Deewana – Episode 07 – 12!

Deewana – Episode 07 – 12!

Ohkay so, I must say I loved watching these 6 episodes of Deewana a lot. I enjoyed watching it because for me it’s a perfect blend of fantasy, drama & comedy. I must commend the writer for coming up with something so unique & brilliant at the same time. All the characters make sense even though some of them are different to what we’re used to watching but the treatment that the writer has given to them & how he has made them seem believable is amazing. The director also deserves full points for giving this script such an amazing treatment & making all the characters work for us.

So many things happened in this last 6 episodes that I enjoyed watching them a lot, it goes to show that the pace of the drama is perfect & the story is evolving. Agha finally made an appearance & as we all expected, Agha & Husn Ara have quite a history that they share. It looks like Agha is on the evil side of the spectrum while Husn Ara & her family are on the good side. As their conversation suggested, it looks like Agha has at one point of time caused harm to Husn Ara’s family, that is why she doesn’t share a cordial relation with him & also, she dreads that Agha might harm Falak as he knows that Falak’s all that Husn Ara’s got. It looks like Husn Ara still awaits the arrival of her husband & Falak’s father, that is why she doesn’t agree to move from this place when Falak suggests it.

The war between Husn Ara & Agha worked in Falak’s favor & he got the permission to move to Mehru’s place as a tenant. The way Falak made his way into Mehru’s life & home was quite interesting. I loved the tiff Falak had with Shabnam & how he defeated her. It was good to see that for the first time Shama gave consideration to what Mehru said & even though she didn’t believe in what the lady said, Shama had it in her heart that she should reject the first tenant, but I am sure she would’ve never done that if Falak hadn’t come up with such an amazing deal. Falak knows that this family has been through a lot & that is why he has taken it as his duty to change things & circumstances for them. Right now, Falak can’t do much as he pleases because he has Husn Ara & Shams around him who keep on reminding him of his limitations & restrictions but I love how makes the most of the smallest opportunities to bring smile on Mehru & Qureshi Sahab’s faces.

Haris is struggling more than Tabrez & Amtul imagined. They thought that just because they will remind him about all the favors they have done on him despite him not being their biological son, he will give in to the pressures & will do what they will ask him to do. Even Haris thought that he will find it in his heart to deceive Mehru & grow out of the love he has for her but now when it isn’t happening, he is dwelling in the guilt more & more & may be because of that he wanted to make things right & confess that it wasn’t him who left Mehru in the lurch. What shook Haris the most was the news of Mehru’s association with a guy who has moved to her place. Haris knows that Mehru can never ever betray his love & trust but just as Haris doesn’t have much spine in him, he doesn’t have much brains too, that is why he thought it was a right idea to send a spy to fetch the details of Mehru’s family & happenings. Tabrez & Amtul’s negativity has blinded them, that is why even after they have destroyed Mehru’s life, they are not at peace & want to cause more damage to Qureshi’s family. I actually thought Haris will escape the emotional blackmailing but he is not strong enough. He knows that Tabrez has done so many favors on him that now he has to reciprocate even if he doesn’t want to.

I am so glad that the main characters are past the crying stage & even though the feel of the drama is still gloomy & sad, a few comic situations lift the drama up & lightens the mood too. I must say I love the introduction of Gaiti’s character in the drama & I love the equation both Gaiti & Shabnam share. They provide a comic relief & their conversations are so humorous & witty that I enjoy them a lot & actually look forward to their scenes. Gaiti is eager to get married & that is why the moment she heard that a good looking guy lives in Mehru’s place, she thought she should try her luck. What followed was sadly something that she never had imagined but it was good to see Husn Ara coming to Gaiti & Falak’s rescue. It is quite interesting to see how Husn Ara ends up doing the damage control even though she hates it. It shows the love she has for Falak & how she understands him. Even though on the surface, Husn Ara keeps on reminding Falak of how he could land himself in trouble by mingling with the humans, she keeps a close eye on him to be able to protect him as he’s all that she’s got.

Shama has shown a lot of improvement over these episodes as her bitterness has curbed a bit but I don’t really understand why she allows Shabnam to affect her mind & thoughts so much. Shama knows the sort of a person Shabnam is, so now if Shama knows that everything that Shabnam says is meaningless, then she shouldn’t believe on the things that she utters too. It was a sad state of affairs that Shama started doubting Mehru’s mental condition just because Shabnam instilled the seed of doubt in her mind that Mehru has gone through so much that she might’ve lost her sanity. Shama underestimates her husband & her daughter way more than she should & if Shama has some wisdom in her, then she should understand that it is Mehru who hasn’t lost her sense & despite going through so much & despite enduring so much of pain, she still is an optimistic & a hopeful person who thinks that things will be alright & she will be able to change her condition.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching these episodes of Deewana & I am so looking forward to what is yet to come. I am sure the writer has a lot of surprises for us in there so I am eagerly looking forward to them. I must say, I love the way the dialogues have been written, it is good to see the writers upping their game in terms of dialogue writing. I most certainly love all the conversations that happen between Shabnam & Gaiti, both Fazeela Qazi & the actress playing the character of Gaiti have such an amazing sense of timing that their scenes become a treat to watch. I must say, Shehroz Sabzwari has impressed me a lot too. He has performed wholeheartedly & it shows, it looks like he is so so so comfortable as Falak that he makes his character seem believable & a treat to watch. Iqra Aziz looks beautiful & she has improved her acting a lot as well. Even though Anita Campher doesn’t have much scenes but she gives it all to the bits where she performs & adds such a charm to her scenes. Saba Hameed has done well too but I easily get tired & bored of her angry bird face. I must say I appreciate the writer’s attempt of bringing in the comedy in a story that started off at such a serious note, it makes things lighthearted & entertaining & more than that it makes me look forward to what’s yet to come. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Deewana. :)

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