much to expect from this Cheekh’s writer to add a twist at the end

    • Yes video scene was good. It showed that writer had paid some attention to justify end. However, journey of cheekh remained good/best from 1 to 6 episodes and mediocre ahead

  • Finally it ended. Somehow i enjoyed last episode though it all happened out of box but happy key wajeeh was sent to gallows which he deserved. Acting was good wish they could have ended it within 20 or 21 episodes then it would have been real. By the way, thank you for your genuine and humorous reviews. We all watched and enjoyed it together whether by seeing good episode or by reading your funny review when cheekh went down. Now waiting for Mere pass tum ho

    • i’m disappointed to know that it’s just like Khasara, I don’t think there is much point in watching it.

      • I was thinking the same thing!! I’m hoping there’s some other angle to it that hasn’t been shown in the promos yet.

        • I actually did hope that maybe the end of their relationship is not the same as what happened with Khasara but I watched Cheekhs last episode’s review & in it he said he was going to next review Mere Paas Tum Ho in which their is a husband’s friend involved, I am disappointed in Khail Ur Rehman I thought he only wrote originals but from the comments in a another drama, that drama too was also a copy

    • Thank you so much for your kind words & for reading the reviews. Yes, they should’ve focused on the case & not on the negativity that was stretched throughout these episodes.

  • I totally agree with u. The previous was charing manat for being a filer? And as far as my knowledge goes, thumb impressions don’t appear on clothes. It could have made sense that Sadiq had actually seen the other servant hiding Nayab’s stuff and so he was so scared in initial episodes.
    Azkieh really acted when in the scene when wajih was being taken by police.
    Thank God Balaa 2 has ended. I agree with the verdict you have given :p
    ARY dramas are tend to have that loud OST background since ages and that is what I don’t like about them.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, ARY’s dramas are just too loud that they make your head spin. Yes, they could’ve made this entire case so logical but they decided to rely more on the negativity & family politics as usual.

  • That’s why inkaar is so much better. They always give you hope that it’s not that difficult to stand up for yourself…btw whi is reviewing mere pass tum ho?

  • Thank you so much for your reviews, Zahra! You are the sweetest! I loved reading them regularly and we definitely share the same opinions.
    Cheekh was my first Pakistani drama, and I must say that I am just in love with the powerful performances that Pakistani actors represent. I hope their carrers will spread around the world. Really!
    The drama was very good in general and I was pretty much glued to the screen, although, as you mentioned, there were some totally unnecessary directions that the writer decided to go in. Shayan’s death was definitely one of them. Anyway, I have to admit that so far, this is the first drama that really rocked me in many ways. It made me thinking about people like Wajih being present in our lives, sometimes as people that we would never suspect to be in any way cruel or sociopath.
    Amazing performances of Bilal, Saba, Aijaz, Emmad – pretty much the entire cast! I am really impressed a lot! They were are incredibly professional and I could easily get connected to their characters.
    I now need to find some new eye-catching drama and I think I will go with Balaa.
    Anyway, thank you so much Zahra! I will be looking for and reading your recaps religiously! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. We have a lot more amazing & meaningful dramas which I am sure you will love watching too. :) Welcome to the world of Pakistani dramas. :) Our actors sure are amazing. Oh I’d recommend you to not watch Balaa, in stead watch something like Udaari, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Diyar e Dil or Yakeen Ka Safar. :)

  • As far as acting is concerned saba’s performance in first half of the drama was good but the in second half she mumbled in almost every single scene. She should have focused on acting rather than being popular(as drama was on aired right after the first spell), a total waste!

    • Yes, I agree. Saba said she had worked really hard to change her dialogue delivery, I guess she should’ve gone with her actual style, would’ve been a much better experience than hearing her mumbling.

  • Hilarious review, Zahra. Even though I was keeping up with this one largely through your reviews I watched the last episode. And while I did enjoy the court scene, after all that happened I thought the drama ended on kind of a whimper. I was totally prepared for a trip to the pagal khana again, maybe a suicide.

    I agree with you completely if this was how they wanted to end it, we could have had this strong Mannat and weird court scene before all the other tragedies happened in her life.

    Anyway, congratulations on surviving another Zanjabeel play. Until next time (not!) lol

    • Thank you so much Maya. Haye noooo never ever ever again lol. Yes, even I enjoyed the court case but still I could not ignore how random, unconvincing & illogical everything seemed especially when all of it just got solved in a single court hearing.

