Yaar e Bewafa Episode 12 – Review!

Ohkay so, it was another slow but decent episode of Yaar e Bewafa. Even though the story has moved to the second phase, I am finding the pace a bit too slow. Yes, it is obvious that the drama makers must be having a certain number of episodes in mind but since there are such few characters that the story is revolving around, a lot of the scenes end up looking repetitive & long. Nonetheless, the drama in general is quite decent & the way the struggles & the emotions of regular people have been portrayed is commendable!

This episode was all about Amna & her juggle between her personal life & work. Amna has pretty much gotten the hang of what she has to do & that is why she was comfortably looking after Humera. It was good that she chose to tag her son along because it would be better for her son to not be around Saleem who has nothing but coughing to offer. The only progress Saleem’s character made was that apart from yelling, he was now coughing incessantly.

Even though Amna stepped out of her house to earn some money, things were still hard for her because she had to take care of Humera, Saleem & then her son Ahmed as well & there’s a limit to how much she could do & sadly, when her limits were pushed, Zaid chose not to understand her because for him, his mother’s well-being is most important. Even though Amna did all that she could but even her son needed her but Zaid chose not to give her the chance to explain why she left Humera alone.

I liked how Zaid was bonding with Ahmed, obviously he misses his own son too & Amna’s son must’ve made Zaid miss his own son a lot. At first I thought Zaid wouldn’t entertain Amna’s child but it was a pleasant surprise to see him having a conversation with the young boy. It was good that after a very rough day, Zaid learnt that the progress his mother made was all due to Amna’s efforts because Zaid wasn’t available for his mother as much as Amna was in these last few weeks. Even Humera has grown to like Amna that is why she was seen asking about Amna.

I am sure now that Saleem has come across Zaid, he would make things even more difficult for Amna. He hasn’t stopped taunting her ever since she has started working, so now knowing that she works at a place of a man that too like Zaid, he wouldn’t stop pestering Amna. Overall, this episode was pretty decent but I would like things to speed up a bit. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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