Yaar e Bewafa Episode 15 Review – Heartwarming!

Ohkay so, now the story of Yaar e Bewafa has come to a point where they will be taking it forward based on different situations. Despite the slow pace, I enjoyed watching this episode because it revolved around a child and his emotions which was heart-touching.

Amna is still fending for her useless husband Saleem who in stead of appreciating or respecting her, only believes in degrading her. It is kind of off-putting to see Amna putting up with everything that Saleem dishes out to her. Yes, being loyal is a very appreciable trait but to literally let someone walk all over you isn’t.

It was sad that both Amna & Saleem couldn’t even afford school shoes for Omar. Zaid on his own was now thinking about Amna but even he was unable to comprehend why she was on his mind. Zaid’s unconscious call to Amna while taking care of Humera showed that he somehow grew accustomed to Amna’s presence in his house. Amna definitely has left an impression & that is why Zaid is unable to take her out of his mind.

Zaid’s decision of seeing Omar every now and then went to show that whenever he missed his child, he found solace in Omar. Zaid’s gesture of buying shoes for Omar was the highlight & my favorite part of this episode. Omar deserves all the happiness in the world but just because his father is useless and his mother is too busy playing the role of an obedient wife, they both neglect Omar & his very reasonable demands. Zaid obviously couldn’t see Omar crying so he bought him the shoes that he liked. The smile on Omar’s face was adorable & it was overwhelming to see him refusing to take the shoes at first because he knew that his mother would not approve.

Finally, Amna understood that Omar needed those shoes & since she was unable to afford them, she allowed him to keep them provided he hid it from Saleem because she knew what he would do. To be honest, seeing Saleem burning those shoes that too in front of Omar was sickening, like that man can not even provide a decent living to his family & then because of his sick ego, he decided to deprive Omar of a very little happiness that he had because he had the shoes that he liked. Even though it is a done deal that Amna would never take a stand for herself but I wish for the sake of her child, she tells Saleem off because what he did was absolutely wrong & he had no right to go to such an extreme to snatch away the little happiness that Omar had!

Looks like Fizza’s parents now want her to get married. I am sure the day Fizza will decide to get married, Zaid will get over her because even though they both are separated, they are still legally married. Since Fizza moved on just so easily because that was something that she wanted, I won’t be surprised if she will choose to get married to Ali, the guy her parents have chosen for her. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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