  • I’m sorry, but how is no one talking about the rando Mannat picked up from the audience for the suicide-fall-angle demonstration? That’s when I knew she had won the case.

  • Sab se pehlai to taaliyaaa drama khatam huwa .
    Ek baaar phir taaaliyaaa itni zabardast review ka ..
    Ek baar pir taaaliyaa kai ramzaan chaacha ka squeeze roni soorat is episode mai dhaiknai ko nahi mela

    mannat pehlai shirni kiyo nahi bani ?
    project kai doraan jab bht saarai bandai ho to banda concentrate nahi kar paata ..isliya mannat ne sab ko kaha ” aap log plz mar jaayai sab taakai mai achai se nayaab case pai concentrate kar paao”

    Wahij taseer ne bas ek ghalti ki ,jahaaan nayaab ko maar diya waha us kai borhai baap ko bhi us kai sath send kardo aur us ki laalachi bewi ko dai dila kar baat khatam fazool mai itni jaano ko maar diya

    Haha the court model mannat saleem saifullah khan ne experiment bht zabardast kiya magar failed huwi i think aqeel zaada bhi akhir mai aqal se paidal hogaye ..kya koye chat pai kharai hokar sar kai bal sucide nahi karsakta ? Halankai filmo mai to aisa he hota hai shayad mannat khudkushi sirf munh kai bal ko kehti hai ..loop hole ..

    The only sensible character is shayaan ..magar mai ab tak hairaan hun zanjabeel ne shehwaar ko kahaan baijh deya hai? Dusra project ?

    Sorry to say but saba qamar ki performance is dramai mai upto the mark nahi thi as in baaghi .shayad uskai expressions situation kao mutabiq nahi thai.zanjabeel ne us bechaari ko bhi confuse karkai rakh deya thaa.aakhir mai to bilkul malik saleem saifullah khan he ban gaye mard kai kaprai pehen kar ..

    Ham aap se itefaaq kartai hain zanjabeel ko umro ayyaar kai zanbeel mai band kardeyaa jaayai ..

    Throughout mujhai mannat ki losses pai itna dukh nahi huwa jitna aaj mujhai wajih taseer ne ghamgeen kiya ..idk why i felt for wajih and haya …

    Aur is dramai se mujhai ye sabaq mela kai “ham mar kar bhi sach ka sath nahi daingai “

  • Very nice review, Zahra. Totally agree with you for all the objections you raised. Everything shown today was really a miracle. Yes, it would have been very nice if Shayan is witnessing himself Mannat’s courtroom drama today. He was really a strong supporter for her. Everything shown today in courtroom was perfect and expected to end the drama in this way, but not all of a sudden and not after some many causalities. It would have been better if they show these gradually. The Sherni will always be Sherni even if she gets hurt, but here we lost Sherni 75% of drama and last 5% she emerges out attacking. Saba Qamar did very good, but would have been great if the writer did not play with the story this way. Shehwar’s absence also noticeable and till end Yawar did not confess that he lies the whole life for his impotency with Shehwar and others. This could have been a good time for him to confess. It would have been great to see Ramazan goes to Nayab’s grave and details her out how Mannat did justice to her. At the end i like the scene when Mannat is sitting on the porch stairs and remembering Shayan. I liked it because they had not shown a routine thing that people see photos to remember their late nears & dears and also, this is the same porch where once sitting Mannat liked Shayan’s move to take her away from the chaos & sufferings she faces daily while living in the same house with Wajih & Yawar bhai. Eijaz Aslam did great throughout. Also, Emad did wonderful but his expressions are always like that he is about to cry now. Anyways, the drama is now ended and we are safe from weekly torture. And i like your “Matlab Kuch bhi” quote, really that’s what we feel in this last episode as well as few previous episodes.

    • Thank you so much Aamer for sharing your insight. I agree, Shayan should not have died. Mannat’s entire journey was a fail but then they tried to redeem her reputation by this miraculous court case that too in the end which fell into its place out of nowhere. I so agree about Emad Irfani’s acting, he really needs to have more grip on his expressions though.

