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Deewana – Episode 23 & 24!

Ohkay so, the drama has come at that stage where things have not only become monotonous but have also become stagnant too. It’s been quite a few episodes now that things aren’t moving forward & all the situations & scenarios are looking repetitive. I really enjoy watching this drama so I really hope that they don’t ruin it by dragging things to a point where Deewana loses its charm completely. I really think the story should move forward because this drama has a very few characters so slowing down the pace makes all the characters look like fillers actually.

Haris has waged a war against his so-called parents. He knows that they never really treated him as a son & only gave him favors because first he was a toy for Rabeea & after her death, he became a pawn that they used, to play their mind games. Haris has understood that more than him needing Amtul & Tabrez, they both are the ones who need Haris the most as they have planned their revenge on Subhan & his family keeping Haris in their minds. Amtul & Tabrez thought that they had hired a lifelong slave who will do everything that his masters will tell him to & it was actually their misapprehension to believe that Haris didn’t have a mind & heart of his own. Even though I know that Tabrez won’t succumb to Haris’s pressures, but in the meantime, the tension that has overtaken their lives is well-deserved & much needed. I guess it’s about time that Amtul & Tabrez realize that they need to snap out of the hatred they have towards everyone because they are earning nothing out of it.

Shama has lost all the faith in Mehru that’s why she actually felt the need to guard the entrance to Mehru’s room. It is at times sad to see a mother having no confidence in her child & holding her responsible for all the problems that their family is facing. I think Shama should sympathize with Mehru in stead & she should actually console her as her daughter has endured way more pain than Shama can imagine. Mehru has finally addressed the elephant in the room & she has told her mother that she is in love with Falak. I am not sure if that’s something that she is saying under the influence of the spell that Falak must’ve cast on her or that are her genuine feelings for him, but I guess Mehru actually has fallen for Falak because like Falak said, he didn’t do anything to Mehru & he is not the one controlling her mind & heart.

What Subhan tried doing to Mehru was downright evil & I don’t really understand both Shama & Subhan as parents nor I want to because they are on a self-pity spree & I find it ridiculous how they believe that Mehru is the root cause of entire emotional trauma that they are facing? How can Subhan forget that it is his own brother Tabrez who has made things difficult for them & why does he forget that Mehru has suffered because of his brother Tabrez too? I find it absolutely irrational of Subhan & Shama to be forgetting everything that Amtul & Tabrez did & for treating Mehru as someone who invited these troubles on their entire family, whereas being parents, they should be the ones who should be extending moral support to her.

All of Husn Ara’s fears are coming through. She dreaded that things might get serious between Falak & Mehru but that still happened against her will, then she also assumed that Mehru will never confess her love for Falak but they both found out that she finally did that too in front of Shama. Now Husn Ara knows that Falak is going to be unstoppable as he knows what Mehru feels for him. Husn Ara can’t go back to her world as she herself is protecting her family from Agha. I am not sure what role Agha has to play in their lives but I wish that his character makes an appearance soon as that might make things a tad bit interesting & he will definitely break the monotony. Gaiti & Shabnam’s scenes didn’t offer a comic relief this time around as they are looking purposeless too. Shabnam wants Gaiti to get married to Haris & Gaiti has fallen in love with Falak & there’s nothing more to their track right now.

Honestly speaking, these two episodes were actually hard to sit through, plus my concise review is also an evidence of the fact that I didn’t get anything special to talk about in this week’s episodes. I feel that it’s been quite a while that the situations & the actions of the characters are on the loop where Shama taunts Mehru & Subhan, Amtul & Tabrez torture Haris mentally, Mehru laughs & cries alternatively, Husn Ara reminds Falak how he should maintain a distance from Mehru, Falak tries to make Mehru happy & Gaiti & Shabnam are seen bickering with each other mostly & that’s all that has been happening which is making it hard to keep the interest alive in the show. I still believe that this drama & the story itself has a lot of potential & there might be a lot in store for us but I hope they take things forward quickly because it is becoming a bit monotonous. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Deewana.

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Zahra Mirza.

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