Dar Si Jati Hei Sila Episode 18 Review – Truly Impressive

Tonight’s episode of Dar Si Jati Hei Sila was yet again right on point and some of the dialogues today were so impressive that they should be heard over and over again. The way Zaini defined “hud” when Sila tried to calm her down by saying that Joi never crossed his limits was the highlight of tonight’s episode. This drama has the kind of messages which we do not get to see in our dramas. Many recent dramas have highlighted the issue of rape and Udaari also showed how a rape victim can turn from a victim to a survivor who can fight for herself but Dar Si Jati Hei Sila shows that a man also violates a girl when he touches her without her consent. Although, this concept is pretty basic but Sadia’s attitude tonight reflected the manner in which such actions are viewed by majority of people in our society and perhaps in many other parts of the world. Although Sila gets intimidated by Joi for other reasons as well but I loved the fact that the writer made it really clear that a girl sets the boundaries in such relationships, if she does not like someone touching her or even looking at her in a certain way than it is wrong no matter what people around her say. This isn’t the first time that Bee Gul has highlighted something like this and it didn’t come as a surprise too that she did it so well! The dialogues which portrayed different sets of mind in that house and represent different mindsets in our society couldn’t have been better. These conversations were logical and to the point therefore effective. The fact that all the actors in this drama have translated their characters faultlessly on screen definitely helps.

Nadia’s character had added a new dimension to all the tracks and has shown how “flexible” some of the most rigid and stubborn people in Noor Manzil are! Bari Aapa who likes to dictate everything to everyone else in the house is completely helpless when it comes to Nadia simply because she isn’t the kind of person who takes dictation! Nadia’s approach and Joi and Bari Aapa’s attitude towards her in particular shows that how much difference someone who is vocal and confident can make. Nadia of course isn’t like Zaini because so far she doesn’t have a positive streak in her personality but her character is interesting enough and her questions and objections are most often valid! Bari Aapa’s logic for not hiring servants in the previous episode and Nadia’s reply was very amusing just like everything else she has done ever since she step foot in Noor Manzil. Just like Joi she has absolutely no boundaries and she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with flirting with men as long as she calls them “bhai”!! She is completely different from everyone else in Noor Manzil and the only positive aspect of her personality so far is that she is not a hypocrite. Kiran Haq is a brilliant actress who always does complete justice to every role she opts to play. Just like Yumna Zaidi and Nauman Ijaz she has worked with Kashif Nisar before too and all these talented individuals always make the perfect team. All of them have worked on their outlooks as well as their acting which is why this drama overall always has a realistic touch.

The change in Sila’s personality after Raheel said all those wonderful things about her was the most emotional part of tonight’s episode. This development, the changes in Sila after talking to Raheel and the turn she took after her mother told her what she had probably said to her a million times before was extremely poignant. Yumna Zaidi and Saman Ansari continue to be absolutely amazing in their respective roles. Amna Malick and Osama Tahir have brought out the best in their characters, although their characters are likeable as it is but their acting makes them even more pleasant. The fact that Sila isn’t fighting this battle alone and has enlightened people who are willing to go out of their way to help her makes this whole situation more interesting and there is hope that she will eventually get herself, her mother and Hatim out of this situation. The scene in which Sila goes and asks her mother why she never told her just how amazing she was, was absolutely phenomenal. So far most of the people in the house including Sikandar have thought of Joi as a harmless man – someone they can trust and confide in – but will all that change now that Nadia is there to give them a different perspective?

Zaini and Raheel are on the right track now therefore it will probably not take them long to find out what has been going on in Noor Manzil for so many years but like Zaini and Raheel said nothing can really change until and unless Sila decides to take a stand for herself! Really looking forward to how and when that would happen.

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila is a must watch play for all those people out there who are sick and tired of watching dramas which sugarcoat and commercialize important social issues. It has never failed to impress and has tons to offer. I cannot appreciate all those people who put in their genuine efforts into this project since a drama like this one can never be a commercial hit but our drama makers should continue making such plays so that there is something on television for people who want to watch quality dramas! We need dramas which serve a bigger purpose and this one definitely fits the bill.

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Fatima Awan

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