  • Yesss… finally this ordeal of a drama ended. ARY please it’s a request, stop stretching your dramas like a chewing gum. When this drama started it was so gripping and kept me hooked to it. But the court scenes were a total letdown and it just kept spiralling downwards from there. You are absolutely right, the graph of Mannats journey started high but then instead of going up and down it remained at the bottom right till the end where it jumped at its highest point. That is the main reason this drama failed for me. There was no reason for the whole pregnancy, i know it was shown as an excuse so that Mannat wouldn’t be able to attend the court sessions at the beginning and remain unfocused. I suppose they should just have put Mannat in a coma, atleast that would have made more sense. The whole Mannat pagal he scene and her stay at mental hospital was complete garbage. Coming to the final court scene, i though you have to get a bar license to prosecute or defend the case. But then again the laws are different in all countries, maybe in Pakistan you can prosecute or defend yourself if you want. And also Mannat so easily went to Wajih’s room and took the sherwani and gave it for Forensics and Wajih was totally clueless. I don’t understand why Wajih still had that sherwani with him, that is stupid. When Wajih was giving his final monologue in the court and speaking of his brother, i thought he would request the judge to punish Yawar too for helping him in covering up the murder. I know Yawar got his punishment from Qudrat but the law should also have put him accountable for his crimes.

    P. s. Will you tell the web designer of this website to stop changing it constantly. It’s annoying. And this comment section was better before. Hate the current one.

    • Agreed with your PS note. Mojuda comment section na sar hai na pair. Notifications/subscription bhee naheen. The Admin of this Site seems to be inspired by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, uniqueness aur different style k naam pe achee khasi cheeez ko kharab kerna.😉

    • Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I totally agree, just focusing on all the things that came crashing down in Mannat’s personal life was such a waste. Unnecessarily inflicted negativity. They could’ve easily shown her helping her lawyer to solidify her case even more but oh well, they were saving it for the last in literal sense, which again is unconvincing.

      I will definitely convey your message to the team. :) Thank you for your feedback. Disqus was causing a lot of issues, that is why we changed the format.

  • Totally agree with your review actually in most of the episodes I just rely on review. Don’t have patience to tolerate the stupidity

  • OMG! A perfect verdict👌
    “This drama could’ve been so much better but oh well “tamam gawahon ke saboot aur bayanat ke mad e nazar, ye adalat is nateeje pe pohanchi hai ke Zanjabeel Asim Shah ke dramas band kiye jayein aur un se writing ka haq cheen liya jaye”.

  • Taaliyaaa👏👏👏A wasted potential. I agree with you at every single point. Too many stupid scenes are there. First we see sherni Mannat then she become baby-talking to catwalk dead body (just bcz she was declared mental)and then her mother &husband died sooooo instead of turning walking dead. NOW she become sherni. Taaaliyaaaaa. Human psyche se jitna door ja sakte hai wo gaye na human psyche sense bana rahi hai or na hi is drama me khuda ka role). Ab khuda itna zalim bhi nahi hota k wo bila wajah ma or shauhar ko maar de. Unfortunately we only major in TORTURE, pain thats it. Us ke aagey technicalities pe q jaye. Now wonder Hum doing great making drama like Alif, Allah aur insan, o rangreza, yaqeen ka safar

    • Thank you so much Javeria. Woi baat hai na, Zanjabeel Asim apne villains ko zameen ke khuda bana deti hain, jo zindagi aur maut control kar rahay hote hain. Waisay to Mannat se chala tak nahi ja raha tha but after she got pregnant, she made it to the highway & was running like crazy whereas she went to fetch medicine for her mother from a nearby pharmacy, just super illogical.

  • Hi zahra! Very apt review. Totally agree with u. This drama was just a waste of time. They have tested the patience of the viewers and made their blood boil. The most horrible part of team Cheekh is the writer zanjabeel asim shah who has completely wasted her writing talent by writing so disgusting scenes. Plus the producer Fahad mustafa for spending in such a crap and garbage thing. I cant how much contempt i have for this drama 😠😠😠😠

    • Thank you so much Asfi. The feeling is mutual. Zanjabeel Asim Shah really knows how to spread negativity in the world. Better not to watch her dramas again, at least this is what I am doing!

