Daldal Episode 6 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Daldal was pretty basic & showcased the agenda of the main lead where he does everything to achieve what he wants. Even though there’s reality in what is being portrayed but somehow I find something missing from this drama, I am unable to put a finger on it but still I feel there’s something missing, but having said that, it does qualify as a decent drama to tune to!

Saadat found out about what Shuja did & he tried to do the damage control as much as he could. To be honest, I find Hira’s father Faraz & his concerns on the phone a bit unconvincing, like he has made quite a lot of money so it is hard to believe that first he couldn’t come to attend his daughter’s wedding & then after she was put through so much of trauma, he still didn’t find it in himself to come to Pakistan & deal with everything in person. There’s not much that Shaheen can do & even though Saadat tried to assure Faraz that he will take care of Hira but still being her father, Faraz shouldn’t have let things slide so easily that too over the phone!

Shuja & Sakina made sure that Hira doesn’t tell Saadat the actual reason why Shuja threw her out of the house, even Kamran was suspicious but he knew that Hira wouldn’t say anything that might rile Shuja up as he has already made it clear to her that he is not going to allow her doing any such thing which he disapproves of.

Saniya’s character is strong but I wish there was more to her than just worrying about her ‘shadi’, like girl, get educated, live life first & then worry about your marriage. It is good that she stands up for the right especially in front of her father but then in this episode I found her dialogues repetitive as if she has been set on a loop & she can’t say anything apart from that. Also, her conversations with Kamran are monotonous as well. Kamran tried to convey a message to his family through Hira but that was in vain as well because his family is not in a financial condition to afford any such ceremony. I found Sakina’s character quite annoying, yes there’s a lot of reality attached to her character but somehow the way this character has been acted out is a bit too over the top!

Finally Faraz agreed to help Shuja in achieving his dream of coming to London. Faraz has understood that this is what Shuja wants & this is the only way he will be able to keep Hira happy because this is what he dreams of. It was interesting that Shaheen presented a perspective of a woman who lives without her husband as she knows how hard it is, that is why she opposed the idea of Shuja leaving Hira behind but since Faraz himself has lived his life that way, he didn’t find anything odd when it came to Shuja’s request.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent. I liked Armeena Rana Khan’s acting especially in this episode, she portrayed the struggles of a girl who wants to make her husband happy by meeting all his demands to perfection. It is so obvious that Hira doesn’t want Shuja to leave but since she has seen that his mind is set on it, she knows there’s nothing that she’d say or do that would change his decision. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Daldal.

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