Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 6 Review-Wrong Pairing Of Artists!

Episode 6 of Coke Studio Season 10 featured Jabar Abbas, Umain Jaswal, Ali Zafar, Natasha Khan, Aima Baig, Humera Arshad, Rachel Viccaji, Momina Mustehsan and Ireteassh. Lets get to each song one by one.

Dam Mast Qalandar:

The episode opened with a tribute to legendary Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The singers were Jabar Abbas and Umair Jaswal. Music is directed by Shuja Haider. A very good attempt indeed. Jabar did total justice to the rendition and background vocals by the qawwal party made it even more great for ears. Umair Jaswal was however not needed in this at all. Jabar Abbas should have done this as a solo artist since Umair was just dancing alongside him and did nothing to make the song look good. It was Jabar’s performance and a good one from Coke Studio.

Yo Soch:

It was a bilingual song sung by Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan. Music is directed by Strings. The combination of Jazz and Pushto is a total win win for me. I loved Natasha’s vocals and the range of her voice is calming as well as mesmerizing. Ali did an okay job too but it would have sounded nicer if Ali Sethi has sung it alongside Natasha. Coke Studio is also doing an Ali Zafar overdose and getting him for every second song is not a good step when there are many other artists whom you can approach.

Kaatay Na Katay:

The artists are Humera Arshad, Rachel Viccaji and Aima Baig. Music is directed by Ali Hamza. Humera Arshad is the star of the song hands down. Rachel also gave a refreshing feel to the song but Aima’s voice was not matching with the other two artists. She sounded very shrill and maybe leaving her out of this performance would have made it flawless. As for Humera I would simply say that why these artists are left out and the not so polished ones are given chances again and again. She has shown excellent talent and made Kaatay Na Katay a must for playlists.

Ghoom Taana:

Music director is Salman Ahmed and the artists are Momina Mustehsan and Irteaash. An under average performance. The only good thing were Salman Ahmed’s guitar parts. Even Irteaash’s performance was not good and they sounded more like background singers. The music composition had the Junoon touch to it and to be honest the song sounded like a music performance with singers filling up the background though it should have been the other way around. A bad one!

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Pakeeza Dar