  • That was good miss Zahra…. and i agree with you we definately need a change in dramas….. you did a good job…

  • Court room proceedings had many flaws and loopholes.
    No witness could be allowed to record its statement before other witnesses.
    No two witnesses could be called together in witness box.
    Witnesses are not allowed to attend the proceeding.
    Witnesses could be engaged with prior notices to court and plaintiff/responding party.
    The most ill-shot of all court room was falling down of an unrelated person on the hard floor heading his face down which isn’t carefully filmized.
    Non-qualified counselor (unaware of law and procedure) couldn’t allowed to represent in the court.
    The actual lenght the same steps is court that completed in 10-15 mins would take not less than 2-years time to complete recording of that much number of witnesses.
    It’s not such an easy task to subscribe justice in Pakistan in such an easy manner. It’s filmized against the court culture and portrays a very gloomy picture of our courts just to establish that Mannat (Saba Qamar) was a sincere friend of the person/lady (Nayab) killed and her sincerity only lead the whole case and enabled a bogus court to arrive on justice thereby denying all the past proceedings, orders so swiftly and quickly.

    • Thank you so much for pointing out the obvious. This entire situation was absolutely ridiculous. They could’ve taken the last 10 episodes to show Mannat getting the case reopened & fighting on her own way alongside a hired lawyer by providing him even more evidences but no, that was too much of a work for Zanjabeel.

  • Analysis is focused on jealousy with the writer and nothing more. Very easy to criticize when you have nothing on your shoulders, plz try to digest the success of others

  • Well said….. you echoed my sentiments……. for me the chief pointers were..
    It was not wise in killing off Shyann… he and Mannat should close the show… start their life with baby …. signifying their newness after such a tragedy…….this has got to be the worst writers goof of the decade…… sad.
    Let me apply the five ws to this situation…..,,Mannat’s flip to a sensational lawyer in the blink of an eye….evidences were popping up like nobodies business…. left right and center……….wowzers!!!!!!!!! That one has me stumped….. final courtroom showdown……….beyond miraculous……..
    Sherwar was MIA like Niab’s stepmom …… these characters were given much but In the end cut lose and forgotten…. what a waste…….
    For relief …….our villan did not go insane but had all his faculties as he entered his cage…….leaving his brother and sister in tears….. why do the care to this extreme is beyond me………….the case was basically about Niab…. but let’s not forget his hand in his brother’s death, Mannat’s miscarriage,Mannat’s mom’s death, Niab’s dad increasing troubles…….the boy is evil incarnate…….

    • Thank you. I so agree, all those characters that got so much of coverage in the initial episodes were just missing & couldn’t come to testify against Wajih, especially Shehwar. Mannat turning into a lawyer was a total unconvincing move.

  • Waisay ever thought of writing satire Zahra?! You have so much talent!! I don’t know whether I should be glad that it’s finally over or angry that I wasted my time on it. ‘Glangry’ if you may 😃
    Cheekh or ‘Damini ki China copy’ as I like to call it had soo much potential but unfortunately Zanjabeel Asim Shah happened to it!
    The whole Mannat becoming a lawyer overnight thing is probably the most hilarious aspect of the end. Matlab kya batana chah rahe the? Any lawyers on the forum please correct me if I’m wrong! But can anyone just decide to fight their own case no matter how big the crime??

    What annoys me the most however is that the writer made an effort to make the audience feel sorry for Wajih. I wanted him to be shunned by everyone and die alone. Alas. Too much to ask for!!
    Personally I think Bilal Abbas didn’t do a good job as Wajih. Saba Qamar, Aijaz Aslam and Emad Irfani were the pick of the lot for me! Finally thank you once again for enduring this torture for our sake!!

    • the funny thing that they can’t stick to the original story that is already in front of them, they have to cock that up too

    • Hhaha aww thank you so much Sam for your confidence in me. It means a lot. Oh yes, this is what I wasn’t able to digest too, that they tried to humanize Wajih & all of a sudden he was turned into a poor puppy that lost its way & demonized Yawar. You’re right, this drama had a lot of potential, like if they had shown Mannat joining hands with her lawyer to prepare a winning case would’ve been far more interesting but our writer chose the easy way out & decided to just show family politics & one death after another!

