Daldal Episode 9 – Review!

Ohkay so, as the episodes of this drama are progressing, they are showcasing the negativity of another level which by the way isn’t something alien to human beings. The story of this drama revolves around how selfish people can get and how blinded their agendas can make them.

Hira lost her father but unfortunately, even she knew what this news would do to her and her marital life. It was heart wrenching to see that in stead of mourning the loss of her father, Hira was far more concerned about Shuja’s reaction and his heart break because he was so excited to go to London. Hira has slowly and steadily understood what her husband is made of that is why despite being emotionally shattered, she was distracted and wasn’t concentrating much on her mother or the news of her father’s death!

Kamran got a job and on the other hand Saniya’s parents are pushing their limits to make Saniya’s in laws happy by meeting all their demands. Saniya has made it clear that she is not into the idea of getting married & even her brother is not too happy with Saniya’s in-laws-to-be but he can not say much because his parents are not keen on knowing what Saniya wants or who she wants to be with. Even though Kamran has finally bagged a job but not sure if he will be able to convince Saniya’s parents since they themselves are pretty materialistic and everyone knows the financial condition of Kamran’s family!

Saadat tried to knock some sense into Shuja & told him to get back to work because his dream of leaving for London couldn’t be materialized. Now that the dream of Shuja settling in London was pretty much over, Sakina grew cold towards Hira, to an extent that she didn’t even care that she was carrying a baby. Hira has done everything to please Shuja & his family, she has literally compromised everything to fit in their family but still, she doesn’t get treated with respect because both Shuja & his mother are on the same page & are now seeing her as a reason behind Shuja’s failure.

I must say, this drama is a decent watch but it still lacks that flavor to attract the viewership. Zahid Ahmed once again overacted in this episode, so much so that I didn’t mind skipping a few of his scenes. Yes, Zahid is portraying frustrations of a man who wants to give luxuries to his family but then, there was no need to overdo this character because he is annoying. Armeena Rana Khan has undoubtedly portrayed Hira’s character to perfection & I am definitely impressed. The preview of the next episode promised a lot more negativity & I really want to see how far both Shuja & Sakina can go. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Daldal.

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