Deewana – Episode 13 & 14!

Deewana – Episode 13 & 14!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Deewana were quite interesting but I must say I enjoyed watching the first episode of the week a lot more than the one that just finished airing because it had some interesting developments & some comic scenes too, where as this episode was quite dull with an exception of a couple of scenes.

So, Haris revealed his true colors & he confessed that he doesn’t love Mehru at all. His strong denial can also mean that he still loves her but is too ashamed to face her, that’s why he has accepted the fact that hating Mehru is the only option left which is right too. Looks like Haris was just putting up an act of being miserable in front of his parents so that they will allow him to get married to Kashaf but then what more can you expect from a guy who grew up under the supervision of such a negative couple, who before doing any favors upon the child made sure to let him know where he comes from. Haris had to become bitter & negative because that’s the environment he grew up in. Well, the conversation Haris & Amtul had was very interesting, it went to show how Haris knew what he should say that will satisfy Amtul & will make her believe that Haris was on their side. The things Haris said about women being nothing more than a piece of possession only went to show the mentality that Amtul & Tabrez have instilled in him, Haris knows that Amtul & Tabrez are making him payback all the favors they did on him by taking away his right to live a free life, that’s why he has developed this urge to control at least someone & he sees Kashaf as a soft target. He may or may not love Kashaf but he most certainly wants to control her in order to feel that even a helpless guy like him has an authority over someone. It is sad but Haris has started lying to everyone & may be himself too, he has lied to Kashaf about how Mehru was only his fiancé, he lied to Amtul by saying that he hasn’t told Kashaf that Amtul & Tabrez aren’t his biological parents & then he lied to himself that he hates Mehru because if he would’ve hated her, he would’ve never told his friend to spy on her just to find out what is happening in her life, it does show that he holds himself responsible for destroying her life but now when he knows that he can not undo anything, he is going to stick to the plan that Tabrez has devised for Subhan’s family.

I must say, I do understand Shama’s problems & her pain is not a secret but her incessant blaming & taunting gets tedious to watch. Why can’t she understand that Subhan & Mehru have suffered just as much pain as she has suffered, because if she will realize it, she will stop being so harsh with them. Mehru has seen the love of her life destroying everything & crushing her dreams, Subhan has suffered the death of his son too, so what makes Shama think that she has an upper-hand on them because she has suffered more. I think Shama needs to snap out of the self-pity & should come to a closure because more than anyone else, she’s the one who needs it the most.

Husn Ara finally decided to meet Shama & introduce herself. Their meeting was interesting but what I liked the most was the way Husn Ara treated Chanda Bee & formed a connection with her on the basis of respect. It was imperative that Shama grew suspicious of Husn Ara by judging her appearance & personality but the remark she made about Husn Ara being an immoral & immodest woman was a bit too much. I don’t know why but my dislike for Shama’s character is growing more & more with each passing episode & I most certainly agree with Falak that Shama talks way too much because just like Falak, even I was having a hard time listening to her never-ending rants!

So, Mehru wants Falak to go to Lahore & find out about Haris. She really needs to get her act together because Haris is not coming back to her. I guess even if Falak will find out about Haris’s intentions & even if he will inform Mehru about it, she will not believe in what she’ll hear so it’s better if Mehru sorts this thing on her own because only witnessing everything herself will make her believe that Haris & Mehru aren’t meant to be. Mehru has started throwing hissy fits & I guess she needs a closure too. She acts normal & all of a sudden goes into depression & does something weird that makes you question her mental stability. I do understand that she has gone through a heart-break & hasn’t recovered from it till date but then she is not making any efforts too, which I think is wrong. I wish that the writer makes her come out of her misery as soon as possible because it’s no fun watching a damsel in distress every single week. The scene where she sits on a bed covered with her wedding veil & with a face full of makeup was actually quite scary, that sudden & random outburst actually made no sense & what didn’t make more sense was Shama’s verdict on that situation where she was sure that Mehru must’ve hung herself & she kept on telling Subhan to prepare himself for the worst, like seriously, what sort of a mother is she?

Anyways, I enjoyed the scenes that Falak & Mehru shared. Falak is making sure to go out of his way to make Mehru & her father happy but I guess he is not realizing that he has started doing things that are unusual or things that humans are not used to. Falak gets carried away & that is why he forgets that he has an image to protect & a secret to hide. He fixed the balloon without thinking that Mehru might notice it & he also told her that Shama was approaching them without being bothered that Mehru might end up asking how he found out about it. Husn Ara has time & again reminded him that he needs to be extra careful when he is around human beings but he doesn’t care & I guess he will end up exposing himself pretty soon. Also, it looks like Falak has found it in his heart to please Gaiti as well that is why he took a dessert to her place out of the blue. I must say that I had a good laugh at how the spy sent by Haris was down with fever because he came in contact with Falak but I feel Falak should’ve found out about his intentions the moment he shook hands with him but he didn’t, well never-mind, I am sure that fever was enough to keep the spy out of bound for the rest of his life.

Overall, these episodes were pretty good but I liked the previous episode better because the revelation about Haris was interesting & something new. All the actors have done a pretty good job but I must say the chemistry that Iqra Aziz & Shehroz Sabzwari have created between the characters of Falak & Mehru is amazing. Also, I think Anita Campher stands out the most as Chanda Bee & like I have said before that despite having very limited scenes, she makes sure to leave an impact, which is great. I really am looking forward to the bonding that Husn Ara & Chanda Bee will share & I must say the last scene of this episode was quite heart-warming where Chanda Bee tried to make Shama understand how she needs to treat Mehru & understand her pains too, it was about time that someone said that to Shama & I am glad that Chanda Bee did the honors. Like I said before, it looks like Chanda Bee understands & feels for Mehru more than her mother does, which is quite sweet. The direction has been great too & there aren’t much loopholes in the story so far. Yes, it is a very small mistake but Mehru ended up calling Adam Falak in the last scene of the previous episode, whereas Adam hasn’t told Mehru that his real name is Falak, I wish the director or the actors themselves take care of such minor things but apart from that, the drama on the whole is great & it has been directed really really well & also, before concluding the review, I will commend the people behind the camerawork of this drama because different angles & shots make it a visual treat & add more depth to the situations. I can’t wait to find out more do they have in store for us. Please share your thoughts about these two episode of Deewana. :)

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