  • I completely agree with Zahra. Why do the heroines need to be such becharis? Saba Qamar started off as such a strong woman. I also fail to understand why they had to kill her unborn child and especially Shayan? Ratings of course.

    have you all seen Inkaar or Ranjha Ranjha Kardi? The main female lead is not a bichari although they are struggling. What are drama makers trying to show, that the person who says the truth will lose everything at the end? The ordinary person in Pakistan has anyway a difficult time saying the truth about simple things because of our system and norms, why demotivate they even more? Why not teach them that if they handle things intelligently and keep calm under a pressure situation they can still say the truth and win? I haven’t seen the last episode of Cheekh, But I agree 100 percent with Zahra. Why can’t drama makers do any research? To be honest, Making a drama does involve some level of intelligence. Are they seriously just lazy or brainless?! There was no reason for Mannat to lose the court case the first time round, except for “lack of preparation”. I’m sure Zahra & some of the readers here would agree on this!!

    • Thank you so much Sana for sharing your insight. This is what my problem with Zanjabeel’s scripts is, she just likes to show negativity & doesn’t even bother if it becomes illogical or unconvincing. Balaa was exactly like this & after its popularity, she turned Cheekh like that too. I totally felt that instead of motivating people to stand by the right, she demotivated them to just stay quiet otherwise they’ll have to lose their loved ones. Not such a motivating picture there.

      • Let’s #banZanjabeel.

        Thank you Zahra for replying to our comments and always writing such great reviews. I wanted to ask …..I was just thinking, Wasn’t Saba Qamar’s character In her iddat when she was trying to drive Wajih crazy psychologically? Correct me if I’m wrong, she says she would make sure she gets him to testify before her iddat is over? And since then I have seen Her with dark lipstick and her make up is not of a woman whose husband recently passed away. Did I miss something? Or misunderstood something ?!

        • but iddat was over when they went to court so they messed that up too I see, I thought she said that he has time until her iddat is over then nothing will help him, wish the volume was better

  • Totally agree. I didnt see last episode yet but I was wondering when Mannat is gonna act strongly??? as her character claims only when all her loved one gone ???
    So typical filming story where hero brother only woke up after all family specially sis life ruined or dead.

  • I do agree about the drag part and about the things that came as surprise proofs but the episode was amazing. The drama was overall good. And i dont think it deserves this much criticism. Totally justified reactions and characters. I dont agree with your view regarding haya. I believe she was an important and useful character.

  • It was a goid drama loved it. Watched it every week. Geo pakistan dramas. At least there short not like other dramas turn on to 1.000 of episodes.

  • 100% with you on this review ,i mean whats the point of putting one twisted character in his place by losing all your loved one esp husband as a “Price” totally out of logic. I swear i have decided to never watch Zanjabeel Asim Shah’s Work anymore it is filled with depression and no signs of hope be it Balaa or Cheekh . Zara thank you for being the voice of so many people like me who feel exactly the same i just wish someone your article reaches to the makers of such dramas and of course to the queen of tragedies Ms Zanjabeel as well

    Any way hope you are having a great weekend Eid Mubarak!!

    • Thank you so much Javeria for your kind words. I vow to never watch her dramas again as well. She likes to show negativity & doesn’t do enough research to show something better. Wasting Shayan’s character was just too much.
      Eid Mubarak to you too. Hope you’re had a great day. :)

  • Nice review Zahra! I quit watching this drama after some episodes just because of its over negativity and started reading your reviews about it and had an idea that it is bala 2 definitely! You are absolutely right that they could have shown that Shayan was with her throughout and at the end they were living a happy life. But no ratings ka kya hota. And I saw some clips of court scenes on social media where manat was a lawyer and I was like matlb kuch b. The writer could’ve shown that she was a lawyer but not practicing or something like that. Like kareena in aitraz. And I too have that kareena in aitraz feeling. But kuch logic th us mei. Anyway I always read your reviews and really appreciate your effort. . Well done. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

    • Thank you so much Marium for your kind words, it means so much. I so agree, this is what I was thinking too, they should’ve shown Mannat having some background as such because in the end that too in the last episode, seeing her emerge as a lawyer was totally unconvincing. Waqay hi, bohat bohat bohat ziyada negativity thi is drama mai. So glad it is over.

  • Good review👍🏽👍🏻!
    According to Constitution one can fight his/her case if he is not willing to pursue a lawyer. But of course our dramas waste so much time dragging the story and the plot where actual attention and detailing is needed are always ignored.

    • Thank you for appreciating the review & sharing the information. I would’ve loved seeing Mannat deciding in probably the 3rd last episode that she will fight the case & then preparing it vigilantly. Mannat’s decision in the last episode came more as a shock.

  • Yes Zahra… This was a plagiarized script from bollywood movies… Aitraaz as well as pink

  • (tamam gawahon ke saboot aur bayanat ke mad e nazar)

    Aap ki is line k words bohat he zeyada ulat pulat gaye hain zara gaur farmaiye ga…😐

    Aur aap k review se acha review youtube viewers ka hai nazar daal lije ga.

    • Chalain, acha hai na appko apne hisab ke reviews wahan mil jatay hain. There’s everything for everyone out there. :) Waisay mujhe to ‘kaun kaun bilal abbas ko love karta hai, like karay’ type comments hi nazar atay hain. I will now search for genuine reviews too. :)

      • haha… really its bilal abbas fans who made the show superhit. And ofcourse the first 15 episodes really promised a gr8 thriller which kept the viewership till the end,.

  • I feel as though your reviews come more from a personal place than a professional one. Bilal Abbas’s acting in this episode was perfect plain and simple. He humanized Wajih. The last ten minute of the show were basically iconic and gave everyone chills.

    • I totally respect your opinion. This is exactly why I did not pay heed to Bilal/Wajih bit because they tried to humanize an evil, which was not necessary.

  • Excellent review zahra, one more thing I would add that at end Wajih had no where apologized or regretted to his bhabi Mannat what he did to her in entire episodes.

    • Oh yes, he did seem to regret but he didn’t apologize to Mannat. Your observation is on point. :) Thank you so much for appreciating the review. :)

  • I can’t see my comment from 13th August while comments of 14th August have been approved.
    Any particular reason please?

      • Initially it kept appearing as “your comment is waiting moderation”

        And now my comment doesn’t especially even appear in my profile. That’s rude.

        Anyhow I just mentioned with references that all the other webpages are praising drama while over this page its all ‘negativity’.

        We need to try to be less critical and be appreciative in current times to give moral support to our own talent.


  • Excellent job
    All characters are really made for them. Zabardast
    Performance. Script was ummmmmm

  • I read all the reviews u have posted and sometimes they actually pissed me off u somehow miss the point that real emotions were showed like when mannat’s mother died u wrote something like everyone was running after mannat like some game… well that scene made alot of us cry because we lost some dear ones and the pain was too much u on the other hand were very insensitive about it which i hated… and now on this last episode review “matlb mannat ko baad mai hosh ani thi” she had too much to lose and one by one she lost them and when she lost the one support she had to brave it out because she had no one to support her anymore and she had to fight… and yes u can fight ur own case even if u r not a lawyer but it has to be ur own case not someone else’s kher thats besides the point now… lastly i would like to say u have absolutely no right to bad mouth a writer if u have a “good mind” write ur own drama and we’ll see how good u r huh

  • Initially my comment kept appearing as “your comment is waiting moderation”

    And now my comment doesn’t especially even appear in my profile. That’s rude.

    Anyhow I just mentioned with references that all the other webpages are praising drama while over this page its all ‘negativity’.

    We need to try to be less critical and be appreciative in current times to give moral support to our own talent.


  • This drama had a gr8 first half and a very disapp second half. All this while Mannat couldn’t do anything and not just 1 episode to gather the evidence and 1 episode of court hearing and Wajih is proven guilty. And why the hell the makers try to potray Wajih as a hero or some Shaheed where all the family members are crying for him so much, they all know that he deserves this. The makers showed all this just to please the fans of Bilal Abbas. It was so irritating to see that smile on face of Saba Qamar repeatedly even the last scene shows her smiling as if she had a big victory. Infact they should have shown her crying as she had already lost everything. Really spoiled the whole drama for me, just the positive point is that everyone performed very well specially Aijaz Aslam was the star of the show, but the one who benifitted the most is Bilal Abbas, and overall the show was watchable due to the twists and turns in the first half (which actually lead to nowhere in the second half and proved to be useless).

  • Very well thought out review. Yes, full of miracles. Thats why it has left a viewer like me having an empty feeling. The great defense lawyer was totally numb and not cross examining any of witnesses. Court has announced its decision in one sitting only. Dr psycho got his license cancelled even without any specific scene. To me, it seemed like the editors have decided to make one episode out of last three to finish this off swiftly.

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